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Watching TV in a caravan can be harder than you think. Caravan sites are usually surrounded by trees or might be down in a valley. This makes getting a signal harder than you think. I remember being in a caravan for the champions league final a few years back. The TV kept losing signal and it was really frustrating. I missed most of the goals because the tv antenna gave us a rubbish tv reception.

Going caravanning is about relaxing and stressing about your TV signal is only likely to cause arguments.

In this article, we are just going to discuss TV aerials to get you Freeview TV which is the standard now for most people. We have discussed satellite TV’s aerials in another article that you can find here.

All of the caravan aerials listed on this page work with Freeview, as this is one of the easiest and most popular options for caravan users.

Best Caravan Aerials (Some Best Sellers)

Below we have included some information on some of the best caravan TV aerials on the market for 2020. These will also work well for your motorhome or camper.

1. TV Village Portable Digital Magnetic Mount Aerial For Motor-home Caravan Boat or Car

TV Village Portable Digital Magnetic Mount Aerial For Motor-home Caravan Boat or Car

This is a fairly inexpensive aerial that features a reportedly robust and tough magnetic mount base. It consists also of a 10mm F-Type connection and an adaptor for a standard television coax and has been designed to be fully waterproof, so it will continue to work whether it is inside your caravan or outside it.

This aerial has an antenna system that is high gain and omnidirectional with 5 metres of great quality coaxial cable. Everything you need is included and it is considered to be very easy to set-up.

2. Vision Plus Status 570 4G Directional TV and DAM Antenna  Aerial Kit

Vision Plus Status 570 4G Directional TV and DAM Antenna  Aerial Kit

Vision Plus is a very reputable and popular brand within the television aerial and accessories market. So, although the price tag on this product is a lot higher than that of the above and indeed many others on our list, it is with good reason.

As you generally need a signal finder to set-up your television in the caravan, the great thing is that this caravan aerial from Vision Plus includes one integrated into it. With a Vertical and Horizontal polarization indicator, you will find a signal in no time. With a low profile assembly, it will remain discreet while providing you with the signal you need to watch TV wherever you are.

3. August DTA240 HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Digital Antenna

August DTA240 HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Digital Antenna

This aerial has been specifically optimised to enable you to receive the clearest signal for your Freeview service possible. It features, as is standard in a lot of models, a magnetic base which can help to improve the quality of the reception by making use of larger surfaces of metal.

It has been built to be lightweight and compact, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With a standard coaxial cable of 4.9 ft, it is flexible to use with all digital-ready appliances.

4. 1byone Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna

1byone Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna

With the 1byone Antenna, you get a device that offers you a quick and easy installation that does not require any tools. It features a UV coating and is fully waterproofed and can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions to improve the quality of the signal you can receive.

Along with the above, it also features a 4G LTE Filter that blocks all 4G and 3G signals from mobile phone transmitters, wireless networks, tablets and mobile phones to make sure your digital TV reception is free of any interference and noise. This device will work not only with Freeview receivers but also analogue TV signals too.

5. Image 610 Digital TV Aerial Antenna System For Caravans, Motor-homes/Boats

Image 610 Digital TV Aerial Antenna System For Caravans, Motor-homes/Boats

The Image 610 Digital Caravan TV Aerial Antenna System is great if you are looking for a low priced and very compact designed accessory for your caravan. It includes everything you need to get set-up and does not require brilliant, as it can easily attach to the exterior of your caravan or motor-home with little to no fuss.

This option is said to be particularly useful if you are in an area with either a medium or even poor reception. Comes with a coaxial cable.

6. Avtex STH3000 Suction Mounted 12v/24v Boosted Caravan TV Aerial for Motor-homes, HGVs, Boats and Trucks

Suction Mounted 12v/24v Boosted Caravan TV Aerial

The Avtex gives you the option of either 12 volts or 24 volts operation and is perfect for inside or outside use. With a high gain level of up to 20dB and the wall or pole mounting brackets included, you can be set-up into time to receive the perfect television signal while out there on the road or in the middle of nowhere.

7. SLx Outdoor Aerial 27895K4 4G Digidome Aerial For Freeview with Full Kit

Digidome Aerial For Freeview with Full Kit

The SLx outdoor aerial has a streamlined and modern design that is both completely weatherproof and compact that it won’t look too bad on top of your motor-home. It makes use of unique technology that enables it to receive any digital TV signal in the local area, with a frequency range of UHF 470 to 790 MHz.

There is also the 4G filter, that helps prevent channel loss or interference by blocking all 4G signals from mobile phones and other handheld devices. Everything is included in the aerial kit to enable you to install it quickly and enjoy your favourite shows and channels on the open road.

8. SAC Electronics Digital TV Caravan And Truck Aerial

SAC Electronics Digital TV Caravan And Truck Aerial

SAC Electronics’ digital Freeview caravan aerial is made from high-quality materials and is resistant to most forms of weather, with an Omni non-directional aerial that comes with its own fixing kit and feats an amplifier that can be adjusted and the option to connect it to a mains supply or use the 12 v power pack to run it.

Buyers Guide

Different Types Of TV Aerials

There are 2 main types of caravan aerials. Both have pros and cons and we will now go over both and see which one suits your needs best


These are the fancy ones that don’t look like the traditional aerials that you see on the roof of a house.

These are easier to set up as you don’t have to point it in the right direction. All you have to do it put it on the roof and plug it in.

However, there is one downside. If the area you are in has a poor signal overall you cannot move it around to focus in one direction.

Directional Antenna

This is a traditional aerial which is pretty much the same as the one you have at home on your roof. If you take a look at it you will see that all the aerials in your road will be pointing in the same direction.

Pro tip: If you can see some houses from your campsite then pay more attention to the direction of that aerial. Chances are it was installed by a professional whereas all the caravan aerials will not have been.

These are good for if the caravan site has a weak signal as you can really pint point the direction to pinpoint the best signal.

The potential downside is that it will be a bit more fiddly to set up but the tv tuner is more likely to find the channels if it’s pointing the right way.

Does it come with the amplifier, coax cables or other connections?

Check exactly what is in each kit. Most of these will come with a coax cable, and sometimes an amplifier.

A few people have commented on reviews that they coax cables are sometimes a bit short for where they want to install your caravan so you may have to buy your own.

How easy is it to fit?

All of the aerials in this guide are to be installed on the outside of your caravan to get the best reception.

Some are installed with a simple sucker. This is the easiest, but if its a windy day theres always the chance it will blow off.

Then there are sticky plates and ones that need mounting by using drills and other tools.

Many people may not like the idea of drilling into their caravan as if it goes wrong it could be expensive to fit. The aerial cannot be moved around as easily either.


There isn’t that much difference in price with a lot of our choices. None are a lot more expensive than others. For under £100 you will be able to get a great aerial that does the job well.


If you had to pick between an omnidirectional and a directional aerial which would you pick?

Honestly, we would go with the directional aerial. You just have a lot more control over where you point it. In the beginning, it might be more hard work but in the long term, it will be worth it. With an omnidirectional, there’s the chance you could get unwanted signals as well.

Does a bigger aerial mean a bigger gain?

Yep, the bigger the aerial the better chance you will get of getting a better picture. Space inside and outside a caravan is of a premium though. Just using a booster on a small aerial is unlikely to give you a great benefit.

Does the quality of the coax cable affect the picture quality?

​Yes. This can have an impact on how good the picture is. As can the length of the cable. Luckily, with a caravan being small this should not be a massive problem but please get yourself some quality coax cable. We recommend a copper type rather than an alloy foil one. You could have a good signal strength but if your cables rubbish it can really let you down.

Do I need another TV licence for my touring caravan TV?

No – A TV licence for your home will also cover your caravan or motorhome.

The only time it wouldn’t cover it is if your caravan is located on a site all year round.

How do I know which way to point my directional TV aerial?

There are 2 solutions for this.

The first one is to look at all the other aerials on the caravan site and copy where theirs is going.

If you can’t do this, then there is a phone app you can get called Freepoint UK which will find your location and assist you in positioning it correctly.

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