Caravan Plate Racks

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Ok, so it might not be classed as an essential item, let’s face it, a caravan plate rack isn’t up there with awning lights or caravan wheel locks but nobody wants to arrive at their destination with smashed plates. It is still a very useful caravan accessory to have.

We like organised, we like the concept of a place for everything and everything in it’s a place when caravanning, and when you’re in a compact space clever storage is key. We also love the fact that the caravan plate rack is a multi-tasking item – great news when you don’t have room for every gadget or gizmo. Storage, security, and some even double up as washing a cup holder.

Caravan Plate Racks (Some Recommendations)

The Fiamma Omni Object Holder has been designed for use in campervans, boats, caravans and motorhomes, or any other vehicle you wish to flit about the country in. The idea is a simple one, the Fiamma Omni Stop secures your plates and dishes whilst you’re travelling around.

The product consists of a 25cm bracket which is made of anodized aluminium, and a 20cm long locking shaft made from durable plastic.

The shaft can be locked into place and unlocked easily. You need to attach the self-adhesive aluminium frame to your cupboard, you can then manoeuvre the slider bar over the top of your plates to keep them still and secure.

What do others think?

Customers appreciate the clever design of the Fiamma Omni Object Holder, it’s considered easy to fit – so you don’t need to be a handy Andy (or Mandy) to install it. They enjoy the fact that the clamp holds their plates securely and prevents the annoying rattling noise that you often get emanating from the cupboard when on the road. There are a couple of suggestions – first off, use a non-slip mat below your plates for added grip, secondly, you might want to consider screwing the frame into the wall (some find the adhesive strip is not as strong as they would like).

This is great for those who are looking to streamline their caravan storage,  to sort out the clutter and get their living space in order.

A wire plate rack for caravan cupboard organisers everywhere! Measuring 270mm x 120mm x 203mm, and with ten slots each measuring 15mm, this compact item will fit snugly into a caravan cupboard. Simply pop your plates into the slots and hey presto – secure plates and clutter-free space.

What do others think?

Customers think this is great for plate storage and a neat little space-saving tool that fits really well into compact cupboards. They also like that it holds the plates securely when they are travelling. It’s been suggested that the caravan plate rack would benefit from having a couple of fixing points in order to make it fit more securely.

3. Caravan Motorhome Free Standing Cup and Plate Rack

Caravan Motorhome Free Standing Cup and Plate Rack

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As the name suggests the Caravan Motorhome Free Standing Cup and Plate Rack is an unconnected unit that can be placed in a cupboard and used to hold your plates and cups.

Measuring 550mm x 195mm x 90mm the free-standing caravan cup and plate rack holds four dinner plates and four tea plates, plus there are five handy cup holders. Each mug holder can accommodate a cup measuring up to 7.3mm in diameter. There’s a cheeky little slot for the handle too!

What do others think?

Customers purchasing this find it useful for keeping everything in its place while they are travelling. They like that cups and plates are kept secure and stable – rather than rattling around in cupboards. It has been suggested that it might benefit from some sort of fastening or screw to make it sturdier, but we do appreciate it wouldn’t be “free-standing” then! Some also suggested that the device is rather snug, and advise using cups or mugs with a tapered base for a better fit.

The PVC Coated Wire 3 Position Plate Holder has been designed to hold and store dinner and tea plates, and is described as ideal for caravans.

Measuring 20cm x 14cm x 11cm this wire plate rack for caravan cupboard space-saving is PVC coated and useful for holding dinner and tea plates. (There’s a gap of 7cm, 5.5cm & 5.5cm between each holder).

What do others think?

Yet to be reviewed by customers, but this caravan plate holder could be for you, take a look!

Now for something a little bit different, the Collapsible Caravan Kitchen Sink Organiser is more than just a standard rack and certainly worth a mention.

A great idea for compact spaces, such as caravan kitchens, the caravan kitchen sink organiser is collapsible, so you can fold it down when you don’t need it. It actually folds down to just 5cm, do you should be able to find a convenient space to store it. When you pop it up to use it you will find that it’s quite roomy – with plenty of space for cutlery, crockery and utensils.  The caravan sink organiser is made from durable plastic and has flexible sides and a spiky base (complete with drainage holes).

What do others think?

Customers are happy that the collapsible caravan kitchen sink organiser is fit for purpose a useful tool for their caravan or motorhome.

Which One Is Best? 

If we had to pick one, it would be number 3 as you can put different sizes plates in there and a few mugs.

All of these products could be a useful addition to your caravan. We all know that we don’t have the luxury of loads of room when travelling by caravan, so any item that can help to save precious space is a great bonus. The caravan plate holders work well to keep your plates secure when you’re on the road. No-one wants to arrive at their destination with a cupboard full of broken cups and plates!

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