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It’s quite possible, if you’ve already been to a fair few caravan sites that you’ve encountered the stunning array of flags people fly from poles on their tourers. Even if you’ve yet to take a trip with your caravan, if you’ve ever been to a music festival or driven passed caravan sites, you will have seen flags flying high.

Often these provide a strong indication as to the nationality of the caravan owners, especially if the flag is the national flag of a specific country. There are others you will often see, that have no national or regional flags flying and are more random, are just for decoration.

Although there is a sense of national pride behind flying the Saltire or St. George’s Cross, there are those people who use flags as a way of simply announcing their presence. Well that, and a way to easily find their pitch!

If you want to join in the fun, we’ve got a great post for you because, here at Caravan Helper, we have spent some time researching what we think are the best caravan flag poles out there. That’s not all though, as we will spend some time looking at some caravan flag pole accessories too such as caravan flag pole lights and caravan flag pole clamps.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at a few flag pole options.

Caravan Flag Poles (Some Selections)

1. 6m Telescopic Flag or Windsock Pole

6m Telescopic Flag or Windsock Pole

First on our list is this great bargain. The 6m pole is ideal for flying your flag but can also be used for a windsock or even a spinner. Compared to many others on the market, it benefits from thicker solid tip section and much larger tip eyelet. While it’s fully extended its 6m in length, it can be collapsed fully down to 1.15m.

It can easily be inserted into the ground unscrewing the end cap and placing it into a suitable pole ground stake. With this model you need be careful to use the section down from the top as flags are heavier than windsocks and add considerable pressure to the pole.

What more can we say? it’s a telescopic pole for flying your flags and other similar decorations from.

2. Windjammer 5m Flag Pole with Large Top Ring, Swivel and Metal Ground Spike

Windjammer 5m Flag Pole with Large Top Ring

From Windjammer, the next on our list is a 5m, when fully extended, telescopic flag pole made from fibreglass. It provides five different sections to fly flags from and to set up other accessories on, depending the height you need and prefer. The pole features a swivel, a metal ground spike and a large loop on the end to attach.


1. The Caravan Supermarket Heavy Duty Ground Spike for Umbrella Parasol Flag Pole

The Caravan Supermarket Heavy Duty Ground Spike for Umbrella Parasol Flag Pole

From a company called the Caravan Supermarket comes our next flag pole. This is a high quality and robust ground spike that comes with a handle to insert and secure it into the ground when you are setting it up and to make it easier to pull it from the ground. There is an adjustable screw that allows you to fit a suitably sized pole into it, that has a diameter of between 25mm and 40mm.

2. Breeze Welsh Winsock for Telescopic Poles

Breeze Welsh Winsock for Telescopic Poles

For all our Welsh readers, or if you are visiting Wales or have done in the past and want to show that, why not consider our next item, this great Welsh windsock. It measures at 60-inches and has been made using 100% nylon. Shows the Welsh dragon picture and features Welsh flag colours.

Caravan Flag Pole Lights

1. BlueFire Solar LED Rope Lights

BlueFire Solar LED Rope Lights

This set includes 100 individual LEDs that automatically switch on and off and are powered by solar energy. With exposure to at least six to eight hours of light, you will get a full night of around eight to 12 hours of illumination. As soon as dusk hits, the light turns itself on and when dawn breaks, it turns itself back off again. It even has two lighting options, so you can change the ambiance by having it set to just steady lighting or flashing.

With IP65 waterproof rating and the fact it is easy to install, this is a great choice for making your caravan flag pole a light up caravan flag pole.

2. Breeze Solar LED Fairy Lights Mixed Colour

Breeze Solar LED Fairy Lights Mixed Colour

The last product we’ve highlighted are these great fairy lights. There are 50 individual 5m lights and they are solar powered and offer eight different lighting options. So, you can have flashing, twinkling, static and many other styles of illumination on your caravan flag pole.

The great thing is that even if you want to switch where you have them, they can be used virtually anywhere.

So, if you fancy flying the national flag or  just want to show all and sundry in a loud and fun way that you have arrived on site, we hope we have given you enough  great products to help you achieve what you want.

Just remember to be careful though, as not all camping and caravan sites are fond of flag poles!

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