How to Be a Good Caravan Neighbour

how to be a good caravan neighbour

No matter where you caravan in the UK, and for that matter when abroad, one thing should remain consistent; caravan park etiquette. Each time when you drive onto a site, pitch up and settle down, it’s considered common courtesy in the caravanning community to abide by just a few simple rules. This way, you ensure … Read more

Caravan Awning Furniture

caravan awning furniture

Furniture is a fantastic way of improving the appearance of the awning of your touring caravan and enhancing your overall holiday experience. This article will be looking at different caravan awning furniture ideas that can do just what I mentioned. Subjects that we will be looking at include recliner chairs, awning table and chair sets, … Read more

The Best Caravan YouTube Channels You Should Be Following     

the best caravan youtube channels

Here at Caravan Helper, we regularly watch YouTube videos based around the fantastic world of caravanning! A guilty pleasure for many of us, it’s great to find those channels offering good quality content which we can use ourselves and implement in our own caravanning journeys. The more practical these channels, the better! Caravan YouTubers are … Read more

Caravan Board Games

caravan board games

Although we all hope for a nice summer with lots of warm sunny days that can be spent outside, in the UK that’s not always possible. When you go on a caravan holiday with your family in our fine and beautiful country, you are often at the mercy of Mother Nature. There will be times … Read more

Just Our Cup of Tea – 7 Of the Best Caravan Tea Rooms

caravans converted to tea rooms

You can’t beat a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake, and England has long since been renowned for its twee tea rooms and love affair with afternoon tea. There’s even an official “Afternoon Tea Week,” which this year will take place from 12th to the 18th August. But where does one go … Read more

19 Awesome Family Caravan Hacks

19 Awesome Family Caravan Hacks

Caravanning with your family is a lot of fun and adventurous, but it’s also involves a whole lot of hard work. At Caravan Helper, we know this only too well, which is why we have put together this guide of 19 awesome caravan hacks that will help make the experience a lot more comfortable, easier … Read more

Teardrop Caravans

tear drop caravans

Here at Caravan Helper we’ve spent a lot of time and effort and devoted a lot of space towards traditional touring caravans. However, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, smaller or just retro alternative to the standard sized caravan, you may want to consider a teardrop caravan. Although they look like the remnants of a … Read more

Biggest Touring Caravans

Are you a space-loving caravanner? Do you find yourself staring off into the middle distance and pondering just what is the biggest touring caravan? Can you picture yourself relaxing in the biggest touring caravan on site, accommodating your family members and friends with ease? Do you dream of a spacious tourer that has oodles of … Read more

Lightweight Caravans Under 750kg

lightweight caravans under 750kg

It won’t have escaped your notice that when it comes to buying a caravan, there’s quite a wide selection to choose from. That is not just in terms of size and style. As a result, we’ve published several different posts around the subject of buying a caravan. Our Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Caravan … Read more

Caravan Packing Checklist

caravan packing checklist

Touring caravan at the ready, it’s time to head off for a well-deserved break. Whether you’re off for a short weekend away with a friend, a two-week holiday with the family, or a six-month tour of the British Isles with your better half, you still have the unenviable task of packing prior to your departure. … Read more