Leisure Battery Box

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Leisure Battery Box

Leisure Battery Box
Size33 x 18 x 22 cm47.3 x 24 x 25.7 cm35 x 28 x 21 cm
Weight1.9 Kg839 g1.9 Kg
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In this article, we will discuss battery boxes.  A battery box is a box that will keep your battery safe and contained during transportation and use. A battery box is required to keep you safe from the lead.

Lead is a toxic metal that if it is absorbed by your body or the environment it could have damaging effects on your body and wildlife. Sulfuric acid is also contained in these which is very corrosive and can be dangerous if you are in contact with it.

You might think that you will not need one if you are using a sealed battery, but a battery box has certain features, such as a vent to divert gasses, that will aid in the safety of your caravan, motorhome or campervan. Another thing to bear in mind is the safety of your battery during transportation. A box will prevent the battery from being bashed around.

Best Leisure Battery Storage Boxes (12v)


The Bison leisure battery box with sockets is a power station that runs on a 12-volt battery which will distribute power in a safe, easy and convenient way. The box that keeps the battery stored is made from polypropylene so no harmful chemicals will be leaked out, making sure that transportation of the battery is safe.

The lid has multiple outlets for power with a battery switch connected to a battery lead. This lead is connected to the battery, giving you the power to your electricals in a convenient way. Its a great choice for a caravan battery box with a charger.

The battery metre displays the power of the battery with an LED display, so you have a general idea of when to change the battery. It has 2 USB sockets that are ideal for charging and running tablets and phones, and the box has two handles making it easy to transport.

The Bison has been specifically designed to be safe and easy to transport and use. The Bison Battery Box is a product that will power your caravan, keep you safe from dangerous chemicals, and help in the transportation of the battery.

2. Pennine Caravan Black Plastic 110ah Leisure Battery Box with straps and divider

Pennine Caravan Black Plastic 110ah Leisure Battery Box

The Pennine Leisure Battery Box is a sturdy piece of kit that will keep a smaller battery protected. Certain batteries might require stone or some other weight placed on the lid to keep it down.

The divider is useful for making the box more rigid and further protecting the battery from damage and you from any chemicals and adding some space for wires and fuses that may be useful for you. The Pennine Leisure Battery Box is a rigid, sturdy box that will protect your battery during transportation and use.

3. Caravan 85amp Leisure Battery Holding Box Red

Caravan 85amp Leisure Battery Holding Box Red

This is by Pennine and is another strong and sturdy product. For added stability, the buckle and strap will keep the box restrained, although you might want to add some extra packaging to keep the battery still.

There is plenty of space in the box so you can add cabling and vent tubing. Although the box is sturdy, it is light and easy to lift. Like the previous item, it is sturdy and light and will keep you and your battery safe.

4. Leisure Battery Box & Strap Caravan Camper Boat Motorhome Medium 75/85ah Battery

Leisure Battery Box & Strap Caravan

This is from Crusader is spacious enough for any 75/85ah battery with plenty of room for any cables you will want to put inside the box. Adequate ventilation is supplied on the top, so no need to worry about overheating and the box is supplied with straps and buckles that are guaranteed to keep your battery nice and secure.

This will keep your battery safe and powering your products with plenty of space for cables.

5. Caravan Yellow 110amp Leisure Battery Holding Box Large

Caravan Yellow 110amp Leisure Battery Holding Box Large

This is large with a divider that is best used for stopping the battery from sliding from one end to the other. The box can be a bit flimsy, however, but it will still do what it says on the packet. You might have to keep this as a fixed installation because a 110amp might be a bit too heavy for you to lift up. All in all, the box will do what it is says on the packet, although it is a bit flimsy.


Will any leisure battery box fit any battery?

No, it will not. Please make sure you measure the internal dimensions. All battery sizes are different.

Do you need one for a car battery?



In conclusion, we have looked at some of the best ones available on the market. We hope you can find one that will be sturdy enough to keep you safe and your battery safe, waterproof and will fit your battery and will suit the needs of your caravan. If you buy a high-quality battery box UK it will be robust enough to protect you from chemicals and your battery from damage and spacious enough for any cables you may require.

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