Electrolux Caravan Fridge Problems

Do you have a problem with your Electrolux caravan fridge? We might have the solution for you. This article could help solve the problem or help you understand what it might be. Read on for more information:

Electrolux Caravan Fridge Problems

How to Fix The Problems

Check that the fridge is switched on

While you may not think that the fridge is switched off it’s always worth checking. There could be something lodged up against the switch causing your fridge to turn off. If you do find something there make sure you remove it so it doesn’t switch your fridge off again.

Make sure that the switch is in good working order if it isn’t you might need to replace it.

Your fridge doesn’t work on 240v

Check if your fridge ok on gas and that works well when the caravan’s being towed.

Isolate the fridge from the mains and check if everything else works on 240v. If everything else works then you clearly have an issue with your fridge. If nothing else works you may want to check your power supply.

Ensure the fridge has enough coolant gas

Does your fridge have enough coolant? It needs sufficient coolant so it can work properly. If there is an issue with the coolant you will need to get it replaced.

Check the element is working

If the element is not working you could look for one online or in an accessory shop. Before you replace the element please make sure you know how to do it.

Check the gas system

Check the gas system for tightness. If you cannot do this yourself please speak to someone who can.

Check the input

Is the input to the fridge is directly connected? If it is restore the power and check the  input terminals. If there are no issues here the fridge’s internal wiring or thermostat could be damaged. Please do not check this yourself unless you know what you’re doing.

Check the fridge’s pipework

The pipes should be hot. If the pipes are only slightly warm or they’re cool check the power to the fridge. If the fridge is connected to the mains you’ll need to have a look at the fuses. If the fuses need replacing you’ll need to do this before your fridge will work again.

Is there an issue with moisture?

You might want to run the fridge on gas for one day. Try the electric the next day and see if the fridge works. If it does you could have an issue with moisture. You will need to deal with the moisture issue before your fridge is able to work morning noon and night. Consider sealing any cracks and make sure windows and doors are also sealed. Finally, consider using a dehumidifier to help remove damp from the atmosphere.

The above suggestions could help you work out why your Electrolux caravan fridge isn’t working. Read through the above suggestions and check your fridge. If you’re not experienced in dealing with fridges please seek the help of someone who is.

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