Problems With Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock

Caravans, it’s fair to say, involve quite an investment. Even if you buy a reasonable quality second-hand model, it’s still going to set you back hundreds of pounds. That is why it is important to take all the necessary precautions possible to make sure your caravan and investment are safe. Caravans are very attractive to thieves. Even if you think your caravan will be safe outside your home or on-site, it is still a good idea to take as many safety measures as you can against opportunists. One popular safety measure is the wheel lock or wheel clamp.

The Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp is an especially great option. That is when it works properly. All products have their quirks and issues, and if you are looking into the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp and worried about how effective it is – perhaps you have heard of it not fitting all wheels properly – the team here at Caravan Helper want to put your mind at rest.

In the following post, we will address the most common issue with this model of a wheel clamp. First things first, it may help to give a little background.

What is the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp and How Does it Work?

The Nemesis Ultra, as its name suggests, is a very lightweight, simple but incredibly secure wheel lock that is designed to work on almost all vehicles. It has a special design that means the clamp is actually locked to a universal wheel bold and then the clamp goes through the wheel, rather than the traditional way. This essentially means that all of the parts that would need to be targeted to loosen or remove it are either behind or inside the wheel, making it difficult for the average opportunist who is looking for an easy steal.

This all sounds good, doesn’t it?

Like we said before when this kind of accessory and safety measure works it can cause major problems for the average thief. When it works being the operative words.

What is the Problem?

We have noted, and you may have to, if you have done some research on this device that some caravanners have had problems using the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp, particularly with it not fitting properly.

The round circular component that covers the wheel and protects it from being removed does not fit tightly and can be very loose.

What is the Cause?

Some caravanners have noted that it fits onto their alloy wheels perfectly, while others have noted they have trouble with steel wheels. However, there have also been individuals with steel wheels who have been able to fit it fine.

According to the research we have done, it would seem most likely that the cause for any problems is the wheel size rather than what it’s made from.

What is the Solution?

It really depends on the type and size of wheels you have when it comes to a solution if you are having problems installing the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp.

However, here are some suggestions we found from researching on the web –

If fitting it to steel wheels, you may need to remove the wheel trim to fit the jaw section of the clamp to the actual wheel and not the trim. You then need to lift that jaw section up from the ground and tighten the screws and it should tighten more. Finish by fitting the wheel nut cover part of the clamp.

With alloy wheels, many people can fit the jaws into the wheel rim, tighten the first screw so they are sitting as tightly against the wheel as possible, then fit the wheel nut cover and tighten the screw. Another piece of advice that may be handy in this situation is to move the nut cover and jaws when you are tightening their screws to help get the perfect fit. Finish this method by fitting the locking bolt.

Another caravanner with 13-inch steel wheels had problems working with the Nemesis Ultra but offered this solution that worked in his own scenario. They fitted it using the slow in the clamp’s rubber boots but had to lift the clamp at least an inch up off the ground to properly secure it to the wheel rim (after removing the trim).

It may not actually be as fiddly for larger wheels.

Are They Worth It?

Although it may sound incredibly tricky to work out, especially if you are new to caravans, there is no denying the popularity of the Nemesis Ultra wheel clamp. If you want your tourer to be safe, therefore, it may be worth the extra effort involved. For a small, additional price, you should also invest in some leg locks, as these provide another layer of protection against caravan theft.  

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