Perfect Couple’s Caravans

One of the best ways to spend time quality time together as a couple, we truly believe, is caravanning. Therefore, if you are currently in the market for that perfect couple’s caravan, we applaud you and the team here at Caravan Helper want to help you out as best we can.

It’s a good idea that you both have as open a mind as you possibly can, so that you are not too quick to rule out something that, with a lot of work and consideration, could be great for you. When you first start looking you should allow yourselves to dream a little.

Although we are looking at buying a brand-new caravan in this guide, you may want to consider buying one through part exchange of your existing caravan or even a used one.

Without further ado, it’s time to look at some perfect couples caravans you may want to invest in.

Some Perfect Caravans For Couples

Teardrop Caravans

Teardrop caravans, often referred to as camper trailers and teardrop trailers are very lightweight, streamlined and, crucially, compact touring vehicles that have a unique and attractive teardrop shape. These are perfect for couples as they are only really designed to fit two adults anyway. They normally have a small and minimal kitchenette, sometimes this consists of just an oven or a stove to the rear.

If you are not looking for luxury living on the road and want something that’s a means to an end, they are great. Especially if you are going to visit caravan parks and campsites with lots of onsite facilities.

Swift Basecamp

From Swift, one of the biggest caravan manufacturers’ in the world, comes the Basecamp. These are very similar to the teardrop-style caravans highlighted above, but with their own unique charm. Known as a ‘crossover camping vehicle’, this is also similar in a way to the teardrop-style because it forgoes having a lot of the normal features of a tourer in order to give you a lighter one to tow.

For example, you need to pay extra for the Basecamp Pro to benefit from a TV aerial, TV bracket, oven and integral grill and solar panel, among other features. However, it’s still a very stylish and funky tourer that manages to have a comfortable-looking double bed.

Bailey Phoenix 440

Another great option from one of the real giants of the industry, Bailey of Bristol, is the Phoenix 440. This is a more lightweight and narrower option than many caravans on the market these days and has the benefit of being 4-berth. So, if you do have kids you want to take on holiday, there will be enough room for 2, but if you are a couple who want a lot of space and great features, it would also be ideal.

In terms of features, this fuller than the other options above with double beds consisting of aluminium frames, lots of storage, a shower room and bathroom, television, combined oven featuring 4-burner hob and grill along with a microwave and lots more.

Bailey Pursuit 400-2

Another option from Bailey of Bristol is the Pursuit 400-2. This is very lightweight at just over a tonne and is surprisingly spacious and comfortable given its small dimensions. Lots of storage, but a three-burner hob and oven in the small kitchen area are not especially great, but there’s a nice microwave and a decent-sized fridge. What we do like about this one is the nice sized double bed you benefit from and a washroom that has some nice features, including a shower, toilet and wash basin and like the rest of the caravan does not feel oppressive or claustrophobic and restrictive.

However, there comes a time when it’s important to face up to the fact you need to find one that meets your own specific requirements as a couple. Although the best caravan for two people will differ from couple to couple, we wanted to help make navigating the incredibly dizzying selection there are out there a little easier.

To get you started, here’s some important criteria you might want to look at when choosing a suitable tourer.

Criteria for Couple’s Caravans

  • Weight and Size -It should go without saying as you are looking for a couple’s caravan, you’d want it to be as small as possible, in both terms of its weight and size. There’s no point spending on all that additional space for just two of you, is there?
  • Figure out the minimum internal height you require (1.9m should provide you enough headspace, unless you are both incredibly tall)
  • Don’t rule out pop-tops
  • Single Axle – as this is more common with smaller caravans.

Bathroom Setup

Although you may be able to use facilities at different caravan parks and other places you stop, it is more comfortable to have a bathroom and toilet space, especially if they are separate. It may be worth figuring out if you are willing to sacrifice space elsewhere for a smaller sitting area etc, if it means you get a larger bathroom and toilet.

Bedroom Setup/Layout

The sleeping arrangements in a caravan is something that’s ultimately one of the most important considerations you need to make. As the quality of sleep, you both have will have an affect on the quality of your caravanning experience, it’s important not to scrimp on this part of your tourer.

Therefore, avoid single beds and only look for models with double beds. While caravans with either north or south-facing bedrooms will be easier for those times during the night when you have to get out of bed and don’t want to disturb your partner, caravans with east or west-facing beds offer huge savings on space that you can benefit from.


At Caravan Helper, we think that the size of the kitchen doesn’t really need to be especially big. Space for a gas cooker and a large enough fridge for two people is all you really require. Although it would probably suit most to have a caravan with an internal kitchen, if you are looking at the smaller designs, like Teardrop Caravans, this might not be possible.

Things You Don’t Necessarily Need

  • Wardrobe space (thought it would be handy if it does come with some wardrobes or cupboards so you’re not living out of a bag)
  • TV aerial
  • Oven, in addition to a stove
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine

Other Important Factors You Need to Consider

In addition to the above, there are also several important factors you need to consider when buying your ideal couple’s caravan. Thinking over the following will help you to whittle down the selection of caravans that are suitable for your own needs and taste.

  • Your budget – This is, without a doubt, the most important thing, aside from the size and shape of the caravan, as it determines the price range of caravans you can purchase from.
  • The size and towing capabilities of your car – this is vitally important, and we’ve covered a lot on Caravan Helper about this. Check out our post about the Best Car for Towing a 1500KG Caravan, Caravan Nose Weight Gauges,
  • The kind of travelling you are interested in doing, whether it’s off the beaten path or sticking to mostly A-roads and motorway driving.
  • Are you going to visit caravan and camping parks or look elsewhere for less conventional locations to pitch up and stay at? As well as covering many of the best caravan parks, we’ve also covered Caravanning Off Grid.
  • Is it more of a stop and explore or a continuously rolling tri


We really hope that the information we’ve provided in the guide above is helpful when you’re looking for the perfect couples’ caravan. It’s entirely possible that we’ve unopened a can of worms though, and for that we apologise. But we’re sure you can see the sense in being fully aware of just what’s out there, even if it gives you more to mull over.

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