Caravan Air Conditioning

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Once considered the more luxury of items to have in the caravan, little attention has been given to purchasing air conditioning units for caravanning in the UK in the past. With most people seeing this as a practical solution only when traveling abroad with the van, caravan air conditioning in the UK market tends to get overlooked.

However, that was until we experienced a surge of random heatwaves with considerable full force throughout a good part of 2018! What we were subjected to was claimed to be one of the hottest years on record – so far.

Therefore, many of the staff here at Caravan Helper began discussing investing in caravan air conditioning, thereby preparing ourselves for the UK weather ahead of time.

Since the heat wave become a huge talking point in much of the caravanning community and beyond, air conditioning units for use in the van have once again made their way back on to the discussion boards and forums.

With most of us realising the temperamental weather of the UK is giving rise to warmer months all throughout the year, the idea of purchasing and installing one of these units is now becoming a likelihood for many of us.

If you’re still a little unsure as to whether an air conditioning unit for the caravan would be a good solution for you, but you’re dreading having to ride out yet another uncomfortable extended summer in your van, why not take a read through this article before making up your mind?

Two Air Conditioning Unit Solutions too consider

Euromac sells a fantastic air conditioning system for the caravan which we feel not only does the job of keeping your caravan cool, but also looks good visually when placed in the van.

This model also catches our eye as a wonderfully designed product which has been developed exclusively for use in caravans, motorhomes, campers and other places whereby low power appliances are highly advantageous.

Thoroughly compact in design, this is a lightweight, quiet running model and very easy to store. Claiming to cool up to a staggering 6.5 meters of open space, it offers a high-quality solution for recreational use.

Best of all, this model requires no complicated and long-winded caravan air conditioning installation. Instead, it needs just an inner and outer part with a moulded cooling pipe which can be placed through the window. You can even close your window when the unit is in use.

Working on a power of 375 Watts, the lower amp rating required makes it extremely useful when pitching up at many sites.

Complete with the necessary items to get you started swiftly, when you purchase this unit you’ll get all the brackets needed to mount it, as well as a condensate drain.

Fully equipped with an electronic cooling system, the temperature and fan speed is monitored throughout use. It also offers two fan speed positions and a total of three cooling options. There’s even a timer for added convenience.

Customer reviews of the Euromac Split Air Conditioning Unit find it does fair very well even in those higher of temperatures and you most certainly notice a huge difference after this has run for just ten minutes. With easy controls, it’s claimed to be an excellent addition to the van, doing the job each time as to what it’s ultimately designed for.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to implement some form of solution into your caravan for whenever the hot weather hits, this portable until may be a great starting point for your needs.

Initially designed for homes and offices, its portability means it could be used in the caravan with ease. Set on versatile casters, you can easily transport this to wherever you need it around your van.

This is a four in one system which works as not just a cooler but also a heater, air purifier and humidifier – and all at the touch of a button. It, therefore, offers all-around versatility and could be used all throughout the caravanning season, offering up to 30 square meters of coverage.

Regarding its air conditioning element as such, it has three airflow settings to take advantage of, assuring the perfect temperature for you caravan throughout and can oscillate to distribute this coolness.

Featuring easy to use digital controls and a 24-hour timer for added convenience, alongside keeping your caravan at the perfect temperature, it also works behind the scenes to purify and sterilise the surrounding air by use of a water pump circulation system.

This appliance comes complete with two ice packs and has a 6.5-litre water tank, as well as a water level indicator built in.

Customer reviews of the Signature Four in One Cooler find this to be powerful and an excellent cooling solution for the caravan. It is also claimed to get you through those hotter weather conditions, removing that horrible sticky element to UK heat waves!

Further Air Conditioning Units for Caravans

If this article has given you an appetite for air conditioning for the caravan and you’re keen to find out more, we highly recommend heading over to the fantastic website called Cool My Camper. These guys are experts on portable air conditioning units for caravans and can offer you a greater insight into those models which aren’t as readily available on Amazon just yet.

With a select number of air conditioning units for sale exclusively for use in the caravan, they also make and sell a few additional accessories for these products, including brackets and even storage bags to name a few.

Created to offer caravanners both cost-effective and quick installation, Cool My Camper believe that you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of an air conditioning system in your van without having to pay over the odds for it. They also highlight how these systems should not attract any unnecessary installation costs, rather hang on the caravan window or sit on the table or a stand.

What You Need to Know When Purchasing a Caravan Air Conditioning Unit

First things first, what tends to put most of us off these fantastic units, is their often rather hefty price tag which comes attached! With many of these products making it as far as the couple of grand price range, it’s easy to understand why it may not be top of your caravanning product list.

Regarding the cost-effectiveness of such appliances, many of us holidaying in the UK will often refer to this element. How can you justify spending money on such a product which you only see yourself using when the temperamental weather is good outside?

True enough, we do have our fair share of cold, wet, and windy weather in the UK. But, if you recall the ongoing impossible heatwave of 2018 and the consequent droughts and even hosepipe bans in some areas, you’ll remember that it was indeed a lengthy spell.

We don’t know about you but caravanning during this particular period was the most uncomfortable we’ve experienced in a long time! And, after aiming for as many shops and tourist attractions with air con present, it was disappointing to get back to site and not have this in our own caravan.

If you’ve had to see out any time in your caravan during a British heatwave, you’ve no doubt pondered how nice it would be to have an air con unit to hand at that exact time!

Furthermore, and perhaps most important to note here is that our UK weather continues to become problematic month by month. Therefore, none of us can really be sure that this year, and indeed subsequent years to come, aren’t going to be worse than 2018. If so, we truly believe that caravan air conditioning units UK and even further afield will start to become one of the top-rated caravan essentials.

Yet, fear not, for it’s certainly possible with a little bit of researching, to select good efficient portable caravan air conditioning units for under the £500 mark. This is excellent news for the caravanning community, particularly as none of us want to be spending such vast amounts of money on something that we may not use regularly.

Next up, is the practicality of such appliances. When we say the words air con, we tend to think of big bulky products which are not only loud in operation – but too big to practically place in a caravan without them taking up a significant amount of living space.

Yet, you may be surprised at just how well-designed and ergonomic they actually are. If you’re selecting an air con unit primarily for the caravan, getting the right one should mean that:

  • You can, for the best placing, mount the unit next to a window to get one unit outside and one inside, allowing you to keep it out of harm’s way but then get the optimal results. You can even shut the window and possibly your blinds when it’s in operation.
  • You do not experience any loud sounds or humming from your unit. The sound of these specific caravan units are comparable to that of a fridge or dishwasher. In short, they aren’t loud and do mould easily into the background.

Are Air Conditioning Units Worth the Money?

From a personal point of view, if you intend to travel and stay in your caravan in the UK regularly, then we really do believe that an air conditioning unit for caravan is perhaps one of the best financial decisions you’ll make.

Caravanning is all about having fun, discovering new experiences, and travelling further afield to get away from it all; and all for a well-deserved break from the norm. Therefore, anything which allows you to do this in complete comfort throughout, and indeed style, is certainly worth that initial layout in our opinion.

Furthermore, these units are a good investment which will last you for many wonderful years to come. So, whether it’s a specific caravan aircon or 12v air conditioner for motorhome, we’re certain you’ll be thankful you purchased one of these solutions when that next UK heatwave hits us!

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