Caravan Mugs

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Mugs are not only for drinking out of. They make great gifts and can add personality to your home. When you get a mug related to something you like or a mug that looks good, you can enjoy relaxing with your drink more. In this article, we will be looking at mugs related to caravans.

These are great for if you are wanting a brand-new mug or set of mugs, or if you need to get a gift for your grandparents, your parents or a friend. Whatever you need one for, this article is sure to come in handy to help you decide which mug you will purchase. As always, we hope you find this article informative and you can make an informed choice on what you purchase.

Caravan Mugs (Some Choices)

If you want the perfect gift for your caravan-loving parents, this mug is perfect for your Mum and Dad. With this set, you get two stacking mugs, a Mum’s caravan mug and a Dad’s caravan mug, which both have fun and colourful designs, making them perfect for an anniversary gift. No need to worry about putting them in the dishwasher or microwave, as these mugs can be placed in both of those household appliances.

The quality is great, so if you’re careful they should last a good while. Lesser and Pavey have created the perfect anniversary gift with these fun, interesting and high-quality fine china caravan mugs.

Six colourful mugs are what you get with this set. Each mug is large, so you get a good cup of tea, however, the mugs are not too large, so they are ridiculous. Dishwasher and microwave safe, these mugs are made from fine china and both look great and are highly practical in their use. Not only do they work well for your family, but they can also be used as a gift for other people. Whether you want a lovely present for a loved one or a set of new mugs, this set will be an excellent purchase and sure to make whatever owner it gets incredibly happy.

3. Set of 2 Caravan King and Queen Mug

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Something Different has provided the perfect gift for couples who love caravanning. If you and your partner are mad about caravanning, these mugs are perfect for both of you. One of the mugs says Caravan King, and the other says Caravan Queen. Both have vibrant colours, so they look fantastic as you pour and drink tea, coffee and hot chocolate, or whatever hot drink you like.

If you hate it when your mugs get stained after you drink tea out of them, these mugs are also perfect for you due to the fact they do not stain. Overall, this set of mugs from Something Different is perfect for you and your partner or as a gift to your caravan obsessed friends.

If you have grandparents that love caravanning and you want to buy them a lovely present, this Grandma’s and Granddad’s caravan mug make an excellent gift. They look great with their vibrant colours and are packaged well so they arrive safely.

These mugs are Amazon’s Choice for caravan mugs, so you know they are a good product. If you need a gift for your grandparents or parents or are grandparents looking to get some mugs, you can’t go wrong with these lovely, high-quality and affordable caravan mugs.

This next mug is from DottsMusic and is another one of Amazon’s Choices in caravan mugs. With its UV resistant design, you will be able to enjoy the humorous design for many years without it ever fading. The mug weighs 11 oz or 381 grams. You can buy this for yourself as, or as a gift for one of your caravanning pals. Whatever you want to purchase a caravan mug for whether it is for you or a buddy, this DottsMusic is a funny and attractive mug, that will keep its appearance forever.

6. Personalised Caravan Novelty Gift Mug

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This is the mug with your name on it, quite literally. This mug makes a perfect gift for a friend or yourself because you can have it personalised to have either your friend’s name or your name. All you do is select the ‘this is a gift’ option at the checkout, and then in the message box write the name you want to appear on the mug. The design will appear on both sides of the mug. If you want to get your caravan-loving friend an interesting gift, then this mug is ideal for you.

When you get a gift for a friend that is special, you will likely want to get them a gift that is high-quality. This mug is a grade A product from VectorBomb. Durability was what they had in mind when they built this, so it can last as long as possible. The diameter is 80 centimetres and the height 93 centimetres. If you buy 4 qualifying items from VectorBomb, you can get one of those items for free, perfect for if you are going gift shopping and need to get multiple gifts.

With the satin-coloured professionally done design, it looks fantastic when you are drinking out of it. Overall, if you want a quality mug for yourself or a friend, this VectorBomb mug is guaranteed to please whoever ends up owning it.


So, whether you are looking for a gift to give that hard to buy for caravanning nut in your family or want to kit out your tourer with some mugs that are not only great fun, but high quality too, the above are some of the best options out there. There is nothing quite like relaxing with a cuppa next to your pride and joy, especially if you’re drinking from your favourite mug.

If mugs are not your thing, then check out these lovely wine glass holders or some amazing caravan T-shirts.

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