Best Caravan Gadgets 2021

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Whether you’re travelling with the caravan or pitching it up for a holiday, there’s no denying that having a handy caravan gadget makes caravanning life that little bit easier.

Equally, these are the ones that you thought you were perfectly fine without –until you finally purchase them; then wonder how you managed to make do without them!

With so many fantastic new products appearing regularly, we’ve had a scout around for those latest caravan and motorhome gadgets currently getting rave reviews.

Towing and Moving Gadgets

We’ve already touched on these in a recent post on the site, however, caravan motor movers, though slightly expensive initial layouts, still get our vote as some of the best caravan gadgets this year.

Designed to enable you to move your caravan into place without the use of a car, these fantastic devices make pitching up and hitching up hassle-free!

Favoured by those who have been caravanning for many years now, they are gaining in popularity due to not only their practical element – but also the sheer ease of use.

Better still, there are plentiful professional caravan services who are trained to fit these devices correctly and at a reasonable price. Therefore, you don’t even have to worry about the installation process yourself.

If the idea of purchasing one of these has roused your attention, our must-have caravan gadgets top four picks here include the HappyBuy Motorized Jockey Wheel Mover, the EMOVE Manual Motor Mover, the Enduro Caravan Manoeuvring Aid, and the Royal Apollo Caravan Mover.
If you’re looking to speed up the somewhat tedious process of putting the caravan legs down each time, this corner steady drill bit is for you.

Making light work of this task, this effectively both raises and lowers the corner steadies of your caravan, all through this simple extension piece.

Suitable for most caravan steadies and most power drill chucks, this adaptor works by fitting over your 19mm corner steady bolt.

TV and Internet Caravan Accessories

There’s no getting away from the internet and, when you’re caravanning or in your campervan. From being able to watch your favourite programmes and films online, streaming music, or even planning your day ahead, more of us are looking for ways to boost our signal each time we pitch up to a new site. One instant way of improving your signal is using a wi-fi booster.

1. Solwise Outdoor USB Antenna WL-Patriot-USB

Solwise Outdoor USB Antenna WL-Patriot-USB

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The Solwise Wi-Fi booster is top of our list this year as this is a small and compact but thoroughly powerful device which is perfect for taking with you in the caravan.

Equally as easy to set up and get instant results from, this allows you to get Wi-Fi to your caravan by scanning all available networks and subsequently storing and saving your preferred ones.

Perfect for those sites which offer Wi-Fi – but then you find yourself pitched at the opposite end of the site and struggling to get a signal!

A high-powered model with an N-type antenna connector, this also comes supplied with a 5m USB connection cable.

Featuring auto-installation and diagnostic utilities, this is perfect for allowing you to create your very own mini hotspot in your caravan. This makes connecting to smartphones, laptops, iPads, notebooks and even consoles hassle-free and swift.

Taking away the annoyance of rubbish TV signals on caravan sites, the Fringe Tuner gets our thumbs up for an easy to use but thoroughly successful TV and Radio Signal Booster.

We’ve all likely experienced the pain of settling down with a cup of tea and bite to eat, having spent the last hour or so getting sorted, only to find a rubbish signal on our caravan’s TV!

Providing two outlets and a variable boost, not only is this a direct fit replacement for any pre-installed aerial booster type, but the fitting kit is also included with your purchase.

Operating on a 12 to 24V DC, this couldn’t be any easier to fit and use and is compact enough to store away neatly in the caravan.

This wind-up and solar-powered radio is perfect for off-grid. A small and compact design, it offers crisp and clear sound quality and brilliant reception.

With a myriad of nifty features, it is designed to allow you to locate your preferred station and extends and re-positions the aerial until you get that most perfect of sounds.

Its hybrid offering is perhaps its best part as this allows you to charge it three ways, making it perfect for the caravan. Here you can wind it up to load, use its solar features, or directly plug it into a USB adaptor or port.

We like this model more so for storing away in the caravan to refer to, should you have a power cut or find yourself without hook ups and relying on solar panels.

An extremely portable device, this radio will provide you up to seven hours of total playback time when its battery is fully charged.

Awning Gadgets

I like a growing number of people you like to make full use of your caravanning pitch on the campsite, you’ll most likely be extending your living space by use of an awning. Designed to offer additional space alongside the ultimate in comfort, you’ll find these three perfect for using with any awning type.

1. Luigi’s Wasp Deterrent

Luigi’s Wasp Deterrent

price check on amazon

The first is claimed to be the world’s best wasp deterrent, and if you have any experience of life in the UK outdoors, you’ll no doubt find this the perfect product for your awning!

A hugely smart design, this resembles a real wasp’s nest but is in fact merely a decoy which wasps will avoid. The idea is that they will not want to fight for the resources in this area and therefore just move on elsewhere.

A natural product, all you have to do is fill it up and pad it out, using plastic bags or some other filler, and hang it in your awning. Be sure you put on some repellent though just in case.

Air awning pumps are considered to be worth every penny. They instantly remove the need to pump your inflatable awning up by hand as well as getting the job done ten times faster!

This is a small and compact but hugely beneficial to have on board. This aids you when setting up when you arrive at your pitch and frees up your time, so you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

Featuring an adjustable pressure level, this will switch off the pump when the desired level is reached. Just connect, set up, power up and watch it do its thing! This will also work on inflatable tents for your camping trips.

If you want to save your back, this basic but ingenious device will stop all of that crouching down while allowing you to pull your awning instead.

Wonderfully priced, you can use and then store away with ease, but one that offers to make your life that little bit easier each time you pitch up!

Sleeping Gadgets

1. Mistralvan Camper Air Conditioner System

Mistralvan Camper Air Conditioner System

price check on amazon

There’s no denying that the UK summers are becoming increasingly hotter with every passing year. 2018 was one of the warmest on record, and it’s predicted to be just as hot this year and for the foreseeable future.

This is perhaps one of the best on this list for making the summer a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

With no need for secure installation, this gadget attaches merely to your caravan’s window and is ready to use. This has a 2 fan/4 cool setting alongside a timer switch. Quite in operation, once the device reaches a desirable level, it will automatically switch off.

Perhaps one of those many of us pays little attention to, if it’s just one you buy this year, the camper air conditioning system would be our recommendation.

One of the joys of owning a caravan for most people is being able to relax and chill out as often as possible. For many of us, this means being able to read in bed!

For many years, Kindle’s have been the most popular electronic devices worldwide. However, this model is a new and improved one with adjustable front light.

Therefore, you can read in comfort whether indoors, outdoors, and throughout both the day and night with ease!

Kindle batteries are superb, and this one is no exception, with a charge that holds for weeks rather than hours.

For those who prefer to read through the papers every morning, with this device you can select from a wide variety of newspapers at your leisure.

Kitchen Gadgets

For those coffee lovers amongst us, this is the perfect addition to the caravan, making up to an incredible six cups of coffee each time!

Espressos make the best tasting coffee as they rely on a filter process, therefore, producing a rich tasting coffee every time.

This aluminium pot is not only great at offering fantastic tasting results each time but would look chic in any caravan, making a great focal point.

Diffusing the heat perfectly to enhance the aromas of your coffee, this is suitable for use on all cooking surface stovetops – except those inductions.

2. Handpresso Espresso Maker

Handpresso Espresso Maker

price check on amazon

If you’re looking for a coffee solution but don’t want to carry a standard espresso maker with you, the Handpresso pump is a great choice.

Designed for those with limited space in the van, as well as for those to access coffee on the go, this is the world’s smallest and portable of espresso machines!

A non-electrical design, eco-friendly hand pump which produces a 16-bar pressure that is required for that perfect espresso brewing process.

Ideal for use with ground coffee or ESE coffee pods, this is a coffee machine with the ultimate in versatility. With no battery or electricity needed, you really can just throw this into your caravan kitchen drawer and go.

We love the idea of being able to place this in your caravan and cook almost any food you want to in just the one product!

With a capacity of ten litres, this modern-looking model allows you to roast, bake, grill, and toast as you choose.

Weighing a mere 2.66kg, it also comes complete with a chromed wire rack and baking tray.

Featuring a 30-minute timer and bell, this is the perfect mini oven for any caravan and is sold at a fantastic low price.

At 800W max, it will sit neatly on your kitchen counter and boasts non-slip feet for added safety.

Egg on toast is the quintessential breakfast choice for many a caravanner – and a meal that firmly indicates you’re on a caravanning holiday!

For most of us though, egg on toast requires a lengthy process and plentiful pans and cutlery before we can sit down to a tried and trusted favourite.

It takes away all that hassle and allows you to get that perfect breakfast in just the one product!

Easy to use, easy to clean, and the perfect combination, you can be assured of a complete breakfast in as little as four minutes with this combined model.

Better still, there’s no more guesswork at the timing, and your eggs are done to perfection each time.

Whether hard-boiled or poached, if you fancy a different menu, you can also use this to cook muffins, croissants, and bagels instead.

Other Gadgets

1. Dometic Gas Level Checker PenDometic Gas Level Checker Pen

price check on amazon

A pet hate of many is finding out at the worst time that the gas bottle needs replacing.

This is a pocket-sized pen which cleverly works as a level indicator for your gas bottles.

With an accurate ultrasonic sensor, it gives a reliable measurement of just how much gas level you have remaining in your propane tank.

Working in seconds, this is a must-have for all caravaners that use gas bottles and an essential item to keep on board.

This is a three-piece set which is perfect for wine bottles and glasses, as well as cans or even candles!

This is ideal for placing into a soft lawn or even for use on the sand. It’s designed for picnics, romantic meals, or for merely putting outside the caravan and using as an accompaniment with your meal.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has got you thinking about the many benefits of having some of those most popular touring caravan gadgets in your caravan or motorhome.

Ultimately, these devices and products are designed to make your caravan holidays more straightforward and easier each time you set off, stop, pitch up and begin your holiday.


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