Touring Caravan Sites with Fishing Lakes

For those caravanners who like fishing, touring sites offering well-stocked fishing lakes are hugely desirable.

Perhaps one of the most relaxing breaks in the UK, there’s nothing better than pitching up and heading off for a full day of fishing amongst some of the most tranquil of spots.

However, when you do select a caravan site that has a fishing lake on its grounds, you will need to make sure ahead of time if it suits your requirements. This will usually involve finding out things such as prices, permits, fishing types, and sizes.

Here are five of some of the best touring caravan sites with fishing lakes where you can directly pitch up and make full use of the on-site lakes throughout your stay.

Touring Caravan Parks with Fishing Lakes – Some Great Choices

Hallcroft Fishery and Caravan Park

Hallcroft is situated in Notts and set in idyllic countryside acres bordered by the River Idle. It also sits adjacent to the Idle Valley Nature Reserve.

Better still, this park offers caravanners a choice of six fishing lakes, each one with its own variety of fish!

Croft Pool: 28 Pegs, parking behind every peg, 160Ibs top match weight, ideal for small clubs and indeed easy pleasure fishing.

Fish here include Common Carp, Crucian Carp, Mirror Carp, Tench, Roach, Bream, Perch, and Eels.

Bridge Pool: 84 Pegs, parking behind most pegs on the Outer, short walk to all other pegs, 250Ibs top match weight.

Fish here include Common Carp, Ghost Crap, Mirror Carp, Tench, Bream, Perch, and Roach.

Moat Pool: 190 Pegs, parking behind every peg, 300Ibs plus top match weight, one of the largest lakes of its kind in the UK. Considered a top match venue, twice holding the Fish-O-Mania finals.

Fish here include Bream and Hybrids, Roach, Eels, Tench, Ghost Carp up to 18Ibs, Common Carp up to 25Ibs plus and Mirror Carp up to 22Ibs plus.

River Ponds: 28 Pegs, this was initially built to breed fish but is now used for pure pleasure fishing. A very high density of fish here, and an average depth of three feet, it’s perfect for beginners, children, and those looking for an easy day’s fishing. It also houses more shelter here for those regular UK blustery days!

Fish here include Rudd, Chub, Gudgeon, Crucian Carp, Skimmer Bream, Roach, Perch up to 2Ibs, Small Stockie Carp, Ghost Carp up to 8lbs, Common Carp up to 11lbs and Mirror Carp up to 10lbs

Reed Pool: 48 Pegs, 160Ibs total match weight, parking behind every peg, this offers larger platforms making it suitable for elderly or disabled anglers.

Fish here include Bream, Tench, Roach, Chub, Rudd, Perch, Leather Carp up to 16lbs, Ghost Carp up to 14lbs, Common Carp up to 20lbs, and Mirror Carp up to 20lbs.

Canal Pool: 20 Pegs and parking behind every peg, this is one of the park’s smaller ponds with a shallow far shelf.

Fish here include Rudd and Roach, Tench to 3Ibs and Small Carp, Skimmers and Bream to 3Ibs plus.

And, if six fishing lakes weren’t enough, you can also take advantage of the nearby small but fast flowing River Idle. Should you fancy a change of scenery while at the site, here you will find Chub up to 5lbs, Roach up to 2lbs plus, Pike up to 15lbs plus and Barbel up to 8lbs

Callow Top Holiday Park

Featuring a lake with surrounding nature reserves and developed jointly with the environment agency, Callow Top can be found in Ashbourne. This is set in the fantastic Peak District National Park.

Fishing here is in a mature lake which is home to an ecologically balanced mix. Fish here include Crucian and Mirror Carp, Roach, Tench, Perch and Rudd.

Well stocked with mature fish, there have been reports of 100Ib catches here! 

Smeaton’s Lakes Touring Caravan and Fishing Park

Smeaton’s Lakes are claimed to be some of the East Midlands best-kept secrets, located in 90 acres of stunning parkland. 

Boasting a large variety of fishing possibilities, here there are five easily accessible lakes to choose from, as well as riverside fishing on the wonderful River Trent.

From the Reed Lake, Burrows Lake, Willows Lake, Binghams Lake, and The Finger Ponds Lake, fishing is varied and all year round.

Anglers can access fish on these lakes which include Carp, Tench, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Bream, and even Pike in some. Bingham’s Lake is the unique of the bunch though as it is fed from the River Trent.

If River Fishing is more your style, those with an Environment Agency Rod Licence can fish in the River Trent here day and night from June to March over seven available pegs.

Springwater Lakes

Just twenty minutes from the Coast, Springwater Lakes is ideally located in South Wales. A peaceful and tranquil site, caravanners can enjoy twenty acres of beautiful grounds here and three onsite fishing lakes.

Fly Fishing Lake: Well stocked with Brown and Rainbows of up to 8Ibs. This lake offers an abundance of fly life.

Coarse Fishing Lake: A good mix of Carp here including Common, Mirror, and Crusian, there is also Large Tench and Bream, Rudd, Roach, Perch, and Golden Orfe. Suited to both novice and experienced anglers, all fishing techniques and baits are said to work well here.

Specimen Fishing Lake: A mature lake, this is well stocked with Common and Mirror Carp which weigh in excess of 35Ibs. It is a wonderfully shaped lake with two islands and will appeal to all anglers.

Springwood Fisheries

Located in Derbyshire, amongst beautiful picturesque surroundings, Springwood Fisheries provides caravanners with two well-stocked lakes, both of which are easily accessible for all anglers. Both lakes are open for 363 days of the year from 7am until dusk. 

Bottom Lake: Here you’ll find fish including Mirror, Ghost, and Common Carp in abundance. It also has Barbel, Rudd, Roach, Chub, and Ide. It’s suggested that pole and method fishing work very well on this lake.

Top Lake: Once again, method and pole fishing work very well here. Alongside Silver Fish, there are also plentiful Ghost, Mirror, Common, and Crucian Carp here.

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