Gas Bottle Brackets

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If your gas bottle is not secured, it may bounce about and get damaged, which I am sure you will want to avoid at all costs. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this issue. Gas bottle brackets are perfect for keeping your bottle secure. With these products, threaded through the curved bracket is a strap with a buckle at the front. Passed up through the centre of the buckle and down the gap is the loose end of the strap. After that, you can simply adjust it so that it will fit around your gas bottle.

Caravan Helper has found two quality options for you. Here we are discussing them both for you so that you can compare the two brands and decide which is best to suit your needs. Hopefully, this will be enough for you to decide on which caravan bottle holder you choose to purchase.

Gas Bottle Brackets

Keep your gas bottle in place with this effective gas bottle holder. If your bottle is bumping around too much, you will be able to secure it with this handy accessory from Budget. Versatility means that you can fit it around almost any size of gas bottle, and you can put grip materiel at the bottom of the bottle so you can have complete peace of mind that it will stay there.

Truly essential to keeping your gas bottles safe, gas bottle holders are a requirement for any caravan owners and this option from Budget keeps your gas bottle perfectly safe and is easy to fit too.

W4 are a brand that has consistently proven their worth and this gas bottle holder kit is true to the usual standard of quality you would expect from W4. With this product, you get a plastic bracket shaped to fit around any gas bottle, a spacer for extra security, and a durable anchorage strip, along with a buckle. For maximum quality, this buckle is made of nylon, ensuring strength and sturdiness.

W4 for over 40 years have demonstrated that they are capable of creating fantastic products that aid caravan owners and this gas bottle retaining kit is a prime example of their originality and quality when it comes to producing caravan accessories. All of this at an excellent price. You can’t go wrong this exceptional gas bottle holder.

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