Caravan Blinds (Roller, Rooflight, Venetian, Door)

Caravan Window Blinds

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In this article, we will be looking at different types of caravan blinds. Roller blinds use a roller to operate the blind, with many giving you the option of a blackout blind. Caravan blackout blinds are perfect for anybody who needs light to be at an absolute minimum for them to sleep. Caravan Venetian blinds are an option that also gives you customizability due to you being able to move the wooden slats to cover as much of the window you want, keeping as much sun in as you need.

Door blinds are useful for caravan doors, as opposed to touring caravan window blinds which are for windows. They too will get the job done as well as keep bugs out while you have the door open. We will be looking at the best options for roller blinds for caravan windows, Venetian blinds, and door binds that we have found.

Caravan Roller Blinds

These caravan window blinds are designed for complete blackout with three pass blinds giving you complete privacy while you are in your caravan. Standard fittings are included, along with a child safety clip to ensure your children are safe when the blind is in use. A wide range of sizes and colours are available, so you will be sure to find one that suits your caravan and your tastes and will cover your window properly.

If you buy the metal fittings, the blackout blinds are sure to last a lot longer due to the durable metal the fitting is made from, and you will get a spring end for easier fitting without you having to worry about fitting. These roller blinds are sure to give you privacy and will additionally last a long time if they are treated gently.

This product is made from robust aluminium components so you know you can get a good night’s sleep without any shading getting in the way of you or your family while you are on your vacation. A wide range of sizes are available, or you can opt in for a custom size to suit your window’s exact measurements. With 20 different colours, you have a wide range of options with regards to the aesthetics to beautify your caravan and add to the enjoyment of your holiday.

The fabric is 100% polyester fabric making it a durable option, so you do not have to replace it too quickly after purchasing the product. The blackout fabric is perfect for if you want to reduce glare to a minimum so that the sunlight does not stop anybody in your household from getting a good night’s sleep. If for any reason you are unhappy with this product, it is guaranteed for three years. Overall, the Luxum Made to Measure Roller Blind will ensure that you have a good sleep while you are staying in your caravan.

Rooflight Roller Blinds

This roller blind system works for any Fiamma 40 by 40 rooflight vents. No drills are required because it just connects to the rooflight frame using screws, which come with the package. Due to the low-profile frame, it is compact and easy to transport adding to the ease of use. The side inlets give the blinds permanent ventilation. The Fiamma Rollo Vent Roller Blind is a compact and easy-to-install product that will do just what it says on the package.

This blind has two functions, to prevent bugs from being a nuisance to you and to prevent the sunlight from bothering you. This is a replacement designed for the most popular make of rooflight available on the market if your old one is broken or needs replacing for any other reason. The rooflight that this is designed to be used with fits 400mm x 400mm but is not included in the package. Excluding any protrusions, this item has the size of 402mm by 402mm. This caravan fly screen and blind will keep heat and bugs out and add to your enjoyment while you are caravanning.

Replacement roller blinds

This replacement blind has been designed for the MPK rooflight so you can use it with the rooflight in case your previous blind has been damaged. The roller is spring loaded, and it has been designed for 420/430 integrated rooflights. The width is 345mm and 460mm in length. This roller blind is sure to help your trip be a success

2. MPK Beige 420/430 Replacement Roller Blind – 900095

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Another replacement for the MK rooflight, this one will ensure you of a reduced glare from the sun, meaning you will not have to have the sun bothering you while you are on holiday. Two colours are available, ivory and beige, and the width of the fabric is 34cm so you will not have to worry about the sun getting in your way while you try to relax, which is what this product is for.

Caravan Venetian Blinds

These Venetian blinds come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Just measure the width and drop (distance from the top of the head unit to the bottom bar) of your window recess, remove 1 centimetre to make room for the brackets, then buy the option from the drop-down menu that matches to your measurements the closest, and you will get your Venetian caravan blinds made to fit. You can choose the best choice for your taste and your caravan from a selection of ten colours, and you can choose 35mm or 50mm wide wooden slats.

An additional feature of these blinds are the box brackets that can be used to help fit them into the window. Full instructions are supplied, along with standard cord controls to ensure ease of use and installation. These Venetian blinds are sure to aid you in making the best of your caravan trip.

These Venetian blinds are perfect for your caravan trip if you want to keep the glare out or would like some extra privacy while you are trying to relax in your caravan. Not only are they effective, but they will add style to the atmosphere of your caravan. Along with giving you privacy, being stylish and keeping out the sun, these blinds come with instructions and are a quick and easy fit, meaning you will not have to spend too much time putting them up. All in all, this is a great choice for your caravan.

Caravan Door Blinds

If you are on holiday in your caravan and you want the door open, but you do not want the sunlight distracting you or you do not want any bugs to bother you, this door blind will keep these things coming in. While not being the best caravan window blinds, door blinds will do what they say they will do on the packet. The plastic it is made from is durable and strong with extra thickness, ensuring that the job is done. Overall this is a product that will mean you are able to leave the door open with anything bothering you on your caravan trip.

This quality product is another one from Holland and is 25 inches wide and has a 175cm drop. This one has a rainbow set of colours, adding brightness to your caravan while you are on your holiday. These caravan blinds will easily fit the majority of motorhome doorways so will most likely fit your own caravan, allowing you to have the door open without anything disturbing or distracting you while you are on holiday. This product from Holland Plastics is sure to help you in enjoying your caravan trip.

Our final blind for this article is for another good product by a company that have been making caravan products for over 50 years. The specifications are: 62 cm (25 inches) wide with a two-metre drop. 2 metres is the approximate height for caravan doors in the UK, so it should fit your door and keep any bugs out. Our final product from Holland Plastics is a quality, versatile product that does just what it claims to do.


Here we have looked at some of the different types of blinds for your caravan. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it suits your tastes and needs, and that it is a good quality product that does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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