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Aside from the obvious size difference, caravans are different from a lot of other vehicles that you may own. Not only are they bigger in size, but unless you go on caravanning holidays regularly or are spending a long time on the road, a lot of the time your caravan will just be sitting, waiting to be used again. Compared that to your car, which is probably used at least once a day and on the rare occasion it isn’t, and if you have a garage, you more than likely will keep it in there during these times. That is something you can’t really do with a caravan unless you invest in a garage extension which could be costly.

Therefore, you are faced with the issue of what to do with your caravan when it is not being used, especially in the winter months, to protect it against the elements and from becoming damp. This is where caravan covers come in. There are a wide variety of different types of covers available – some cover the whole vehicle while it’s stationary, while others are designed to cover them while they are being towed, and then there are some that just cover key areas such as the roof or a hitch cover.

To help make sifting through thousands of different products a little easier, we have compiled a list the highlights what we feel are the best caravan covers worth checking out. We will also discuss some important considerations you need to think about when looking for the right one for your vehicle and circumstances.

Full Caravan Covers (Our Top Picks)

Full covers, as you’d expect from the name, are made from fabric that protects the whole vehicle. This is a useful form of protection, especially if your caravan is left in your drive or street when not in use and exposed to all kinds of weather. Water ingress, tree debris, UV fading and most other types of weather damage can be avoided using a high-quality full caravan cover.

Next on our list is the Crusader CoverPRO premium 4 ply for 17ft to 19ft vehicles. This heavy-duty cover is designed to protect your caravan while it is stationary and consists of very breathable material. Completely waterproof and quick and easy to attach, it may cost a little more than some, but judging by the customer reviews, it is worth it.

The material has been developed and tested to ensure it does not damage or scratch your paintwork and it has 4 separate zips at each corner to allow you access to lockers and doors when necessary.

This is also available in a larger size for 21ft to 23ft caravans here.

Maypole is the manufacturers of the next cover we want to highlight. Again, this is another pricier product, but given that Maypole is one of the leading brands in the caravan accessories industry, you know you are getting a good quality item for your money.

As the Maypole caravan cover is made from tough nylon, it is not only waterproof but is also UV resistant. There is even an elasticated hem which ensures it is a quick and easy process to secure this in place over your caravan. the straps are nylon too and it can fit caravans from 21ft to 23ft long. When it is not in use it folds away neatly into the provided storage bag.

The second of 4 caravan covers on our list is this pricey, but high quality 19ft to 21ft made from the same tough nylon the other products in this line are made from. It features the same elasticated hem and is fully waterproofed and UV resistant. The only difference is the size. has over 40 years worth of experience in the industry and is one of the most popular and reputable brands of caravan accessories. Just like all their covers, this sturdy 4 ply one is very easy to fit and secure and can be folded down into a storage bag when it is not in use.

The third Maypole product is different from the others on the list because it has been designed as just a handy cover for caravan roofs. It is made from a non-abrasive material to prevent scratches and damage to your vehicle and contains the same UV resistance and waterproofing that the full-size varieties from Maypole feature.

It makes use of elasticated strapping to ensure a secure fit and there are additional straps that can be used for various types of fitting.

The caravan cover that’s appropriate for your touring vehicle depends most crucially on its dimensions. From the caravan accessories brand Andes comes this 14 to 17ft full-size cover that provides effective protection for your vehicle against the adverse conditions we often get in this country. It consists of a superb and clever triple-layer of protection made-up of an inner layer that’s non-abrasive and soft, so it won’t scratch your caravan, a middle layer that allows air to flow and stop condensation building up while keeping the rain out and an outer layer that completes it.

It’s incredibly easy to put on and take off and has a double zip system on the left side of the cover and straps to secure it underneath your tourer.

6. Kampa Prestige Ultimate 3-Layer Caravan Cover

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Regular visitors to Caravan Helper and caravanners who know a thing or two about the top brands will be familiar with Kampa. They are highly regarded for their top-quality caravanning and camping products and accessories. This Kampa Prestige Ultimate 3-Layer caravan cover is just another great example of their ingenuity and the standards they stick to when designing and producing items. It’s made from a special triple-layer of SFS materials that ensures any water or liquid that lands on it, beads away. The middle layer helps to make sure there’s adequate airflow so that the rain stays out and away from the caravan and stops the build-up of condensation.

With 4-ply seams, it’s protected against rot and the 4 zippers help to make it exceptionally easy to put on and take off.

Features To Look For

Good Fit

As we noted at the outset, along with the products we have highlighted, we wanted this page to be as helpful as possible. Which is why we are going to discuss some important things about caravan covers.

The full cover you choose for your caravan should fit snugly because the one that is too loose could either flap and cause damage to your vehicle and is more likely to tear when the wind is up.

Breathability and tough fabric

Most full caravan covers are constructed of a number of layers consisting of a softer inner layer that protects the caravan from scratches and damages, a breathable-material membrane and a UV resistant and water-resistant on the outer. The material being breathable is vital as this will help prevent condensation from building up.

Easy access and use

It should be reasonably quick and easy to fit even a full caravan cover. Most of the high-quality covers from reputable brands combine zips, Velcro, poles and straps to make fitting it simple. Look at the customer reviews and try finding a video that demonstrates fitting it to a caravan, to see how easy or difficult one you are interested in is to use. Don’t forget to remove your solar panels before fitting.

Secure Fit

By far the most important feature to look for when choosing the right caravan towing cover is that it fits securely, aside from finding the right size for your vehicle of course. Normally they fit via the awnings channel to the front valance of your caravan with buckles.

Other covers

Top Cover

Perhaps you don’t feel you need a full cover, but want to protect the top of your vehicle from bird droppings, tree sap, leaves and any other dirt, stones and debris. This is when a top cover may be the ideal choice. This type of cover is fitted in very much the same way usually as a towing cover, using the awning channels to slide it through.

Hitch Cover

If you are obsessively protective about each part of your caravan, then you may be interested in purchasing a hitch cover. These are smaller sized covers designed to protect the A-frame, while you are pitched up and when the caravan is in storage. When a hitch is left exposed to Mother Nature, water damage and corrosion occur. Which has the knock-on effect of making it a lot harder to manoeuvre. Serious damage eventually could mean you have to completely replace the hitch.

Towing Cover

Chips and abrasions can cause damage to your caravan’s bodywork and front window, particularly when you are driving over loose and uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the exhaust fume deposits and dirty water from the road can discolour and even damage the exterior of your caravan.

With these points in mind, therefore, it may be a good idea to invest in towing covers for your caravan while it is in transit.

We hope this article has been handy and has helped you to choose the best caravan cover.

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