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It is no wonder that more and more car technicians are offering to stick your number plate to the caravan instead of drilling it on. Using tape to attach your number plate to your caravan is much quicker. This is why the service tends to be cheaper as it requires less manpower and time. If you want to save even more money, stick your number plate to the caravan yourself with these tapes for number plates. We have chosen the strongest materials and easiest to use number plate tape for you. Every single one of these options will secure your number plate with less hassle in very little time. Go on and save yourself the effort of drilling on a number plate to your caravan.

Number Plate Tape (Some Great Choices)

The Unibond No More Nails Permanent Roll is a multifunctional tape that will last in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The roll can hold a weight of up to 120kg which is more than enough.

Henkel, the production company, advises using strips that are slightly shorter than the number plate for every 25-30cm. The Unibond tape needs about 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion. Don’t forget to remove the red layer from the tape before attaching it. Once that layer is removed it will expose the sticky white tape. This should keep your number plate in place without any loose bits.

Before applying the tape, make sure that the surface is free of any dirt and grease. A surface that is not perfectly clean will create air bubbles which weaken the adhesion. If the surface is porous then you will need to prep the surface first. Henkel recommends applying a mixture of Unibond PVA with water. This will help to create a smooth surface for better adhesion.

If it is made in Sweden, it must be good. This particular Sanoj Tape is 1mm thick and extremely heavy-duty adhesive tape since it is intended for automotive and industrial use.

The Sanoj Double Sided Tape is so strong because of the technology used in its design. The tape is made with a high density foam core and acrylic adhesive. The foam core has a sturdy closed cell structure that can withstand a range of weather conditions. The Sanoj Tape company does advise attaching the tape in temperatures above 10℃. After application, the tape is able to withstand colder temperatures, too. Good thing that the tape does not need time to reach maximum adhesion. This is a perfect choice to be used as number plate tape.

The acrylic adhesive of the Sanoj Tape ensures it is instantly securely attached to the surface.

As usual ensure that the surfaces are clean and dry. Make sure that the tape is in the right position and without any air spaces before you mount it.

If you are looking for value for money then look no further than the Foresight Extra Thick Double Sided Foam Tape which comes in a two-pack. Each roll is 5m long so this single purchase will last you through plenty of mounting projects.

Similar to the Sanoj Tape, Foresight uses a foam core and acrylic adhesive. This means that the tape is durable in any weather conditions so you won’t risk it coming loose in British weather.

Foresight recommends applying the tape in temperatures between 5℃ and 35℃. Similar to the Unibond No More Nails Roll, this Foresight tape needs about 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion. The curing time is longer if the temperature is below 23℃. It is therefore advisable to mount the number plate indoors, if possible.

Also, avoid touching the type while attaching to the surfaces. Indentations made by fingers can reduce the strength of the tape. It is important to make sure that the number plate is attached with maximum pressure so you don’t risk it coming loose.

These number plate foam pads will do the job right. Each pack comes with eight sticky pads of 75mm x 25mm each which will fit perfectly for a UK sized number plate.

In comparison to the other tapes on this list, the Hills sticky pads are more easily adjusted and quick to replace. This makes the pads useful for small repairs as well. If your number plate is damaged or only a little loose, consider using these pads for a repair job instead of replacing the entire plate.

If you are looking for a more complete set then go for the Pangda number plate fixing kit. This kit not only comes with double sided adhesive tape but also with sixteen screws and caps. With this set you can do more than attach the number plate, you can also replace loose screws and caps. It is a complete fixing kit, whether it is drilled to the caravan with screw holes or attached with tape.

Each tape is sized for a UK number plate so you won’t need to do any cutting. Each kit includes 10 pads of double-sided tape measuring at 9cm x 2cm x 0.2cm.

The caps and screws are handy for fixing little damages to your already mounted license plate. The caps come in four different colours; yellow, white, black and blue. Each kit contains four caps in each colour making a total of sixteen. This is the same total as the screws.


What about velcro pads?

These are less reliable, we would not recommend these

How long will the tape and stickers last for?

Even though they will last a long time I would still replace the tape every year just to make sure. The tape and pads are cheap enough that you can do this.

Final Thoughts

Whichever tape you choose, remember that the surface of the new plates and the mounting surface of the caravan both have to be smooth and spotless. Any dirt, grease and grime on either surface will reduce the strength of the tape. The last thing you want to happen is for your number plate to fall off during a road trip.

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