Average Cost To Reupholster A Static Caravan

Have you been fantasising about new seat covers in your caravan, but lost on where exactly to start? If a restricted budget is part of the problem, then we might help point you in the right direction.

Trying to work out what the average cost to reupholster a static caravan would be is tricky. There are several factors to consider. How many you want to recover, their sizes and what quality of material would you like?

Of course the cheapest way, maybe not the easiest though, is to do the work yourself. Now we’re not all wizards with sewing and stitching, I know I’m not.

Quick And Professional Result By Using A Pre Made Sofa Cover.

So one way is to look for ready-made sofa covers close enough to the size of your caravan cushions for this to work. Hunt around the shops where you’ll likely find the kind of covers you need, it helps with the price if you can find them on sale. 

Once you have found some that fit the bill, make sure the colours are what you want, remember they have to match the rest of your decor. Oh, and try to find them with zippers already fitted. One suggestion is to check out IKEA if you live close by a branch.

You will need to make some alterations because even if the covers come close size-wise, they probably won’t match the odd shape caravan cushions come in. To accomplish this, you’ll need some tools. A fabric cutting wheel is better than scissors for this work, and a cutting matt would be useful. When you get to the sewing part, remember to reverse double stitch at the end of each seam.

But you don’t want to be messing about putting in extra zippers unless you know how to sew very well. What I suggest is use velcro strips, they will work just the same as zippers and are a lot easier to sew in place.

Reuse Existing Foam Cushions

They design caravan foam cushions to be raised at the edges to support your knees, and they may have buttons sewed in as well. In my opinion, buttons make seat coverings look really dated, so I wouldn’t keep them in. Plus, it makes life easier not having to sew in buttons. 

The issue you may encounter is without buttons to pin the fabric down, it will be a looser fit. But I don’t think it’s much of an issue.

Reupholstering The Back Rest Van Cushion

This is the hardest part of the whole thing. You’ll more than likely find they screw the backboard into the caravan wall and the material stapled to the backboard. So you need to unscrew the backboard and remove the staples.

You can use the original foam for the back cushions, drape the replacement material over the cushions with enough overhang because you will need to staple the new material to the backboard. For this part, you’re going to need a pneumatic staple gun. You can rent one of these, no need to buy one. Don’t use a regular stapler, it’s definitely not going to work.

How Much Is This DIY Reupholstery For Caravans?

If you found the material on sale, you can probably finish the entire job for around £100. But to stress, it will, of course, depend on the number and size of cushion covers you want to replace. The additional costs will be to rent the staple gun and buying the staples.

If replacing the covers yourself fills you with dread or you simply don’t have the time or inclination, then you need to approach the professionals.

Average Cost To Reupholster A Static Caravan Professionally

Static Caravans

Without knowing the exact sizes and number of cushions, I can only help you with a starting point figure.

Reupholstery from – £1300

Reupholstery and new seat foam from – £1650

Replacement foam only from – £750

2-6 Berth Touring Caravans

2-Berth Touring Caravans

Reupholstery from – £650

Reupholstery and new seat foam from – £950

Replacement foam only from – £420

4-Berth Touring Caravans

Reupholstery from – £850

Reupholstery and new seat foam from – £1200

Replacement foam only from – £580

6-Berth Touring Caravans

Reupholstery from – £1100

Reupholstery and new seat foam from – £1450

Replacement foam only from – £750 



A single from £110 

Double from £180

Reupholstery and Foam 

A single from £210

Double from £230


If you have the time, then you might like to try the cheap DIY way to reupholster your static caravan. It won’t cost you a lot in materials, just some of your time. 

Of course, having your caravan professionally reupholstered would be the way to choose, if money wasn’t a consideration. But, sadly, for most of us, it is. 

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