Caravan Mud Flaps

Crikey, people of a weak disposition or who are easily offended should probably avoid looking at any of the fervent discussions there are in many of the most popular caravan forums about mud flaps. Oh boy do people think they are unnecessary and aren’t afraid to share their opinion. At Caravan Helper, we don’t share that sentiment. For our team, if you are obeying the laws of the land and are not being an inconsiderate caravanner, how you choose to kit out your tourer is completely up to you.

Why Use Mud Flaps?

Well, as we’ve noticed already, there’s a bit of a debate about just how useful they are. However, the main use of mud flaps, is as it is with cars, it’s just that they are not nearly as consistently effective at their job.

The main reason people cite for using caravan mud flaps though is an effort to prevent or reduce dirty water splashing up from wet roads under the caravan and covering the rear panel. Something that makes them handy if you are caravanning around old country roads between farms and fields where tractors and ploughs are driven leaving a lot of mess on the road that inevitably ends up on the back of your tourer.

Another issue people have with mud flaps is it depends on where your motor mover is installed as to whether they can be fitted onto your caravan.

If you decide you want to try making use of caravan mud flaps. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Considering their relatively low-price tag, if you can reduce even just a fraction of the dirt, grime and water that gets on your caravan using them, aren’t they worth it? If that doesn’t bother you, then just move along.

As there are very few options out there, we only have been able to find one set of caravan mud flaps – the Fiamma Mud Flaps.

Fiamma are one of our favourite caravan accessories manufacturers here at Caravan Helper. You’ve undoubtedly noticed highlighted on many of our guides, if you’ve had a chance to look around at other posts. These mud flaps are made from a very flexible, but tough foam rubber and come with the painted-steel bracket you need for easy installation.

There are two versions of this product available –

  • A set for the front (designed to fit a Ducati from 2006 onwards) wheels, and they sit just behind them.
  • A set for the rear that have been designed for easy installation on most caravans and motorhomes.

To increase the protection for your tourer, you can use more than one set of mud flaps simultaneously to provide a wall with greater coverage across the entire back of your vehicle.

So, should you invest in caravan mud flaps. You’ve probably guessed what we are going to say – it’s up to you. If you can install them without them interfering with your motor mover, then it may be the case that even a little help and protection is better than none, when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your tourer.

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