How Long Does a 47kg Gas Bottle Last in a Caravan?

There is no clear way to answer this question as it all depends on what you use your gas for. It also depends on how often you use your gas. If you use your caravan every weekend, for example, you’re likely to run out of gas more often than if you use your caravan once a month.

I know this isn’t very helpful so let’s take a closer look at what you can use your gas bottle for.

How Long Does a 47kg Gas Bottle Last in a Caravan

The Heating, Hot Water and Fridge

If you’re using your gas to heat you caravan, run the hot water and power the fridge it’s likely that you’ll get through the gas quite quickly. The fridge needs to be kept on all the time if there’s something in it. This means that you will be using your gas all the time.

When it comes to using the gas for heating, it is going to eat it all up. This is to be expected as you’ll need to heat the whole of the caravan or just the rooms you’re using.

A 47kg bottle of gas typically uses about 2.46kg (Max) per hour, or approximately 34KW. This should mean that it could  last around 19 hours, which doesn’t seem very much at all. This figure may well be more than you normally use as it’s likely you won’t have the hot water running all the time.

Just the Fridge

If you plan to just use the fridge your gas bottle will last quite a lot longer. This will depend on how much power your fridge needs. The good news is that you may find your 47kg gas bottle lasts a week or maybe even two weeks if your fridge is very economical.

Just so you know, your fridge runs at its most efficient when it’s full of food. Don’t be afraid to stock it up before you go away as it won’t impact your gas usage very much, if at all.

During the winter months

During the winter months, you’re likely to use a lot more gas. You’ll want to keep your caravan warm enough so you feel comfortable and you’ll want to prevent the pipes from freezing.

To save gas you may want to only heat the room or rooms you’re using. For example. If you’re spending the evening watching television in the living area it’s worth only heating that area. However, you may also want to heat the bedroom(s) before you go to bed.

During the winter months, you may want to order more gas bottles than usual so you have some to hand. Gas can be expensive, however, so you may want to think of alternative ways to keep yourself and the caravan warm. Consider putting thick blankets on the bed and insulating your caravan.

So how long does a 47kg gas bottle last in a caravan? Up to 19 days if you use it all day, every day. However, it all depends on how often you use it and what you use it for. Just make sure you have a gas bottle on stand-by when the weather’s a lot colder.

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