Caravan Tea Towels

As we’ve discussed in other posts here on Caravan Helper, there are a lot of different things you can buy the folk who love caravanning in your life. There are caravan t-shirts, caravan mugs, caravan stickers and various other great caravan gifts available. To add to our collection of slightly naff, but very fun and practical caravan-themed gifts and accessories, we are going to look at some caravan tea towels. That’s right, tea towels with a caravan theme.

Let’s face it, it’s not the most interesting of things to discuss in the world, but tea towels are essential for any kitchen, whether it’s back home in the bricks and mortar property or while on the road in a tourer.

Some Choices

1. Caravan Tea Towel “Adventure Before Dementia”

First up we have this attractively designed caravan tea towel featuring heart-shaped bunting in different colours and patterns with a very small caravan image and the rhyming slogan “Dementia Before Dementia!” printed on it. Although this may not appeal to everyone, we love the concept of caravanning while you can enjoy and remember it. It is made from 100% cotton, measures 69 x 50 cm and is available for a bargain price! An excellent investment, whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone else.

2. Caravan Tea Towel “Don’t Come Knocking if this Caravan’s a Rocking”

Well well well, this is another caravan tea towel with exactly the same design as the one above, as well as the same size, that’s made from the same materials. The difference is that the slogan highlighted above has been replaced with the more below the belt, cheeky and rude “Don’t come knocking if this caravan’s a rocking” statement. We all have someone in our life who would appreciate that kind of humour, don’t we?

3. Armand Foster Tea Towel The Caravan Site Cartoon Tea Towel

If you know someone who appreciates old-fashioned and nostalgic art, why not consider this gorgeous caravan tea towel. Measuring around the 46 x 70 cm mark, it’s very generously sized, made from 100% cotton and completely machine washable. The design is by Armand Foster and depicts on such a small canvas, many of the characters and things you are likely to see on the average British caravan site. We think this is a very fun, but classy design, and definitely something you could buy for your nan.

4. Home From Home Personalised Caravan Tea Towel

Why not opt for something that allows you to give it a little personalised touch? This attractive caravan tea towel from The T Bird does just that. As it features a nice and traditional caravan image and the words “home from home” below it. The key selling point though is the fact you can have whatever you like printed above the caravan. So, whether you are looking to buy it as an anniversary gift for that caravanning couple in your life or a friend just because, this is a perfect option. You could even have a photograph or picture printed onto it.

5. Hippowarehouse Eat Sleep Caravan Repeat Printed Tea Towel

Last on our list is this 100% cotton tea towel that measures 50 x 70cm and features the fun and very apt slogan of “Eat, Sleep, Caravan, Repeat”. Anyone who caravans regularly will appreciate the sentiment expressed with the words. After all, it’s more than just a clever slogan, for many people, that is their mission statement in life. And a fine one at that. It has a very modern look and feel, so may be better suited to younger recipients, but we feel it would make a great gift for caravanners in general.

Not a lot else we can say on the subject of caravan tea towels. If you are looking to gift someone something that not only highlights their love for life on the road but has a real practical value too, then you have a great selection of products to choose from. There’s something for everyone, from the younger tourers just starting out to the old hats at life on the road. As we believe in only highlighting good quality stuff here at Caravan Helper, you can be sure they will last a long time.

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