12v Coffee Maker

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What better way to unwind at the end of a day or set yourself up for the day ahead than a fantastically brewed decent cup of coffee in the caravan, camper or motorhome? Better still, a cup to accompany you as you sit outside and bask in the glorious sunshine?

Not even one of us in the office here at Caravan Helper can make it to lunch without a couple of cups of coffee at least. So, being able to access coffee while travelling in the van, most of all decent coffee, not only saves our sanity but also our bank balances!

You see, having a high-quality machine means you won’t have to traipse around looking for coffee shops whenever you’re out and about – ultimately meaning you’ll save money in the meantime by being able to brew your own coffee back at the caravan!

We’ve had a scour through the market to find those that allow you to use them in the caravan. Focusing out attentions on those 12V models, we think you’ll find these offer an excellent method of making coffee, while at a low voltage.

Here are a couple of 12-volt portable coffee makers on Amazon which are perfect for coffee lovers.

Best 12 Volt Coffee Makers

Perhaps the model on this list that most resembles your standard kitchen appliance, this is great if you really do like to be surrounded by your creature comforts when caravanning!

This is a 12-volt portable model which claims to make the perfect cup of coffee or espresso, and better still – for up to five people in one go!

Specially designed for the more mobile of uses, this is constructed in a way to provide integrated transport security, meaning it has a thoroughly secure device for its glass pot.

A mere lightweight at just 1.1kg, it is easy to operate once it’s filled up with your preferred coffee, and all at the flick of an on and off switch function.

Utilising a swing filter for further ease of filling up, this also offers a warming plate with thermostat, allowing you to keep your coffee warmer for longer. What’s more, you can even mount it to your wall or table with a fixing kit that’s included as standard with this purchase.

Holding up to 625ml in total, this is finished in a standard black colour, which makes it ideal for fitting into most caravan decors with ease. It’s also claimed by the company as a more detailed and visually better-looking model – meaning you don’t have to comprise on looks just because you’re using this in your van.

This may be one of the higher priced models, but if you really do value your coffee time at home and want to recreate an almost identical scenario in your van, then this is perhaps the closest you’ll come.

Another Dometic model, this time the company offer a single cup machine, which even comes with its own cup. This means you won’t have to search the van to find the right one, as this is the perfectly sized addition for this appliance!

Once again, aimed primarily at mobile use, this is claimed to offer a quicker brewing time and features an automatic switch off. Therefore, all you have to do is fill it with your favourite choice of coffee and flick the switch to on. It then does it all for you, even pouring it into the cup!

Offering a 150 ml capacity, the filter included here is permanent, and there’s even a status indicator for you to check on the progress of your coffee.

This model also boasts boil dry protection, and a fixing kit as standard, ensuring practicality when you need it the most.

Another lightweight model at just 798g, this silver and black model is a lovely neat and compact choice which again merely operates with the flick of an on and off function.

A more modestly priced machine, this is ideal as a 12v one cup coffee machine if there’s just one of you in the caravan that likes their coffee. Or, if you’re after a more streamlined appliance which doesn’t take up too much room in the van, this may be the better choice.

Carpoint sells a model that is similar in overall style to that of the Dometic one cup coffee maker.

This is also a 12v travel coffee maker, finished in silver and black and offers that same on and off function.

Well priced, it allows you to make a great one cup each time and even comes complete with the required cup.

Once again, a lightweight model at a mere 721g, this is sold as a high-quality model that though doesn’t offer much detailed information online about the product, does look to be another excellent purchase for those looking for a simple way to get their caffeine fix!

4. Handpresso 12v Coffee Maker for Ground Coffee and Pods

Handpresso 12v Coffee Maker for Ground Coffee and Pods

price check on amazon

The Handpresso is certainly a 12v coffee maker with a difference, but we couldn’t leave this beauty off the list!

This is marketed as a car coffee maker 12v as it can be powered simply by plugging it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Better still, it’s compatible with convenient ESE pods and ground coffee – meaning you can alternate with a variety of coffee types, choosing how you want to prepare your coffee every time.

For those who love their espressos, this is the perfect 12v drip coffee maker as it has a fantastic 16 bar pressure, which means it can produce premium quality espressos as standard! This is a great espresso maker.

Included with this purchase is a water fill guideline with an auto cup, therefore helping you get near-perfect results every time.

Weighing 880 grams, this has a great 50-litre capacity and is constructed using stainless steel.

Furthermore, you can also get several accessories for this model, including auto cups, ground coffee cases, power adaptors, and auto intense ground coffee portafilters.

Granted, this model comes with a rather hefty price tag, especially when compared to the models above. However, if you’re a real coffee connoisseur or simply find that you don’t want to be without coffee when caravanning, then this is undoubtedly a fantastic treat to take with you.

Possible Alternatives to 12 volt Coffee Makers

If you’re wondering about any alternatives to these models, we’ve included two different model types that you may want to consider.

Now, it’s worth making it clear beforehand, this is not a 12v machine, but instead, one that is powered by a battery.

A popular choice for builders and those on worksites, we feel this is worth mentioning as it’s excellent for those with no immediate access to electricity.

You may be familiar with the famous Makita brand, and this certainly does it credit with its incredible additional features. These include a boil dry protection function, power supply sensors, and even a standard one-year manufacturer warranty

This warranty also offers the ability to increase it by a further two years when registering the product within 30 days of your purchase.

With a 240ml cup included, this one coffee cup machine not only allows you to use ground coffee but here you can also use coffee pods!

A handy appliance to pick up and carry with you, this claims to brew a single cup on its 18v battery within just five minutes and comes with a travel mug as standard. It works with a simple one-button operation

If you’re looking to keep your appliances to a minimum when travelling in your caravan, perhaps this smart thermostat coffee mug might be the better solution for you.

This is good quality in car coffee making solution that is practical, allowing you to boil water while offering heat preservation.

Once you’ve made your preferred drink, of coffee or tea, you can then continue to drink it at your leisure.

With a capacity to hold 300ml, this is fantastically low priced and offers a cup of your favourite drink in around ten minutes.

Final Thoughts on 12v Coffee Makers

We’ve hopefully offered you a glimpse into just how it’s still possible to make and indeed drink your preferred cup of coffee, utilising the best 12v coffee maker even when you’re caravanning! There are no fancy Nespresso models in our list though, as these are not 12v.

It’s essential to ensure that your chosen model is, as these reviewed models state, one that runs on 12v. Unfortunately, pitching up with your usual kitchen coffee machine is not going to cut it here.

However, we’ve shown that just because you’re away from the comforts of home, doesn’t mean you have to comprise on the quality of the coffee you drink.

So, whether it’s the odd treat as you settle down in your caravan at the end of the day or if you find that you need your caffeine fix each and every morning on your trip, these models may just be worth a closer look at.


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