Caravan Windows Steaming Up (How To Fix it)

When caravan windows steam up it’s usually caused by the change in temperature and the levels of moisture present in the air. It’s these changes that can cause condensation to appear.

While many people assume that every acrylic caravan window is vacuum sealed this is not the case at all. Therefore, the windows in a caravan can be susceptible to condensation. This is especially the case if the temperature between the inside and the outside of the caravan changes very quickly. In other words, if a cold caravan is heated up quickly by the sun or a heater.

However, if the caravan’s ventilation is not up to much you may see even more condensation. Take a look to make sure that nothing is blocking your vents. Ornaments and even bedding can block the vents and make condensation even worse.

Caravan Windows Steaming Up

Some Tips To Fix Them Steaming Up

How to Deal with Condensation

When the humidity in the caravan exceeds 60% condensation is likely to occur. You can deal with this by

  • Leaving a rooflight open during the day and night
  • Leave the doors between the rooms/compartments open
  • Adding more ventilation that works even better
  • Open your windows to ‘Nightvent’ so that moisture can escape and dry air comes in
  • Check that no ventilation is obstructed by anything

Removing Bungs

Condensation will typically disappear after a while. If it does not clear make sure that you pull out a bung as this can help. If you have broken a bung by trying to pull it out you may want to use some invisible tape as it will work in the same way.

You may want to remove the bung on a warm day when the sun is shining on the window. This will allow any moisture to dry out and help prevent condensation from occurring again.

Please make sure you put the bungs back in place before the temperature starts to drop. This will help to prevent further episodes of condensation. While doing this will not prevent from condensation appearing again it can help, even just a little.

Tips for Helping to Prevent Condensation

Below you will find a few tips that can help you to prevent condensation:

  • Do no do any washing up just before you go to bed. This is because it will create some moisture in the air.
  • Make sure you also avoid boiling water as this can make the air moist.
  • Empty the kettle and anything else that contains water.
  • Keep the night time temperature as low as possible. Hot air is full of moisture and will not help the issue.
  • Make sure you increase the ventilation especially when it’s cold or very wet.

While you may not be able to eliminate condensation completely, you can help to make it less of an issue.

Every single caravan on the planet is susceptible to condensation but there are a few things you can do to ensure it’s kept at a minimum. Use the above tips to help you the next time you spot some condensation in your caravan.

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