Aquaroll Insulated Cover

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In this article, we will be looking at insulated covers for water carriers that are in use during your caravan trip covers for Aquaroll water carriers. If you have ever woken up to the water in your water carrier being frozen or the outside is covered in frost, these insulated container bags will be sure to stop you from experiencing those annoying problems.

These container bags are made from high-quality materials such as polyester, nylon and PVC ensuring maximum insulation and long-lasting use, keeping your water protected for the longest possible time. We have searched on the internet to find these products in the hopes that you will find the cover that you need for protecting your Aquaroll from frost and ice during winter trips in your caravan.

Aquaroll insulated Covers – Some Choices to Consider

This insulated cover for Aquaroll is perfect for keeping your 29L or 40L water container protected, with its thick foam insulation to stop the water from freezing. During the winter time. Both the top and the bottom are detachable, and the cover comes with an insulation pipe designed for use with the fresh water pipe on your caravan so you can still fill your caravan with the cover on.

The material the insulation cover is made from is nylon, guaranteeing durability. The insulation cover is 51 centimetres high and 46 centimetres in diameter and will fit the 29L and 50L Aquaroll, The Royal Aquarius, The Water Hog and Water Porter. Overall, this Olpro Aquaroll Insulated cover is perfect for preventing water from freezing when you are using your water carrier.

This Olpro insulated container is a high-quality storage bag for your water carrier which has been designed simply for just that. The container is made from strong 420D nylon coated with PU ensuring that both the bag and the water carrier are taken care of and resistant to damage. The dimensions of the bag are 80 centimetres high and 45 centimetres wide and the container fits Aquarolls that are 29L and 40L, Water Hogs, Royal Aquarius and Water Porters.

This Aquaroll insulated cover is from respected leisure supplies Pennine and features heavy duty design with its structure made of high-quality nylon, as well as a pull cord top so all the contents will stay in the bag during the duration of the caravan trip. During the night on a winter trip, your water carrier will be protected from any frost during the night and you will not have to worry about the water in the Aquaroll freezing over.

Overall, with this high-quality durable container bag from Pennine, you will be able to protect your Aquaroll water carrier from any frost on the outside or from freezing on the inside due to the insulated design, making this perfect for any caravan owner tired of waking up to any of the mentioned problems.

This insulated Aquaroll water cover is another quality, durable and long-lasting product made with strong materials designed for maximum insulation. Around the base, you have plastic piping and at the top, there is a drawstring helping the bad to retain its shape and easily fit over the Aquaroll. This Aquaroll fits both 40L and 50L Aquarolls and is made from 600 denier polyester with a PVC coating ensuring maximum insulation. Overall, this product is strong and durable, will last a long time and is guaranteed to stop you from waking up to ice in your water carrier or frost around your Aquaroll.


In this article, we have looked at the best insulated Aquaroll covers we could find on the internet. We hope that you have found this article informative and helpful in choosing which insulated water carrier cover you would like to buy and that you can find one that fits your water carrier, protects it from frost on the outside and freezing during the winter time. One of the primary concerns along with the above, of course, is that it lasts a long time, so you don’t need to keep replacing it.

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