Key Stuck in Caravan Lock: What Should You Do?

We’re not sure we can think of anything worse than the idea of returning to our caravan after a long day of sightseeing, fun at the beach or whatever you like to get up to only to discover that we can’t open the door to our tourer because we have got the key stuck in the caravan lock. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Did you think about breaking into your own caravan? Even if you were able to wiggle the key and eventually got into the caravan again, a lock that jams is not ideal.

Fortunately, you are not alone, and this is a fairly common problem. There are several solutions you could try. Let’s look at them.

Graphite Powder (Or a Pencil)

Now most people, when they have a problem like a jammed lock or a hinge that’s not moving as smoothly as it should, try using oil or some other kind of lubricant. While this will certainly make things move a lot smoother within the lock, products like WD40 can actually make the problem worse in the end. WD40 attracts dust and other debris which could cause it all to gather in the lock, creating a blockage.

It is much better to use graphite powder. Just follow the instructions, applying it to the key and hey presto, the lock should be easier to use. Failing that, you could always rub a soft graphite pencil against your key before putting it into the lock.

You may have to repeat the process before it works.

Dismantle the Lock to Check It

If you have tried the option above and still find that the key is jamming, it may be that the lock needs to be dismantled, cleaned and have components replaced. Obviously, if you don’t feel confident about doing this yourself, you could ask a relative, friend or work colleague or hire a professional.

If you do feel confident, you can use YouTube and Google to search for either a written or video tutorial. You may even be able to find one that covers your specific caravan model’s locks. Especially if you have a very common make and model of tourer.


There you go, a short and sweet list of solutions to a very common problem. The worst thing you can do is panicky and frantically try to make the key turn. Take a breather and follow our suggestions noted above.

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