Caravan Storage Lincolnshire

Finding the best caravan storage in your area or the area you love to holiday is a great idea. If you live in Lincolnshire or love holidaying here, you can find the best caravan storage sites in the area below. These caravan storage facilities will keep your caravan safe when you aren’t using it and make travelling to your holidaying destination nice and simple too.

Manor Farm Caravan Storage

Manor Farm in Lincolnshire is a family-run farm that offers excellent caravan storage options too. They have a 3,500 square foot iron-clad storage barn where all of the caravans are stored on site. They do also offer outdoor pitches for caravan storage now too due to such high demand! Manor Farm is also surrounded by a moat, which not many caravan storage sites can claim! The barn is also where the farm keeps their machinery, and so they have an active interest in keeping everything in the barn safe.

Wagtail Country Park

Wagtail borders Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and has two secure caravan storage compounds on site. They both have steep banks surrounding them, locked gates and a barrier entry system. In short, unless you are there to collect your caravan, you cannot access the caravan compounds at Wagtail. Wagtail also offers caravan maintenance and repair services as well as washing and winterising services too.

Skegness Storage

Skegness Storage has a gold award from CaSSOA. They have hardstanding pitches, electric hookups and water plus airline services too. What’s more, the caravan storage compound is built like a fort, it is nearly impossible to get into. However, as a caravan owner, you’ll be greeted with a smile as you collect your caravan and get on the road easily. Skegness Storage is certainly one of the best places to store your caravan if you are holidaying on the Lincolnshire coast.

Shed 5 Storage

Shed 5 Storage takes caravan storage to the next level. They have a 15,000 square feet of indoor space to store your caravan in. you can fit a double-decker bus in the storage space as Shed 5. No kidding, they literally store several double-decker buses here. Their site is extremely secure, and your caravan will be out of the wind and rain all year if needs be. Of course, Shed 5 is the perfect winter storage site for your caravan, but it is just as handy and friendly in the summer too.


Carastore has indoor and outdoor storage for caravans. They are all on hardstanding pitches in a locked, secure compound. What’s more, Carastore is on a working farm, the owner of this caravan storage site is the farmer. And so, your caravan always has eyes on it here. And, perhaps even better than their storage, Carastore is only 10 minutes from Skegness too. It is the perfect place to store your caravan if you love holidaying in Skegness. They also have chickens and cows to occupy the kids while you prepare the caravan for your adventure too.


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