How to Heat a Caravan Without Electricity

If you’re going to be staying on a camp site without electricity, you may want to figure out ahead of time how you’re going to heat your caravan. Caravanning in the UK is particularly problematic as it’s often possible to experience fours seasons in the space of one day! Therefore, you may set off in … Read more

Changing Caravan Lights to LED

Changing your caravan lights to LED bulbs is how you save on the electricity use of your caravan for the next season. Using less electricity in your caravan means lower running costs and more freedom in choosing campsites. With some careful planning, your caravan might be able to run on the leisure battery alone. Ready … Read more

Leisure Battery Box

In this article, we will discuss battery boxes.  A battery box is a box that will keep your battery safe and contained during transportation and use. A battery box is required to keep you safe from the lead. Lead is a toxic metal that if it is absorbed by your body or the environment it … Read more

Caravanning Off Grid

One of the biggest attractions to caravanning is undoubtedly the freedom it gives you to go where you want for holidays, when you want. However, even though it gives you a measure of freedom, if you stick to the official and popular caravan and camping sites, particularly those with electric hook-ups and lots of amenities, … Read more

Caravan Leisure Battery Care During Winter

When preparing your caravan for winter storage, remember to look after the leisure battery as well. The leisure battery is an essential part of keeping the electronics in your caravan running so you will want to make sure that it survives the cold temperatures. There are several factors that can affect the condition of a … Read more

UK Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Though it made sound complicated, a pure sine wave inverter is a simple piece of kit which works on offering power to the many appliances caravanners like to use on a regular basis. Designed primarily for those times when it’s not possible to access mains electricity, they are also the more practical of products to … Read more

Best Silent Generator For Caravan

A caravan generator can offer all caravan owners power to those most essential of items when staying somewhere off-grid, or perhaps when at a site which doesn’t provide much in the way of power sources. However, many people simply like to travel with a generator as their back up option, should they, for example, have … Read more

Best Caravan Solar Panels              

You may have noticed an increase in the number of people opting for caravan solar panels. Once considered more of a homeowner’s choice, more and more caravanners are looking at the advantages of solar charging and whether it really is worth the extra investment. For many years, solar panels have had a reputation of being … Read more

Best Caravan Gas Regulators

A gas regulator is an item which allows you to regulate just the right amount of pressure to adequately control the gas feed and flow from your gas bottle to your designated gas appliances. With many caravanners using gas for heaters, gas stoves and BBQs on their travels, a standard gas regulator does the vital … Read more

Best Caravan Electric Hook Up Cable

Caravan electric hooks ups are a part of caravanning and camping that can be rather intimidating if you have never dealt with them before and you are trying to make heads or tails of electrical conversion tables for the first time in your life. While this can be off-putting, once you get past the confusion … Read more