Caravan Door Fly Screen

You are relaxing in your caravan, having a good time. Due to it being hot, you open the door. However, upon opening the door, flies and other bugs start to annoy you. Although it may seem like a no-win scenario, there is something you can do. This thing that you can do is purchase a fly screen for caravan doors. With a fly screen, you can stop the bugs from coming through, while the breeze still comes in, stopping you from burning to death.

There are many varieties of fly screens, including ones that are plastic and ones with magnets. It might seem overwhelming with the variety of fly screens, but this article is here to help. We have done extensive research into the different caravan door fly screens and discussed them, so you can choose the option that suits you best. Without further ado, let’s look at the best caravan door fly screens.

Caravan Door Fly Screen (Some Choices)

1. Magnetic Fly Screen Door YRH

Magnetic Fly Screen Door YRH

While you are relaxing in your caravan, you will want the cool breeze to stop you from baking, but you will not want your holiday ruined by flies and other bugs. The YRH magnetic fly screen is perfect for keeping the flies out and the breeze in, solving the problem. For stronger adhesion, this caravan fly screen door has been designed with a magnetic strip to stick to the door. Closing is easy due to the lower part of the door being equipped with a counterweight rod.

Before installing the caravan door fly screen curtain, you will need to clean the door frame. Then you stick on the magic tape. This is to improve the strength of the curtain. After that, you place the screen door on the frame. To enhance the level of steadiness, you can place a pushpin on the screen door. If you want a secure, steady, high-quality product that will keep the bugs out and the breeze in, the YRH magnetic fly screen door is ideal for enhancing the enjoyment of your caravan holiday.

2. Holland Plastics Slat Type Door Curtain

Holland Plastics Slat Type Door Curtain

For an excellent price, you get a fantastic caravan fly screen door from a well-respected company. Holland Plastics are the market leaders for this product and have been for the past 50 years. Many imitations have been made, but none can hold a candle to the quality of this product.

Wipe the fly screen to clean it, so no creases will be formed in the door curtain. As well as being cleaned easily and doing exactly what you need it to do, it looks great with the multiple colours, adding an element of colour to the appearance to your caravan. The patented bracket keeps the strips in place, so you know that the screen will be nice and secure. Overall, this fly door curtain does exactly what it says on the packet to a high standard for a fabulous price.

3. Pilot Choice Caravan Door Mesh

Pilot Choice Caravan Door Mesh

he fly door screen closes automatically after use, and the mesh has just enough space to effectively stop the bugs from getting in but will keep the cool air in.

Magnetism coming from the door screen means that you can install it easily and rest knowing that the fly screen will continue staying on the door frame. If you want a high-quality product for an exceptional price, then the Pilot Choice Caravan Door Mesh is perfect for you.

4. iN Magnetic Door Curtain

iN Magnetic Door Curtain

Next on our list is the magnetic door curtain from iN. Although it is magnetic, if the wind is strong you might need to add some Velcro to the product. Other than that, it truly is an excellent product for the money you are paying. The mesh is very fine so that the holes are too small to let the bugs in, but you still get that cool breeze that prevents you from getting too hot in your caravan.

Bugs will not even get a chance to get into your caravan because of the magnets that allow the fly screen to snap automatically after someone passing through. No tools are required for installation, and you can easily take it down when it is not needed in the winter. All in all, you know that with the iN Magnetic Door Curtain you will get great value for money with a product that works in a highly effective manner.

5. Flyscreen Queen Caravan Screen

Flyscreen Queen Caravan Screen

With its easy to fit panels fitted with weights, along with the ability to be cut to fit, the Flyscreen Queen Caravan Screen is an innovative, high-quality caravan door fly screen curtain that is guaranteed to improve your relaxation time by keeping the bugs out and the cool breeze in. The panels are, as aforementioned, able to be cut to fit, and are made of fibreglass so you know they will be durable.

You can screw them in or use the supplied Command Strips created by 3M. When you walk out, the panels simply fall back behind you, so they are easy to use. If you want a strong, easy to set up and versatile flyscreen then the Flyscreen Queen Caravan Screen is perfect for you.

6. Holland Plastics Heavy Duty Bug Blind

Holland Plastics Heavy Duty Bug Blind

Heavy-duty is the word to describe this fly screen. Holland Plastics further prove their worth with this sturdy product. Protective end caps and a strong bracket make sure the caravan door insect screen is durable and of the highest quality possible. The additional strength of the fly screen strip makes it popular in countries that are hotter, due to its extra resistance to heat. Colour choices are not just limited to the one pictured.

Holland is famous for its non-crease fly screens. If there is any creasing when the product arrives, it drops upon hanging the product. Also, to avoid creasing, the bug blind is only supposed to be wiped clean. If you value durability and getting your money’s worth, then the Holland Plastics Heavy Duty Bug Blind is guaranteed to cause you to be a happy and satisfied customer.

7. Hoobest Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh

Hoobest Magnetic Screen Door

Our final product is one that is fully optimised for maximum sturdiness. With magnets in the seam sewn in and magnetic strips, the Hoobest Magnetic Door Screen will never fall apart or breakaway. Closing is automatic so bugs will not have the slightest chance of getting into your caravan and bothering you while you try to relax.

The mesh has been specifically designed and constructed to be more durable than any other on the market as well as being resistant to being corroded by chemicals. Before installing the fly screen door, you must clean the frame. Then you put the screen door flat on the floor with the tape facing upward. After you have done that, place the tape strips on top of the fly screen on each side and remove the white backing.

Then you peel off the backing tape, making sure the curtain is placed in the centre of the door. For a high-quality, durable and sturdy caravan retractable fly screen, you can’t go wrong with the Hoobest Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh.


So, rather than accept that flies are just a part of summer caravanning living, say goodbye to those pesky flies and keep them on the outside, while you relax irritation-free on the inside. All without needing to keep the door shut. With the use of one of the great caravan door fly screens noted above.

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