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So, you’ve bought your new caravan or taken your existing model out of storage and have followed our caravan cleaners tips and advice and it’s looking pretty amazing. The last thing you want is to hit the road and get to your destination and pitch up with your motor mover only to discover your sparkly pride and joy is covered in dead bugs and dirt among other things.

Although that is a fairly extreme example, it is exactly what happens on the road when you are towing a caravan.

You have probably seen other caravans on the road with a cover just over the front, and have wondered why? We know they look a little strange, but they are tried and tested forms of protection for caravans and help avoid those things mentioned above from happening.

Caravan Towing Covers – Do You Need One?

I spoke to 2 of my caravanner friends. One said “I’ve never owned a one in all the years I’ve been caravanning. I am happy to wipe off a few dead flies when we arrive at our destination. If people have the money, then yeah, get one, but I’d rather spend my extra money on a fancy gadget. Touch wood I haven’t had any stones chip my windows in over 10 years”

The other said “It’s a great investment to protect the front of the caravan, just make sure you get one that fits well. Ours is a universal one and we have had no issues with it. When we arrive at our campsite the caravan is all nice and clean with no flies to remove”

Ultimately, it is your decision whether you buy a towing cover or not. However, the covers are not that expensive and can save you a lot of time cleaning your van. They can also save your van’s window from scratches and dings from stones and road dirt. We understand the first point of view, that covers are an expense, but perhaps time spent in a clean van is more important to you. Perhaps a scratch-free front end is vital to you. This could be particularly true if you have a brand new caravan!

Covers for caravans are certainly a hotly debated topic in the caravanning world and we certainly can’t put that debate to rest here. What we can say is that towing covers are a good investment for the right person. Many people who use covers swear by them, others prefer to take their chances on the roads and haven’t had an issue in 10 years (touch wood). The choice is yours, but we love a good cover, and here are the best caravan covers in the UK right now!

We are big fans of the Trudigans and they have put together an excellent video about their experiences with a front towing cover which might help you decide if it is for you.

Best Caravan Front Towing Covers In 2020

Defender is a very reputable brand of caravan accessories and this caravan towing cover is no exception. It will provide sufficient protection against reflections, bugs, dirt, stone chips and all other kinds of debris.

Thanks to its mark-free, buckle system and the double-stitched straps, it will fit your caravan very securely.

In addition, the material used is an enhanced 4-ply and as such very breathable, but thick material that helps offers the maximum protection against impacts.

People say it is easy to fit and features 4 reflective strips and 2 LEDs for improved visibility, but it is important to note that this caravan travel cover has only been designed to fit a caravan model with 2 operational awning channels.

The next one on our list is from Rhino Guard and is an affordably priced solution for keeping your caravan clean on the road. As is standard with most products these days, it is made from durable 4-ply material that is not only protective but also breathable.

It features a scratch-resistant buckle system and the re-inforced stitched seams ensure that it will not tear easily and will cope with repeated uses.

Another common feature that is present in these Rhino Guard covers is the 4 reflective strips and LEDs for enhanced visibility, even in poor conditions.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced universal fit cover to ensure your caravan stays in relatively pristine condition, you should consider this cover. As you’d expect it is made from fully breathable, but by no means lightweight fabric.

Along with the usual features such as anti-scratch buckling, re-inforced stitched seams and fully adjustable and secure strapping, it comes with a handy storage bag for no extra cost.

This means when it is time to pack it away you don’t have to wrestle too much with it. There are also LED lights on the design to increase the visibility of your caravan.

With a slightly more expensive price point than others on the list, the Leisure Depot has a lot to live up to really. However, the good news is that it seems to live up to the expectations. This one comes equipped with a strap and buckle system consisting of 8 securing straps on each side of it with buckles and covers for those buckles to keep them protected from the elements.

It is important to note that this caravan travel cover is only suited to caravans with a width of up to and including 2.5 metres.

As you’ve probably come to expect now by reading through a few, it features waterproof and UV protective qualities and is 100% breathable.

If you have a caravan that has 2 fully operational awning channels of up to 2.5 metres wide, then this great universal towing protection cover from Specialised Covers might suit you. It is made from UV-resistant, waterproof durable and impact absorbing but breathable material and features a lining made from a non-abrasive fleece material.

Thanks to the all-in-one design and the easy to use T-Fit system, people say that fitting is quick and easy and there is the standard addition of push-operated and easy to remove LED lights. These are ideal for increasing your level of visibility both at day and at night. Specialised Covers makes some of the best caravan covers on the market right now.

Towsure is a well-known brand in the world of caravanning so you can be sure they are going to make decent towing covers.

It will fit caravans that have a width between 210cm and 240cm so please make sure you measure before buying.

It comes with built-in LED lights and has 8 straps on either side so you can be sure it will be held securely in place. There are also large reflective straps for increased visibility.

What Exactly Do Caravan Front Towing Covers Do?

If you read our post on caravan covers, in which we covered the various types you can invest in, you will know that we briefly discussed caravan front towing covers. However, while many people would consider purchasing a storage-type cover; many do not see the point of towing varieties.

We feel differently though and consider towing covers for caravans to be vitally important accessories along with caravan towing mirrors. As well as protecting your caravan from the various dirt, muck, grime, stone chips, dead insects and water damage that can damage or at the very least dirty up the front of your caravan, they are even useful for preventing exhaust fumes from your tow car from tainting that brilliant white finish.

Another helpful function of caravan front window covers is that they reduce the glare that is often caused by the reflection of bright lights from other cars, such as read fog lights as it hits your caravan’s bodywork or windows.

So, all in all, you should consider these caravan towing covers to not just be a protective measure for your caravan itself but also for you and other drivers on the road.

If you have ever looked at caravan front towing cover protectors online, you will know only too well that there are a wide range of items available.

To help you make a bit more sense of that, we will look at some tips and considerations you need to take when using this kind of towing cover. We will go through some FAQs about fitting and using a caravan towing cover.

Now that you have had a look at some of the best caravan towing covers, let’s take a look at some tips on how to use them.

Top Tips For Using Caravan Towing Covers

  1. While it is not legal as such, you should always ensure that your towing cover for the caravan cover does not obstruct road lights. However, this is not always a problem as most manufacturers design them so reflectors are still visible.
  2. These covers are generally very easy to pack away, because they are essentially nothing more than large sheets of waterproof material. All you have to do is shake off any water that may be on the surface and fold away.
  3. Ensure that the interior liner you choose is not going to soak water up. It may be worth listening to the advice of Protec, who knows a thing or two and choose a cover with a white underside, to avoid any colour transference from the cover to the paintwork.
  4. Keep in mind that these caravan front covers are only for use when you are towing and not for then your caravan is in storage, pitched up or otherwise stationary.
  5. You should clean your caravan before using a cover. This is to prevent any bits of dirt and grit from rubbing against your paintwork or windows as the cover moves during your journeys.

Caravan Towing Covers FAQs

Do these caravan covers fit into the awning channels? And what is an awning channel?

The awning channel is a slot that runs around your caravan that securely holds your awning in place. Most towing covers for caravans do fit into the awning channels, making them very easy to install. This may mean that some covers won’t fit your caravan, so do check if a cover has any limitations before you buy it.

Can I get a towing cover tailor-made for my caravan?

You can, some tow cover manufacturers in the UK do make a caravan cover for exact makes and models of caravan. However, these can be a bit pricier. Still, if you have a rare caravan or a brand new caravan, a caravan cover that is tailor-made may be your only option. Also, all towing covers do have straps so you can it secure down to your caravan. These make them adjustable. So a universal cover is very likely to fit anyway.

Can towing covers damage a caravan?

Most caravan owners and site owners have heard about a caravan owner that has seen some damage that may have been caused by tow covers. This could be a scratched window, for example. The problem is, most caravan towing cover horror stories are simply hearsay. While we cannot say for certain that towing covers do not harm your caravan, we can say that most damage from tow covers is typically minor scratches on the window. Repairable damage, in other words. Which is much better than the damage that could be caused if you aren’t using one!

Can every caravan have a towing cover installed?

This is a very common question about towing covers. No, the caravan needs to have awning bars (rails) on both sides and some models don’t. The vans that don’t are very rare and yours likely will, but do check before you buy a cover!

How easy is a towing cover to install?

Keeping road muck off caravans is, of course, very important for a stress-free holiday and a clean van. However, if a towing cover isn’t easy to install, you’ll likely leave it off of the van, therefore rendering it useless at protecting it from road muck. Thankfully, though, with two people, towing covers are quite simple to install. Just ensure you keep the install instructions that come with the cover, you’ll likely need them the first few times. Speaking of installing a towing cover, would you like to learn how to? Let’s look at that more now, shall we?

How To Install A Caravan Towing Cover

To make it a bit easier for visual learners here, we have found a brilliant article by Caravan Chit Chat installing one of the Specialised Covers. His video shows how to install a cover with one person, but if you do have a second pair of hands, the job will be much easier!

The first you’ll notice in Mr Chit Caht’s video is that he gives the front windows of his caravan a good wash. You should also give the front of your caravan a thorough cleaning before you install the cover. Any dirt or road grime that is on the windows can scratch them as the cover will trap it in there. It’s worth noting that you must check the cover before you put it on there too. Check that the cover is clean inside and free from any dust and grime.

Next, you can start installing the cover. If you are working alone, follow Chit Chat’s video as he makes light work of putting the cover on with one person. If you have a second pair of hands, you’ll want to locate the cover in the awning rail on both sides (starting from the top seems to be easier for most people) and gently work it down and over the front window together. You’ll need to make sure that any tightening straps and zips are completely loose or open for this step as it makes it much easier. Just slowly work your way down until the cover is all the way to the bottom of the awning rail on both sides.

Once the tow cover is in its final position, you can tighten the straps up. You can also clip in the straps that go underneath the front of the caravan. Ensure that the straps are holding the towing cover very securely, there should be a bit of tension on the cover itself.

And that is how you install a caravan towing cover. We really hope you found a caravan towing cover that suits your needs and your van perfectly here! If you need a caravan travel cover for your towing hitch so that it does not go rusty, then we have covered those here or check out caravan tyre grips which are an overlooked essential. For even more motorhome and van accessories, please explore the Caravan Helper website further!

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