Renting Out A Caravan In Your Garden

Do you own a house in an idyllic part of the UK and lucky enough to have a large garden? Have you ever considered renting out a caravan in your garden?

Economics and opportunity are prompting many people to take a long, hard look at the pros and cons of doing this. 

We’ve all heard of Airbnb. They have given tremendous opportunities for people to make extra money by renting out a spare room in their house or even renting out their entire homes. The good news for you is, Airbnb has now made it possible for you to add your caravan to their listings.

But wait, don’t go rushing over to their website to put your caravan on there. Not just yet, anyway.

Renting Out A Caravan In Your Garden

What Are The Legalities of Renting A Caravan In You Garden?

As with everything we do, there are always legal requirements. And that’s the same with renting your caravan. So let’s dive in and talk about what you need to do legally to protect yourself and your new business opportunity.


Your caravan must be in the curtilage of a dwelling house or put another way, the drive and garden of your home. For example, the caravan cannot be in a field near your house. 

Because a caravan is your movable personal property, there is no law stating you cannot keep it at your home. But there are laws that govern the “use” of land.

A garden is for the use and enjoyment of the house. If you park your caravan in the garden and only the owners of the house use the caravan, even allowing visitors to stay temporarily and they use the facilities in the main house, then that’s ok.

Renting Your Caravan

That’s all good, but you want to rent it to make some money. So can you?

If your intention is to make your caravan a self-sufficient dwelling, meaning no dependence on the main house at all, then in effect you are putting two dwellings on the same land. In which case you will need planning permission before you can go ahead.

One other thing you should check. It can be common for urban developments to restrict and even deny the right to park your caravan in your drive or garden.

Before you apply for planning permission, it’s a good idea to discuss your intentions with your nearest neighbours. Let them know what you are doing because it’s much better coming directly from you than a letter from the council landing on their doormat.

How Much To Rent Out Your Caravan?

Depending on the area you live and how much of the year you rent it for, it could be substantial. To give you some idea, one listing in the Lincolnshire wolds is for a 6-berth caravan, the owner charges £55 per night.

Camplify UK

We’ve talked about Airbnb, but there is another company offering a similar opportunity and that’s Camplify. They might be worth approaching.

In Summary

If your home is in an area where tourists would love to visit, then why not try to rent out a caravan in your garden, providing you have a large enough area? Make sure you meet all the legal requirements and it could be a lucrative new business opportunity.


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