Best Caravan Towing Mirrors

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One of the most important accessories that many caravan newbies take for granted is extension mirrors for caravan towing and a stabiliser. It’s worth noting that it’s a legal requirement, regardless of what you are driving to have 2 rearview mirrors at the very least.

It can be a little intimidating for new caravanners when they see the sheer variety of options there are on the market, but hopefully, we can help.

In the following post, we will look at the best caravan mirrors for towing that we feel are worth considering and will also discuss what you should be looking for in when choosing them and why.

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Different Types Of  Caravan Towing Mirrors

Bracket Style Caravan Towing Mirrors

Bracket style fitted caravan mirrors are the most popular and they are the ones we would recommend. They just feel like they are not going to blow off when you are driving down the motorway.

These Streetwize Rock Steady mirrors are first on our list. Streetwize is a large, reputable and very popular manufacturer and supplier of all manner of accessories covering a wide range of areas such as gardening leisure and of course cars and caravans.

This pack consists of 1 convex mirror and 1 flat mirror, giving you a much wider vision field. They are reportedly very easy to fit, thanks to the universal design that will fit most normal mirrors and they are also very easy and quick to adjust. They feature sturdy and robust fastenings made from a synthetic material, so you can be sure they will stay put. You can use your car mirrors normally even when these are fitted.

Most importantly though, they are E approved and come with a handy bag for storing them away when they are not in use.

2. Milenco Grand Aero Convex Caravan Towing Mirror 2-Pack

Milenco Grand Aero Convex Caravan Towing Mirror 2-Pack

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Milenco, as most caravanning enthusiasts will know, are one of the biggest names in the accessories and caravanning world and with good reason. They are known for designing innovative and high-quality accessories and these, albeit expensive, Grand Aero Convex towing mirrors are no exception.

This particular set has a number of advantages over alternatives, such as the air balanced design used to combat and eliminate vibrations; and the multifunctional claw system it utilises to enable it to be fitted to just about any vehicle. So whether you have a standard car, van or even a 4 x 4, you will be able to use the Grand Aero mirrors.

The Grand Aero is actually a larger head version of the incredibly popular preceding model in this line, the Aero. So if you have used that or know people who have, this is similar but with a larger field of vision.

Maypole are another popular brand of caravan accessories and although the ratings on this particular pair are not as high as others on our list, the price and their good name make them worth considering. The one thing that should be noted about them though is that your car’s mirror needs to have either a lip on the lower or upper edge of the casing, to allow these to be fitted.

If they are suitable for your car, you will benefit from the convex and therefore wide field of vision and the fact that they are made from very tough and durable material. They are also incredibly easy to adjust and EU approved.

The third and final Streetwize product on our list is the SWTT84 extending caravan towing mirrors. Reasonably priced, easily fitted and can be adjusted to fit most cars and vans. Based on the price and the rating, they are worth thinking about.

5. Milenco Aero MK2 Flat Caravan Mirror

Milenco Aero MK2 Flat Caravan Mirror

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Our second to last product is also our second Milenco product and is the Aero MK2 flat caravan mirror.

Milenco are market leaders when it comes to caravan accessories and these towing mirrors are another welcome addition to their line of products. They have been designed to fit most current models of vehicles, including vans and cars.

The only exception is the 2016 Vauxhall Opel Astra – these require the Aero F Pads as these consist of two grooves to give a stronger grip on some vehicles and can be used to grip on post-2013 VH groups of cars.

The last on our list is these easy to use and very affordable towing mirrors for caravans that have been specifically designed for all you 4x4s.

Easy to use and with great reviews, these are the ideal choice as they are less than thirty quid. These are the best towing mirrors for a 4×4.

Strap on Towing Mirrors

If you are worried about brackets marking your car’s mirrors then you might want to take a look at the strap on options that are out there. These are the most 2nd common after the bracket options and as long as they are pulled on tight they should stay on really well.

1. Ring Towing Mirror

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These are made by Ring and fit by using straps that go around your mirror. You may want to measure your wing mirror first to make sure that its going to fit.

When doing our research we found that some users mentioned that they wobbled about when driving at higher speeds but others loved them and said they did the job perfectly.

Stick on Towing Mirrors

The second Streetwize product on our list is these handy convex and flat glass options. Not only do they have the very trustworthy name of Streetwize on them, but they require next to no real work to fit or remove them and can be adjusted with your electric-powered mirrors.

Installation involves placing them against the mirrors, pressing down a little and then turning the knob until they are attached firmly.

2. Suck it and See Convex Towing Mirrors

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There are not as many stick-on types and this was one of the very few that we could find. These are slightly smaller than the Streetwize ones above.

They are rated as being able to stand up to speeds of 120mph and have a unique strong patented sucker.

Some Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors

It’s against the law to tow a caravan without mirrors and before you even leave the house to tow the caravan we recommend you check out the weight of your caravan nose. Unfortunately, according to the National Caravan Council, there is a large number of drivers that do not feel they need them because they are using large 4×4 cars. However, when police stop and check caravan set-ups, one problem that is more common than others is missing towing mirrors.

If you are caught not using these mirrors when you should be, it could cost you a lot more than just the measly 20 to 30 quid to purchase a set. It can not only cause problems for your car and caravan insurance, making it void; but it could cause accidents that could be easily avoided.

Without these extra mirrors, you cannot see anything in your blind spot which extremely dangerous. Normal car mirrors do not give you the same field of view.

Should Last a Long Time

In theory, should last you for a long time. It is wise to choose a pair that are designed to fit the widest range of cars and vehicles possible, to ensure they are compatible even when you change the car.

Mirror Stability And Turbulence

An issue that most caravan owners face when towing is mirror stability, particularly as this can be affected by the turbulence caused by larger vehicles down the opposite side of the road alongside their caravan. However, its only from experience that you can really tell how well a mirror will actually hold up and that of other drivers who have used them.

One’s that use clamps are considered to be securer than those that don’t. To increase the stability you can set the clamps as far apart as they can go.

One particular method to use that ensures you have a solid fixing is by attaching clamps first, then feed the arm of the towing mirror in. Another way that works is by attaching the mirror clamps onto the car mirror casing underside.

Ideally, you can go to the accessories shop of a local caravan dealer. They will be able to give you specialist advice and a chance to see up close and personal what is on offer and how best to fit them. So even if you buy online to secure better prices, you still have a better idea of what you are looking for. The choice is, of course, all down to personal preference.

Caravan Towing Mirrors Law

Now legal stuff is not exactly the most interesting thing in the world, but when it comes to towing, it can cause problems. According to the law then, you need to have a clear view down both sides of a trailer or caravan you are towing, at least 4 metres at either side to at least 20 metres behind the unit you are towing.

The rules state that towing mirrors should not extend further than 25 cm more than the widest section of the trailer or caravan. This is reduced to just 20 cm if the mirrors don’t have the E approval marking that proves they are made following EU standards or for any vehicles that were registered before the 26th of January, 2007.

Look for The Special E

Predominately when looking at caravan towing mirrors you need to first make sure there is some kind of E marking or rating to ensure they meet either the international UNECE 46.02 or UNECE 46.01 or European EEC 2003/97 standards.

Handy Tips

  • To avoid them getting scratched, they often come with a storage bag that you should use. If not, invest in a small bag that can be sealed to protect them.
  • It is much easier to set towing mirrors when 2 people are involved. The best way is for the driver to sit in the driving seat and have someone else adjust the mirror until it is just right.
  • Different car model have door mirror casings with different tolerances
  • When buying towing mirrors with straps, ensure they are long enough to fit around the casing of the mirror.
  • If you have recently purchased an 8ft 2.45 metre wide caravan or are considering it – you may need to invest in larger and extended towing mirrors to accommodate the extra side.
  • When you are not towing, always remove them.
  • Why not invest in a rear reversing camera for your caravan? This will give you more confidence in what’s behind you.

Hopefully, with this post, we have helped to make it easier for you to choose what wing mirror extensions to use when towing a caravan for both the size and model of your caravan and car.

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