Truma Ultraheat Fault Finding

Here at Caravan Helper, we are always interested in appliances and additions to caravans that can make them more comfortable and convenient. One of the best investments, we believe, that you can make for a caravan if you are looking for a heating appliance, is a Truma Ultraheat.

What is the Truma Ultraheat?

The Truma Ultraheat is a dual fuel heater that can run on both gas and 240-volts electricity. Normally it has a blown air component, but we have come across some stories and incidences in forums where this has not been featured. Heaters and boilers are obviously only useful, convenient, and effective when they actually work.

When heaters and boilers don’t work, then that is a problem, especially if you are relying on them during the colder months of the year. To help you avoid potential issues and frustrations, we are going to help troubleshoot a problem with the Ultraheat that has been discussed online.

What’s the Problem?

Obviously, if you are investing specifically in a dual heat fire, it’s because you want to have the ability to run it on either gas or electricity. That means you have a serious problem if it is not working when you hook it up to the electricity for your caravan.

The solution the individual found was only discovered after he investigated further and took the fire apart. We would highly recommend that you seek a professional to help with this because if you want to keep to the safety regulations you need to have all gas appliances maintained, repaired, and replaced by a gas specialist.

However, to show what was done, in case you need to explain it on the phone or in writing to anyone, we’ll outline what he did.

He removed its circuit board and then resoldered all the joints on the heater’s transformer. He then removed the heater’s consumer unit and discovered that there were a lot of loose connections (which is obviously why it wasn’t working). He reconnected all of them and ta-da, it’s now working.

The problem the individual had appears to be the transformer failing and the loose connections in the consumer unit.

Although this won’t solve all problems you are likely to have with the Truma Ultraheat, we hope this post has given you some interesting pointers and tips for any time you are dealing with a heater that’s not working.

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