Caravan Cargo Bars

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One issue many caravanners experience while towing their tourer, is that anything loose tends to slide a little while they are on the road. Now, try as you may, if you’ve ever been caravanning before, you’ll know there’s always some stuff that does not fit anywhere secure, like the cupboards and storage facilities offered by your tourer or in the back or boot of your car.

So, where do they go? On the floor normally. It’s not fun rolling up to the caravan site and getting into position on your pitch, opening your door and finding a mess all over the floor. This can be avoided, however, by using ingenious devices known as caravan cargo bars.

These are easily installed and use friction to hold them tightly in place, keeping any loose valuables, possessions, accessories and belongings secure. No more sliding, slipping and smashing around as you head out on the road.

Another interesting bonus effect of using cargo bars is that they can help to stabilise the loading and nose weight of your caravan.

We searched high, low, long and hard for products, but we were only able to find two cargo bars.

Best Caravan Cargo Bars

The first variety of these very specific, niche, but nonetheless practical products are the Milenco telescopic cargo bars. Milenco have a long and illustrious history serving the caravanning community and this product fully represents and upholds the quality and stand you expect from such a reputable brand.

These are extremely easy to use, and as the name suggest are fully adjustable. They can extend and fit into gaps between 50 and 91cm. Once you’ve placed the items you are looking to secure on the floor or wherever, you then simply adjust the cargo bar to roughly the right size, and then clamp it into place by screwing the padded feet. It stays clamped thanks to friction, in a similar way to baby safety gates you may have used in your home.

Second in our guide to caravan cargo bars is this product from Caravan Supermarket. There are two versions available of this model, that follows almost the same design as the Milenco cargo bars. You can get the 51 to 91cm extendable cargo bars or the larger 89 to 167cm cargo bars.

Caravan Supermarket have an equally long history within the caravanning industry, providing accessories and equipment to tourers up and down the country for 35 years. Their cargo bars are just another reminder of why they are so highly regarded.


There’s not a lot else to say about caravan cargo bars. They are simple to use and even if they only perform half as well as they’re advertised to, it’s still going to help you out and avoid unnecessary breakages and messes when you arrive.

Start off your holiday the right way, with less stress, strain and anxiety. Invest in caravan cargo bars.

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