12v Hair Straighteners

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When caravanning or travelling in general, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best as you do so!

Fortunately, with the addition of hair straighteners that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter, taking yours with you in the caravan is no longer problematic.

Because we believe you don’t have to compromise on both looking and feeling good when caravanning, here we look at five of those best-selling products on the market.

Best 12v Hair Straighteners

Streetwize sell a pair of hair straightener which they claim can be used in the car but are equally as ideal for use as caravan hair straighteners and perfect for using when travelling and camping.

These are a more convenient choice as they allow you to use them on the go if you prefer! By plugging into your car’s cigarette lighter port, you can have them up and running in a matter of minutes and style your hair to perfection in no time at all!

These, therefore, offer salon performance on a ready to go basis and this ultra-convenient method can also be applied to places such as the caravan, in a motor home, and when out and about camping in general.

Reaching a temperature of 200 degrees, this black version are CE approved and RoHS compliant to ensure added peace of mind all-round. The heat pads are ceramic plates.

Better still, this appliance can be used up to half an hour after when the engine has stopped running. This can be done so without any need to flatten the vehicle’s battery.

Customers claim this is a quick heating and easy solution that is hassle-free and offers great results for such a low price.

Another pair designed for use primarily in the car, these are from MP 1st Class Supplies and get Amazon’s choice vote for Best 12v Hair Straighteners.

With the ability to heat up to 193 degrees in total, these black ceramic plated straighteners offer the perfect blend of style along with convenience and plug into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

They are therefore ideal for use in the caravan and when camping or when in a motor home.

Ensuring that you look your best whenever you’re on the go and anywhere in the country, these allow you to get to work styling your hair within just a few minutes and are the perfect addition for those on the move.

Customers find these a useful addition when travelling and offer good heating up time, doing a good job with every use.

3. Low Volt Hair Straighteners 12v from Ichy

Low Volt Hair Straighteners 12v from Ichy

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If you’re looking for a little bit of variation on those standard black colour models, then Ichy has the perfect solution.

These are a vibrant purple model which also offer the dual benefit of being used in the car or at home, as preferred.

This is because they have two kinds of power supply. Therefore, you have the option to use them through a standard plug of 110v to 240v or use them in the car when out and about with the 12v.

A small and handy sized appliance, these can fit into the palm of your hand with ease. They are also very lightweight and therefore great for carrying and portable enough to take with you on your travels.

Durable in overall structure and safe to use, they are quick to heat up and use within a matter of seconds.

Simply connect the straighteners into your chosen power supply and then switch on the appliance using the onsetting. Then you can use this appliance whether you have long or short hair without damaging it in the process.

Customers of the Ichy Low Volt 12v Hair Straighteners like being able to utilize a different colour while preferring the option of two kinds of power supply in their product.

This one is not a 12v product but it is made for travelling which is why it has made it onto our list.

it comes with a lithium-ion battery which is 3.7v-200mA. This means it can be charged via USB which makes it suitable for caravan use.

It can take up to 3 hours to charge and from that, you will get about 30 minutes use. As with others on this list, it won’t be as good as normal straighteners as they simply do not have the power.

Final Thoughts on Best 12v Hair Straighteners

Though you may not mind sitting in the car to use them, more of these models are now designed to offer continuous heat for an adequate time after you’ve stopped charging them and unplugged them.

Therefore, you could effectively charge them in the car to the maximum heating point, and then continue to style your hair in the luxury of your caravan if you prefer.

No matter how or where you choose to use these styling products, there’s no denying that at under the twenty-pound mark, all these models offer great value and are certainly worth that small investment for added peace of mind when it comes to looking and feeling stylish as you travel!

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