Isabella Awning Spares

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If you have invested in an Isabella awning, then it shows you are serious about your camping. Probably you love your holidays and you like to keep things to a high standard if you are away.

Isabella awnings have the joints of each piece of kit made of CarbonX, their reinforced plastic with added carbon and glass fibres. This serves to make them even more durable, and to keep that standard up, they produce spares of most products. Yes, even high-quality products sometimes need a bit of repair, or some spares, to keep everything working smoothly.

Extremes of weather put pressure on parts and wear and tear happens to all products. There are some parts of awnings that take more pressure than others, such as corner pieces.

Sometimes, bits get lost – no matter how careful you are. If you have children, this is even more likely to happen, in my experience! The little ones always want to “help” and that inevitably means bits disappear.

Isabella Spares

It’s a rare thing to write about spares. Some people associate spares with poor quality workmanship, but I think that is because nowadays we have a bit of a throw-away generation. In years gone by, good workmanship meant whatever you had would be able to be mended. Remember getting your shoes re-heeled? It was always the good quality products that were repairable.

Campers know that things always need to be replaced. Wear and tear affect every product we buy, and Isabella awnings are no different. So here we take a look at the most popular Isabella awning spares to let you see what you could need.

This is a carbon bayonet joint, for fixing one of those points that seem to weaken over time. It connects the roof pole with the awning angle. The colour here is grey although some of the original parts are in cream, so don’t immediately assume you have been sent the wrong part. It’s available here on amazon prime so you will get it as quickly as possible, often the next day.

Don’t be fooled by other, cheaper, parts – this is a genuine Isabella part with all the quality you would expect.

These awning rubbers connect the awning to the tent pegs. They fit extremely well, even the plastic D rings fit into the metal D’s on the awnings.

These awning rubbers are well-made and robust, they are also genuine Isabella products. There are ten in a pack, if you don’t use them all it’s as well to keep some spare.

3. Isabella Awning Pole Joint

price check on amazon

This is the part that goes three ways for the side and front poles and the top-to-bottom leg pole to all fit in. On the same listing are the centre pole parts, too.  Again, these are Isabella genuine parts. The part is CarbonX which is the medium that Isabella use, great quality and long-lasting. It contains both glass and carbon fibres to ensure the strength and quality.

Imagine if you couldn’t get parts for your awning – either your awning would be fit for the bin or you would be struggling to find a part that fits. Fortunately, Isabella do make the parts and as it is on Amazon Prime, you can get it as soon as tomorrow!

This part is to keep the poles of your awning in place. You can lock it in place with a click, and there your pole will remain upright and sturdy. The part comes in three parts with instructions on how to put it together. It is made with CarbonX which is reinforced with glass and carbon fibres to make it extra strong.

Have you ever seen an awning with a dark mark about four feet from the floor? It’s from all the dirty hands pushing the curtain out of the way. Gross. This is why you need curtain elastics, to keep the curtains tied back and away from grubby mitts. These are Isabella parts and are the right fit for your awning!

6. Isabella Bayonet Joint 26mm CarbonX (1pc)

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A telescopic coupling made out of Isabella CarbonX which perfectly fits the poles in your awning. Please be aware, there are two widths of poles, 26mm or 30mm. Please check your pole width! This is for the 26mm coupling, the 30mm is also available.

These handy little clips are just the sort of thing to ping off and get lost, so it is as well to have some spare. They attach any dangling wires to the poles of your awning. Dangling wires are dangerous – it’s easy to walk into them and get tangled up, fall over…disaster ensues! Especially after enjoying the evening looking out into the countryside with a bottle of wine.  Avoid the disaster and buy these clips!

This is an FM pole connector; it is designed specifically for Carbon X frames. If you want to add roof poles to your awning, these are the gadgets to use. They are designed for A frame awnings, the larger type, which have openings in the canvas across the front poles. It has wing nut fittings and two parts that make up the connection.

When you go camping or caravanning, there is always the danger of parts going missing or wearing out, so it as well to carry a few spares. Not having the right part can put a real dampener on your holiday. A happy family is a prerequisite to a happy holiday so make sure everyone is as happy as they can be by not blaming them for missing parts. Take a spare and show you care!

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