What To Clean Caravan Windows With?

Owning a caravan is a labour of love. There’s always something that needs to be repaired, maintained, improved and cleaned. But it’s all part of the joy of Caravan ownership.

We know it might be a simple question too many of you, but lots of owners want to know what to clean caravan windows with?

It’s just the same as you would your car or the windows in your house, isn’t it?

Well, no, it’s not! So before you jump in and get cracking on your windows and skylights with the usual household or car products, have a think about it a little more.

Acrylic is not the same as glass, and the chemicals in glass cleaners can scratch and damage your caravan windows. You need a recommended acrylic cleaner and microfiber cloths.

Let’s get started and talk about how to clean the inside and outside windows of your caravan.

What Do You Need To Clean Caravan Windows?

Get together the tools you’ll need for the job. We recommend a telescopic caravan window brush, one that extends to about 8 feet, would be good. A caravan care kit that includes shampoo, acrylic window and multi-surface cleaner, and a few microfiber cloths.

If your caravan has been in storage through one or two winters, you may well have algae and mould problems, which can be common. If this happens to you, buy good algae and mould remover. Go over those areas first before you begin the main wash.

You will also want to protect your window and door seals from hardening and cracking. The best products to do this with are French chalk or a silicone spray (it needs to be high quality, cheaper versions can have chemicals that react against rubber).

Don’t use a high-pressure hose to rinse down your van It can peel away paint from the body, leaving it more prone to rusting. The high-pressure water will also damage the seals around your windows and doors.

How To Clean Your Caravan Windows

To make life easier, ensure the telescopic window brush is water fed, with an on/off switch. That way you don’t have to stop to keep rinsing and getting clean water in the brush. It’s not about the water pressure, this is mostly elbow grease getting the job done.

Once you’ve removed all the grime and dirt and rinsed all the shampoo off get one or two microfiber cloths and really get them as dry as you can.

Spray on the window cleaner and polish until there are no more streaks. Add the finishing touches to your seals with either the French chalk or silicone spray and you’re done outside.

Going inside should only require your microfiber cloths and the spray on window cleaner. Apply it on a clean, dry cloth. Allow it to dry for two minutes then using another clean dry microfiber cloth polish so your windows sparkle.


In summary, we hope the major tip you have taken from the article is to clean your caravan windows with great care. It’s not a car and cannot withstand high-pressure washing and the same cleaning products you use on a car.

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