Lightweight 2 Berth Caravans Under 1000kg

There are probably many reasons someone might look for a small caravan. But usually, two reasons that stand out. 

They are just setting out on their journey into caravanning. And with that comes the natural nervousness in towing a large caravan, and the manoeuvrability concerns it entails. The second reason is to do with cost. Pulling a large caravan requires a large vehicle. Which might be great for the holidays, but there are 40 odd weeks of the year when you’re paying a lot of money for gas you don’t need. 

So helping you with your search for lightweight 2 berth caravans under 1000kg here’s a list we’ve compiled be it a micro caravan or a more typical 2-berth caravan.

Bailey Discovery D4-2 

Bailey is clearly aiming for newcomers entering caravanning and looking for their first caravan. With a price-point at £16,199, it’s perfect for anyone wanting a new caravan at a reasonable spec.

It’s compact and lightweight and with an MTPLM at 995Kg comes in just under our 1000Kg limit. If you’re not sure what the MTPLM is don’t worry, I’ll explain it at the end of the article.

Bailey has stuck with the traditional with side door entrance, front lounge area that converts into a good-sized double bed, side kitchen area and washroom at the other end.

The very nice exterior design gives it a distinctly modern vibe and comes replete with a sizeable awning to fit around the rear of the caravan. Turning the Bailey into a nice 4-berth if needed. Finding a suitable awning for small tourers can be a pain, so Bailey’s awning is a real plus.

Adria Altea Aire 492DT

This is a recent addition to the Slovenian company’s line. And we’ve included it even though MTPLM is over the 1000Kg limit, it’s really too good a caravan not to talk about. It’s still priced competitively for a new first time-buyer at £19,395.

The contemporary design gives off a feeling of space and lightness, with bright airy lounge, large enough to seat 4-5 adults. This area doubles as the bedroom with the lounge seating converting to a good-sized double bed, or two singles, if you prefer. The lounge also features a sunroof to add to the overall bright feel.

A very well-equipped kitchen is one reason we recommend the 492DT. For such a compact van, it has everything you need to prepare most meals.

The washroom is also a decent size, a far cry from some mistakes of the past (thinking about the Loire) the shower doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic and there’s room for an adult to turn around easily.

An all-round exceptional caravan for those looking to downsize or buy their first caravan.

Wheelhome Dashaway

How would you feel about a caravan you could park in your garage? Not just that, but you wouldn’t need any towing mirrors. And lightweight enough for you to move around without having to lie on your back for a week recovering.

Well, here’s your introduction to the Wheelhome Dashaway.

With an MTPLM at bang on 1000Kg, this mini-caravan is only 4m in length and according to its designer, Stephen Wheeler the Dashaway was ably towed by a Suzuki Swift.

At first glance, they might forgive you for thinking a price tag of £23,825 is expensive. But with an innovative design, ease of moving and being able to fit it in your garage, you might just change your mind.

As standard, it comes with a motor mover, inverter and solar panels. Worried about the small size? Don’t be. It has an electrically operated pop up roof and a side-pod that rolls out for creating a living area.

If you are a keen biker and like to travel with your own bikes, the Dashaway has you covered there as well. There are two bike racks that fit either side of the Dashaway. They add to the stability, and even with two bikes strapped in, the combined width can still be less than a towing vehicle.

We can’t understate the fact of a small interior.  And there’s no functioning water heater, so no shower unit, just a sink. But there’s room for a Porta Potti.

But if you’re one of the campervan set, and don’t want to own two vehicles, then the Dashaway could be your solution. And compared to the cost of a modern campervan this really is a major cost-saving and in our opinion, a viable alternative.

Swift Basecamp

Swift builds the Basecamp along traditional lines, except the door is at the end of the caravan. Presumably to help with loading and unloading sports equipment, because Swift is aiming this caravan or ‘crossover camping vehicle’ as they like to call it, at the sport and adventure set. 

And even those looking to make the step up from camping, but not ready or willing to go the whole way into caravanning. Not quite yet, anyway.

For cycling enthusiasts that would never dream of a holiday without their bikes, this is for you. Fold up the double bed/settees and there’s space to secure two bikes inside.

Full shower facilities, work of the leisure battery (there are solar panels), in case you are off the beaten track and you can cook a full meal in the kitchen.

It is a 2-berth but will take an awning, so a family of four (two young kids) could easily see themselves with a very nice weekend, or longer, holiday home on wheels. And at a price of only £16,995 is possibly an affordable luxury purchase.

Swift has really excelled at combining a very decent spec with keeping the weight down. And with an MTPLM at 1015Kg, you will need nothing massive to tow it.


There you have four lightweight 2 Berth Caravans Under 1000kg (except for the Adria) to check out for yourselves. Thank you for reading and hope that at least one of the above caravans is suitable for your requirements and budget.

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