Best Caravan Levelling Ramps

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Most caravan sites have accurately level pitches these. However, you may still encounter in your caravanning adventures, some places with uneven ground.

At Caravan Helper we know that this is an all-too-common occurrence, and if you are new to caravanning and would like to avoid it, we are here to help.

In this article we will discuss why it’s important to ensure that your caravan is pitched on level ground in the first place, ways you can do it and highlight some of the best caravan levelling ramps available right now.

Caravan Levelling Ramps (Let’s Look At The Best Ones)

Thule are a very popular and highly reputable caravan accessories manufacturer and we’ve featured several their items on various guides and posts on Caravan Helper. These levelling ramps from the company are perfect for use with caravans and motorhomes.

They can hold a combined weight of 5 tonnes between them and have three different heights -44mm, 78mm and 112mm. At a size of 560mm by 202mm, these have the ideal large surface area to create a more stable surface for you to roll your caravan tyres up. They come with a very durable and practical storage bag so that you can keep your ramps safe and clean when they are not in use.

Fiamma is an equally popular and long-running manufacturer of accessories and equipment designed to be used with recreational vehicles. They are based in Italy, where they were established, and these 136/133 Level Pro ramps are the first of a number highlighted in this list.

They are made with a highly durable and UV-resistant PU that also benefits from anti-corrosion and anti-skid properties. Unlike wooden devices, these will not crack and provide you with an easy way of ensuring your caravan is level on uneven surfaces.

Like the Thule model above, these can hold a total weight of 5 tonnes between them and are therefore ideal for most caravans and motorhomes.

3. Fiamma Level System Magnum

Fiamma Level System Magnumcheck price on amazon

The next product we want to highlight is again from Fiamma and slightly more expensive than the last. Given they can hold a maximum weight of 8 tonnes between them, we still think they are a great investment.

Much like the Level Pro, the Levelling System Magnum is made from a material that is rustproof, UV-resistant and has been coated with an anti-slip finish. They have a self-locking overlap function and can also be stacked one on top of the other to achieve an even greater height if a surface is very uneven.

The last Fiamma item on our list is their original Level Up kit. This comes with a practical storage bag that helps to keep your ramps clean and secure when they are not in use.

As a standard, they feature three different levels and are made from a lightweight and rustproof material in-line with other Fiamma ramps. A little pricier than the last two, but obviously, price should only be one thing that you consider when deciding which ramps are best for you.

Maypole are another company we’ve sung praises about on Caravan Helper and with good reason. They’ve got longevity in the industry and seem concerned with designing and manufacturing items with caravanners and campers in mind.

This Twin Level Ramp set is no exception and has been made to hold up to heavy-duty use and can bear the load of 4 tonnes between the two ramps. They offer a maximum levelling height of 80mm and are easy and incredibly safe to use.

6. Maypole MP4607 Multi-Level Ramp Set

Multi-Level Ramp Setcheck price on amazon

Another great product from Maypole, this kit contains two sturdy caravan wheel ramps that have three different heights – 40mm, 70mm and 100mm, so they’re ideal if you are looking to level off your caravan at a height over the 80mm offered by the model above.

You need to be careful, as you do when buying any of these levelling ramps, that they can hold the weight of your vehicle. This set can hold a total of 2.5 tonnes.

By far the priciest item on our list, this last set of ramps is from Milenco. Milenco is another reputable and firmly established brand within the caravan accessories industry and their commitment to high-quality products is evident in the Quattro huge level ramp kit.

Not only do these offer 4 different heights, but they benefit from a special design that cups your wheels, negating the need for caravan wheel chocks when you are securing your vehicle at the appropriate height.

Help Levelling Your Caravan Using Ramps

Although these ramps are easy enough to use, we thought we’d provide you with a helpful link to this great video from Towergate, that shows you how to level your caravan.

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for an alternative to using a glass of water or a spirit level, you should consider this great 2-Way Mini Caravan Levelling Aid Indicator. It’s incredibly easy to install and is a more permanent and easier way to check the horizontal and vertical level of your caravan with greater accuracy.

Considering the price, we think this is a bargain.

Why Bother Making Sure Your Caravan Is Level?

You may be wondering why this is important. It’s more than just a case of ensuring you are sleeping on a bed or sitting on a table with a slight slope. We know there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t find that a problem. This is also about ensuring that your appliances work properly.

If you look at the user manual on most modern appliances, you’ll find that it says something along the lines of ‘ensure the appliance or device is placed on a level surface. So, even the manufacturers suggest it.

For bigger appliances like your caravan fridge cooker, microwave and any portable heaters you have, this is a clear safety precaution. However, there’s other items that are less dangerous to use on a slope, but are just impractical and even if you could use them, doing so could result in problems with either your warranty or insurance if they are not used in the correct manner.

So, ensuring your caravan is on level ground will help ensure you are safe while caravanning, that your appliances work properly and that you are comfortable.

Different Ways to Level Your Caravan

There are several different products you can use to make levelling your caravan relatively easy. Obviously, the method and tools you use depend on your towing confidence and ability.



    Jacks are pieces of equipment that are placed underneath your caravan wheel and screwed upwards to make your caravan level. This option may suit you if you are not very confident in your towing abilities, as levelling ramps (mentioned below) are quite small. Jacks also give you a greater amount of control and precision on the height you want to set your caravan too.

  • Caravan Levelling Ramps. Another common way to level your caravan and the one we recommend if you are confident in your towing abilities is by using a levelling ramp. There are two varieties of ramp available right now, one with steps at different heights and more simple sloped ramps. These ramps work by enabling you to drive your caravan wheels up the ramp until it is level and then you simply use caravan wheel chocks to stop it from rolling backwards down the ramp again.

Checking Your Caravan is Level

The easiest way to check that your caravan is level is by using a spirit level and placing it on a flat, hard surface inside your caravan. It really is that simple. Failing that, if you don’t have a spirit level you can just use a glass of water for a rough estimate.

If you are interested in a more permanent solution to checking the level of your caravan or motorhome, you may want to consider the 2-Way Mini Caravan Levelling Indicator from ABC, highlighted further down this page.

In Summary

As we noted at the outset, most modern camping and caravan sites will have level pitches and hard standings for you to park your caravan on, but when you come across a less maintained and older site, it is a good idea to have a set of levelling ramps at your disposal.

We know it’s not always fun to look through hundreds of Amazon products, which is why we hope you manage to find the right levelling ramp kit for your motorhome or caravan. You now have all the information you need to make the right choice, and how best to level your caravan in the first place.

Almost falling out of bed when you try to settle down for the night will both be a thing of the past, as will any of the safety risks of trying to use appliances on those uneven surfaces will be a thing of the past, meaning you can get down to what you want to do in the first place – enjoy the caravanning lifestyle.

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