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What could be better than spending some quality time in your caravan touring the coast of our fine land, than taking your favourite bottle of red or white along with you? We really can’t think of anything. While we’re not denying the pleasure of enjoying a nice cup of tea (or coffee) to start the day (we’ve looked already covered caravan kettles here at Caravan Helper). However, later in the day or even at the end of the day, as the sun goes down, there’s just something a bit magical about pouring that nice wine (or something stronger if you prefer).

We’re sure you’ve taken wine and other alcoholic drinks on caravan holidays before. In the past, though, where are these normally stored? In the cupboard or fridge. Wouldn’t it be great if you could class things up a little by installing a bottle holder of some kind? We weren’t sure what would crop up if we typed caravan wine bottle holder into Google and Amazon, but what would you know? There’s quite a few.

Below, we’ve gathered together our favourites to highlight and discuss. Hopefully our suggestions provide you with that sophisticated wine bottle holder for caravan you never knew you needed. Once you’ve installed one of these, you’ll never understand how you managed to get by without it!

Caravan Bottle Holders (Some Choices)

Starting our list off is the simplistic, but effective Caravan two bottle holder from Grove. Grove, as you may or may not be aware, are a very reputable caravan accessories manufacturer and that’s why we had to feature this product straight off the bat in this post. Made from high-quality coated sprung steel, this is perfect if you’re not anticipating many boozy parties with lots of guests and only ever want to carry a maximum of two bottles on holiday.

Although perfect as storage while you are stationary, they are also designed to keep your bottles of wine safe during towing too.

Although it follows a very similar design and is probably made from the same coated sprung steel, this bottle holder with space for three bottles of wine or spirits is sold by Pennine Leisure Supplies (as is the next product too). There’s not a lot else to say. If you like to have a few bottles of something nice to drink at the end of a long day travelling or exploring the local area, this is ideal.

You could even, if you fancied it, take your favourite rose, white and red wines. There’s obviously a great deal of versatility with this kind of product.

Perhaps caravanning with three or even two bottles is a little overkill for you. If that’s the case, then you could still benefit from a handy storage, transportation and display solution for your preferred alcoholic beverage of choice. Undoubtedly made form similar materials as the two products above, this is a perfect addition to any caravan.

The next product we must discuss takes a different approach to wine and spirits bottle storage than the three above. Made from sturdy and durable foam, this has space for a total of eight bottles and has two different sizes, 2 x 10cm and 4 x 8cm. This is very secure and stops all slipping and rattling, preventing damage and irritating messes occurring during towing and serves as a great place to store bottles while you’re stationary too.

Although it’s more practical than attractive, we still think it’s worth considering as an investment for your tourer.

Although this is similar in design and style as the first three in our guide, it differs in the fact that the sprung steel used in its construction has been finished with nick and chrome plating. This gives it a classy and modern finish that will suit your caravan if your tourer’s interior has a modern country kitchen look.

We really like this one, and no folks, not just because it offers space for a whopping 5 bottles of wine. What are you even suggesting?


check price on amazon

Made by the same manufacturer as the 5-bottle behemoth above, this two-bottle (there is a 1 bottle version also available) has yet another different design to others in this post. Rather than holding the bottle around the body, it holds it around the neck. We’re not sure what difference it makes, but we just love how it looks. We can imagine taking a bottle of Merlot or Prosecco (Champagne is so last year, or something! We don’t really care, get Champagne if you prefer, we like the Italian stuff though!) from this holder and enjoying a nice class at the end of the day. Or midday, if we weren’t travelling.

So, there you have it, a look at some of the best caravan wine rack options available online.

All the above products are fairly easy to install and won’t need any professional help. Our favourite kinds of products!

Along with wine bottles and a place for them to stay safe while travelling and when you’re stationary, you need something else, don’t you? You need wine glasses. In the companion post to this one, we look at the different options there are if you are looking for a caravan wine glass holder.

Now that you have your wine secured, you need to drink it! Check out these caravan glass wine holders that you can use in the awning or outside.


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