What Is The Best Static Caravan To Buy?

There are many makes and models of static caravans to choose from. With such a plethora of choice, deciding what is the best static caravan to buy is no easy feat. 

It can take a lot of the enjoyment out of buying one because you often time replace the joy and excitement with doubt, confusion and fear of making a poor decision.

So let’s get rid of the trepidation you’re feeling and help you choose the best static caravan to buy.

Buying A Static Caravan

There’s a lot to be said for jumping in the car and taking off for the weekend or even longer. But what makes it extra special is if you’re getting away to spend time in your luxurious, new static caravan.

Don’t we all dream about rolling up to the door, unlocking it and stepping into a dream come true? I would say so, for sure.

It’s not just the joy of owning it, though.  If you buy a high-quality top-end static caravan it can become an excellent investment opportunity.

There’s some serious money you can make in the holiday rental market, especially if you choose a popular and highly sought after holiday park.

Not only that, the best part of owning your own static caravan is the time you will spend building unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Making new friends and exploring an unfamiliar area of the country.

The Most Popular Makes Of Static Caravans


Willerby have been making luxury static caravans for over 70 years and they are the UK’s largest manufacturer.

They began life in the small village of Willerby and now occupy a 90-acre site in the city of Hull.

Willerby offers an extensive choice of sizes, prices, and innovative designs. Built to exacting standards with one eye on the environmental impact.

Every holiday home comes with a Willerby warranty. A full one-year comprehensive cover. Backed up by 3-year parts, 5-year structural and 12-year chassis guarantees for total peace of mind.


The name is synonymous with touring caravans, even if you’re not a caravanner you will most probably have heard of Swift.

They are now making amazing Lodges and Holiday Homes. They like to name each series after a famous region of France.

Each holiday home has its own sophisticated styling. Incorporating current style trends.

Open the door to your new Swift holiday home and bask in the warm welcome and sense of pride you’ll no doubt feel.

Regal Holiday Homes

Regal Homes uses the motto, Inspired Living. Looking at their range, it’s easy to see why they chose it.

From quality construction, modern design, contemporary furnishings, to vibrant and fresh, making Regal’s static caravans invoke a design inspiration.

The National Caravan Council has given accreditation to all Regal’s range. And they build them under EN1647. Every holiday home comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The sheer quality of their workmanship earned the company the 2012 Caravan Constructor of the Year award. 


As far as luxury static caravans go ABI have earned their place at the pinnacle of holiday home manufacture.

Clever engineering and high-quality fixtures and fittings blend to form an unbeatable combination.

Potential buyers will always have ABI in the top three choices of static vans. There’s so much to choose from, that you’re assured of finding the right one just for you.

Their attention to detail is stunning, from country styled kitchens with integrated appliances to contemporary and fashionable living spaces ABI holiday homes have everything the discerning buyer is looking for.

When you look at their full range, there’s something for everyone.

Victory Leisure Homes

They may be latecomers to the luxury static caravan market, but you would never know from the quality of their design and manufacture.

They offer 6 unique and stunning holiday home models. To help you buy with total confidence, every purchase comes with a full 2-year warranty.

Even though each home is equipped to the highest standards, there is an optional pack and optional extras you can purchase.

There is the lifestyle pack adding extras to the double glazing, boiler, integrated fridge freezer and microwave. 

Optional extras include uPVC windows, galvanised chassis, choice of external cladding, and an integrated washing machine.


This company designs and produces holiday homes that are the epitome of luxury and the last word in opulence. They are Europes oldest manufacturer of park homes. This takes luxury static caravans to the next level.

Step inside one of their luxury holiday homes and it will transfer you to a style and elegance unmatched anywhere.

All Stately-Albion lodges are built to meet the current British Standard 3632 for Residential Park Homes. Meaning they are suitable for all-year-round living.

Ar first glance they might appear very expensive, but with affordable finance packages, they can be within your reach. Because they are residential and have a much longer life-span, you can finance them over a much longer period.


Pemberton began manufacturing static caravans in the late 1940s and at one point was a household name in the business. They were the first company to offer a 3-year warranty when warranties weren’t even in existence.

Years ago, it only suited static caravans in the summer months. Out of season use was nigh on impossible until Pemberton incorporated the benefits of increased insulation, double glazing, and central heating in their static caravans.

They have always been an innovative company, for example,  going back to the 1980s, and introducing the 12ft. wide models and one of the first to introduce models for wheelchair users. And in the 1990s following that success by introducing their 13ft and 14ft wide models. 

They currently have 31 models to choose from. In fact, so many they have a permanent display at their Wigan factory. So getting a firsthand feeling for each of their models, a trip to Wigan might be on the cards.


In summary, static caravans have developed dramatically over the last thirty years. To the point they are unrecognisable from the early days of caravanning. What’s the best static caravan to buy? Well, as you can see, the manufacturers spoil you for luxury, design, innovation and a massive amount of choice.

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