Caravan Storage Plymouth

If you love holidaying in Plymouth and want to find a secure caravan storage facility in Plymouth that will save you driving your caravan on holiday, you’re in the right place. Of course, if you live in Plymouth and need a place to store your caravan, these storage facilities are perfect for you too. So, here are the best caravan storage sites in Plymouth.

Plymouth Caravan Storage

Plymouth Caravan Storage is in a discrete location that isn’t advertised. This location is within easy access to the main roads in the area, though. They have a Silver award from CaSSOA thanks to their safe and secure caravan storage options. They have hardstanding outside pitches as well as unique indoor caravan storage too. They also have long opening hours to make picking up your caravan nice and simple. Plymouth Caravan Storage provides an economical, fully secure caravan storage solution.

West Country Storage Solutions

West Country Storage Solutions have sites in Plymouth, Ashburton and Exeter. All of their caravan pitches are hardstanding in a very secure compound. They have staff on-site for most of the day and then one of the best CCTV systems keeping your caravan safe at night. You can also access your caravan 7 days a week. As this is a storage facility too, the entrance is open during working hours. However, at night, this caravan storage facility is only accessible with an out of hours security access card. Making this one of the safest caravan storage sites in Plymouth.

Fry’s Storage

Fry’s Storage is located just minutes away from the A38. They have wide road access to their site, and their caravan compound has a large enough space to make picking up and dropping off your caravan really simple. They have also just installed a key fob system. Without a key hob, no one can enter the caravan storage site. Thanks to their latest security measures, Fry’s has been awarded a silver award from CaSSOA.

Crapstone Storage

Crapstone Storage provides excellent caravan storage solutions around Plymouth and Devon. They have 30 years of experience storing caravans. Yet their storage facility has all modern security systems. Because of this, they have held a Gold Award in caravan storage since 1993. Crapstone knows how to keep a caravan safe, so it’s the perfect option for anyone wanting to leave their caravan there for an easy holiday! You’ll never need to worry about your caravan when it’s at Crapstone.

St. Mellion Storage

St. Mellion Storage was founded in 2001. It is a family-run storage facility, and the family lives on site. The caravan compound is a purpose-built, hardstanding caravan storage site. They have really thought through the layout of the caravans, the security and the ease of access for caravan owners. They also have excellent access to the motorways in the area. But, St. Mellion also has a caravan and motorhome park opposite the road. So, you don’t need to go tow your caravan too far to enjoy a caravan holiday at St. Mellion Storage at all.


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