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Perhaps one of the essential appliances in any caravan is its kettle and toaster (tea and toast go together)! There’s nothing better than reaching your destination, getting unpacked and settling down to that perfect cup of tea before you explore your surroundings.

However, with a limited mains supply in every caravan, alongside most caravan sites unable to provide an extensive amp supply, purchasing any old kettle for use in your caravan isn’t an option here. Most UK sites offer a maximum of 16 amps, but there are those, particularly older sites and continental ones, where you may only get ten amps or even six amps in some circumstances. This is why we have also looked at other items that are made for low power usage such as microwaves, TV’s and heaters.

The ideal best electric caravan kettle will be one that is specifically designed to be a low wattage kettle, so to not drain your power supply nor, more importantly, not trip the electrics in your caravan. It may surprise many to learn that caravan kettles are the most common items for throwing out the electric supply at many a caravan site. Those caravanners unfortunate to trip the electrics in this way will undoubtedly be able to tell you how quick it is to become very unpopular with neighbouring pitches.

These are seven of the best caravan kettles which you can find, all designed to ensure you get that perfect cup of tea each time. This means no more shuffling red-faced across the caravan site to request a member of staff put the supply back on again because your current ill-equipped best caravan kettle has tripped the electrics!

Best Caravan Kettles (12v, Low Wattage Electric and Lightweight)

Fineway offers a low wattage electric kettle which is simplistic in design and structure but works to ensure no tripping of the electrics when in use. Compact in size, when used to capacity the Quest one-litre kettle adequately supplies two good sized cups and is perfect for filling an entire walking flask.

Cordless and with just the right amount of lead supplied, you can store as much of the excess cable under this kettles base unit if you prefer or, for practicality, this model is thoroughly compact and can be tucked away neatly in a drawer or cupboard when not in use.

Customers find that this Quest product even allows them to boil the low power kettle as well as using one or two other appliances at the same time, such is its low wattage.

Key Feature: Simple to use.

Bargains Galore sell a 2.5 litre stainless steel camping kettle which they claim is perfect for when travelling and therefore a great addition as a caravan kettle. Available in a selection of vibrant colours, this is a fast boiling caravan gas kettle which will whistle to let you know when it has reached the required temperature.

Lightweight in design, you may want to keep this out on display just because it looks great but, if you prefer to store your kettle away after each use, this one allows you to fold the handle down – making it a great space saving product.

Aimed at those with gas hobs rather than electric, this is also the better caravan gas kettle if you travel with a gas stove or need an alternative to an electric kettle in case of possible power cuts.

Hard wearing and low priced, at 2.5 litres you’re guaranteed many ongoing cups of tea with this caravan kettle!

Key Feature: No need for a power supply.

This one-litre cordless electric kettle for a Caravan from Denny International is a powerhouse of a travel kettle and, with an impressive class A energy level, it’s efficient for all caravans.

With additional extras such as auto-switch-off at boiling point and a safety-cut out for overheating or boil dry, this detachable jug kettle is designed to ensure you don’t overfill your low power kettle and only boil what you need, which is great when using it in your caravan.

Priced extremely low, considering its many features, this cordless kitchen kettle has received some rave reviews from caravanning customers, especially as it doesn’t overload the power when on site. However, though it does an excellent job, it’s worth noting that some find the size of this kettle slightly bigger than they initially thought, so it’s perhaps not one for storing away.

Key Feature: Energy efficient.

Livivo’s one-litre cordless kettle is another visually simplistic product and straightforward enough to use. This electric kettle is reasonably priced and boasts simple controls and is easy to clean.

With an auto-switch-off when it has boiled this detachable jug kettle offers peace of mind with its built-in safety cut-out, ensuring should you overheat or boil dry the kettle, it will automatically cut itself off from your power supply.

Complete with a pilot light and a transparent water level gauge, the Livivo model makes it easy for caravanners to boil the kettle in a quick space of time and is sufficient enough for around two good sized cups. A great choice for a low wattage kettle for your caravan.

Customer reviews suggest that this kettle is overall a good enough kettle which does what it says it does on the box!

Key Feature: Quick boiling.

5. Portable Lightweight Water Tea Electric Kettle Cordless.

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This stylish looking electric kettle from Kampa is a stainless-steel model. With a low wattage which makes it ideal as a functional caravan kettle, this kettle allows for a more generous amount of water to be boiled each time.

Complete with a removable and washable filter for convenience, there are two water level indicators and a concealed stainless-steel element as standard to the Kampa model.

Though one of the higher priced models on the list, the additional water capacity and its 360-swivel base more than makeup for this fact, alongside some quality customer reviews.

Several customers claim the increased sturdiness of the Kampa kettle is hugely beneficial for caravan use, mainly when compared to some of those lighter weight and perhaps flimsier of travel kettles, as such. It’s also claimed to be a quieter model which boils in a reasonable amount of time.

Key Feature: Larger water capacity.

Pennine sells a low wattage kettle which falls into the mid-range price and is a wonderful addition as a caravan kettle. Though it doesn’t offer much in the way of added features, being smaller than most, just under a litre to be exact, it produces just the right amount of water when full for a good two cups.

A simplistic two-toned colour kettle, this easy to use the product would look at home in many a caravan, fitting in with the decoration or standing out to suit personal preference.

Favoured by many for its ability to work well in the caravan due to its low wattage, many customers report not having to worry about powering it up in the caravan and even use one or two other appliances simultaneously.

Perhaps one of the most basic of kettles on the list, the reviews on the boiling time and durability of the Pennine kettle are encouraging, with the concept of this somewhat lacklustre product doing a fantastic overall job.

Key Feature: A long-lasting product.

Quest has a dual voltage travel kettle which offers a modern take on the average travel kettle and would look at home in any caravan.

This all-inclusive product comes complete with two plastic cups which means the perfect cup of tea for two each time from its 0.5 litre capacity.

Extremely lightweight, and reasonably priced for both kettle and accompanying cups the Quest model is easy to plug in and go and is considered one of the more commonly used of kettles for caravanners.

Low in wattage making it ideal for use on many sites, this low power kettle has an indicator light and auto cut-off switch for built-in safety.

If you aren’t looking for any added features or heavy usage, then this is wonderful for making the odd cup of tea with, here and there. However, some customers find this model a little awkward at times regarding its short cord and lack of accompanying base.

Key Feature: A complete package.

As we noted at the top of this page, kettles go together with toasters. That is why when we came across this next product, we had to include it on this page. From the extremely reliable and reputable Kampa comes this exciting caravan kettle and toaster set. So, that’s arguably two of the most important pieces of equipment in one money-saving double-pack.

This pack consists of a stainless-steel kettle and stainless-steel 2-slice Deco toaster with the following key features:

Kettle Key Features

  • 1000-Watts (Low Voltage)
  • 1.7-litre capacity
  • Concealed element
  • Cordless with 360-degree base

2-Slice Toaster Key Features

  • 1000-Watts (Low Voltage)
  • Reheat, cancel and defrost options
  • The electronic variable timing control

With the above key features in mind, this is a great solution if you are just kitting out your first caravan or have recently upgraded and wanted fresh items. What could be more satisfying than waking up in the morning and making you and the fellow tourers travelling on board with you, a nice cup of tea or coffee and some toast?

Kampa is known for making high quality goods, and considering the price tag, this is a great way to kit out your caravan for little to no money.


We hope that the above article has helped you choose the best low wattage kettle for the caravan as we have looked at some of the best low voltage kettles available to caravanners.

Thanks for reading our article on the best caravan kettles.

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