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All caravans need proper ventilation, not for just when they’re in use but also when they’re shut up or stored away. One of the most practical ways to ventilate any caravan is to install a caravan roof vent.

Caravan roof vents are crucial throughout the changing seasons. In the summer they allow air to circulate through your van, making hot months slightly more bearable. Likewise, when the cold weather sets in, particularly during a noticeably wet season, such vents work to keep condensation to a minimum.

With several people inside your van, you may find an increased build-up of heat. This combination of body temperatures will reach its peak during the night, and without a vent to allow this heat to escape it begins to escalate inside the van. Therefore, you’re more than likely to wake to condensation each morning.

Over time, prolonged effects of this will lead to damp and mould. Therefore, when you do shut up your caravan for a while, even just a few days, you may discover some nasty surprises growing on the walls when you return. This means rather than just getting into your caravan and setting off, you’ll probably find yourself having to thoroughly air your van and carry out some minor alterations beforehand.

This is a list of five of the best caravan roof vents available on Amazon, which will ensure that your caravan gets the ventilation it deserves on a continuous basis. More importantly, they’ll provide you with a much healthier caravan and a more comfortable environment in return.

Caravan Roof Vents – Our Top Choices

One of the higher priced vents here comes from the company Fiamma and is aerodynamic in structure due to its elegant profile top.

Designed using high-quality UV ray-resistant materials, this 45.5cm x 45.5cm crystal version of vents ensures users have added privacy.

If you’re looking for further privacy, there’s an option to purchase an additional Rollo Vent which can be fitted with ease.

With the ability to install on roofs which have depths of 2.5cm to a maximum of 4cm, any noise and vibrations are said to be significantly reduced during high speeds.

Complete with permanent airflow ventilation as well as a fly/mosquito screen, this vent is a straightforward product to install. It also offers a great deal of light through to the caravan when it’s in place; though you may decide a blackout screen would be a great addition during those particularly sunny months!

Customers who have purchased the Fiamma Crystal Vent claim it is one of the easiest of vents to install and is a good quality product, offering increased ventilation all throughout the caravan. It’s worth noting though that there aren’t any screws supplied with this purchase.

A little cheaper is the MPK White Roof Sky Light model which is excellently designed with a fabulous double skin to improve the free airflow, even when the dome is closed.

With a robust double skin opaque dome, it also has telescopic locking handles boasting a five-way opening system for added convenience.

Consisting of a white woven fabric and finished with a pale cream plastic frame, this product is predominately aimed at letting more natural light into your caravan. It’s therefore great for those areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, especially as there’s no attached blind for shade.

This 400mm x 400mm MPK model comes complete with a removable fly screen, ensuring that it’s only air that you let into the van, not pesky flies or other bugs in the meantime!

Customers purchasing the MPK White Roof Caravan Sky Light not only find this lightweight but sturdy model easy to fit, but also a great looking product once installed. Though this model is also sold without any screws, it’s considered easy enough to find the best products to fit this vent with.

3. White Vent by Fiamma

White Vent by Fiammacheck price on amazon

If you’re keen on the Fiamma brand but don’t need such a large sized vent, or you’re not looking to spend quite as much, this white vent, also by Fiamma, is a cheaper and smaller model at just 28cm x 28 cm.

Perfect for those smaller spaces, this roof light can adequately air smaller caravans while allowing a reduced source of natural light into them.

What’s more, this model does not require any drilling of holes into your caravan for it to be installed due to its internal installation system.

Designed for those caravan roofs with a maximum of 8.5cm, there is also an optional extension kit that can be used with this model.

This vent comes complete with a permanent airflow ventilation system and added fly/mosquito screen and is made using UV-resistant and superior quality impact materials for added peace of mind.

Customers purchasing this smaller vent find it an easy to fit model, as well as being great at creating a good air flow throughout the caravan. The excellent quality of this product is also highly rated by many.

Staying with the same size as the smaller Fiamma vent, MPK offers their own 280mm x 280mm Roof Vent Sky Light at just a couple of pounds cheaper.

Once again, like its more substantial and expensive counterpart, this MPK model has a practical five-way opening system, and a strong double skin opaque dome, with those all-important telescopic locking handles for added reassurance.

Boasting the same properties as the larger MPK vent, such as a removable fly screen and increased light capacity, this model also promotes free airflow through the double skin properties even when the dome is closed.

Once again, screws and fitting instructions aren’t included as part of this package, but installation is straightforward and hassle-free.

Customers purchasing this smaller MPK vent are more than happy with this model, finding it easy to fit, despite having no supplied screws to hand, and overall consider this a high-quality model.

Finally, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get adequate ventilation in your caravan, Caravan Stuff 4 U sell a rather simple but effective mushroom style vent, with an accompanying 80mm connector. At less than a tenner, there’s no reason why any caravan must suffer from lack of ventilation!

Sitting 55mm high above the van’s roofline and at 195mm in diameter, this white and most basic of vents is the perfect model for those who have a smaller caravan, or who are perhaps a little reluctant to spend more money on a bigger product currently.

It’s also a great choice of vents if you aren’t entirely confident about installing such an addition to your precious caravan and want to start out small, perhaps purchasing a more extensive model after successfully introducing this one.

Customers find this mushroom vent a great little addition, which is simple to install and perfectly priced.

Final Thoughts on Caravan Roof Vents

Regardless of the size or make and model of your caravan, there’s no denying that proper ventilation is essential to ensure you can regularly release any built-up heat present in the van. A caravan oof vent will also encourage a good supply of air flow throughout the caravan, both when in use and when unoccupied.

With all these products offering adequate ventilation all year round, by fitting such a product you ensure that you don’t encounter any costly problems later down the line, alongside making the inside of your caravan more pleasant as a result.

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