What are Caravans Made of?

Caravans come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be large or small and they can also be a home from home. But what are caravans made of and are the materials that are used any good? We’re going to take a look at this now.

What woods are used?

Those who use timber frames to build a caravan tend to use meranti which is a hard wood. They use this wood as it’s not only light and pretty long-lasting but it’s also fairly cheap. Dried in a kiln and quite straight, the wood is naturally quite flexible. Using meranti is ideal as it is not likely to corrode as opposed to some metals. You can buy different coloured meranti but the colour tends to have no impact on the quality of the wood and is merely there for aesthetic purposes.

Another benefit of using meranti is that there’s less chafing when it comes into contact with electrical cables. However, screws and glue need to be used when creating a frame which is not always ideal. If screws are added incorrectly they could cause a few problems. Plus, meranti can be susceptible to rot when there is a small leak. However, some manufacturers work to ensure that proper sealing is used to help prevent any future issues.

What insulation is used?

Materials such as PVC and Vinyl foam are typically used as they can help the inner walls to stay a lot warmer. What’s more, is these materials can also help to reduce condensation.

Some manufacturers use polystyrene foam because it is easy to cut to the right size and it’s very cost-effective.

It is possible to improve on the insulation but when you’re paying thousands of pounds for a caravan you want the very best insulation there is.

What is the outside made of?

The outside of a caravan is typically made from either fibreglass or panels that are made from aluminium. These panels interlock with each other so that a strong structure is formed. The joints that are used are enclosed in aluminium channels.

Using these materials helps the caravan to stay light and a little less rigid. This means that a heavy chassis is not needed to support the caravan as the outside and the frame is so strong.

What is the frame made of?

Caravan frames can vary but they are typically made of a fibreglass or sheet aluminium cladding. The frame can also be made of a polyurethane foam core or a similar material. There is typically some polyester-coated plywood or something similar that works as an inner cladding.

As you can see, there’s quite a number of different materials that go into the construction of a caravan. Each of these materials is used because it tends to be light, long-lasting, and in some cases quite cheap. While there may be future changes to what materials are used, for now, caravans tend to be made from wood,  fibreglass or sheet aluminium cladding and insulating foam.

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