What Are The Benefits Of Travelling In A Campervan

On the surface, there are many pros to owning a campervan or at least renting one for your holidays. Looking from the outside in what could be better than packing the van, adding the kids and the dog and then set off to explore? Sounds idyllic.

But of course, it’s not for everyone. Some people would be devastated if they had to take a campervan holiday, you can almost hear them now “I’d rather not go on holiday then spend 2 weeks cramped up and bored stupid in a campervan”.

Clearly, this article will not be for them, because we are going to talk about the benefits of travelling in a campervan.

And there are many benefits to this kind of holiday, you’re not restricted to the UK, there’s most of Europe to visit. You can visit where you want and stop for as long as you want. With the way air travel is these days, it’s not the most convenient or relaxed way of getting started on a holiday. 

A few years ago, getting on a plane was as enjoyable and exciting as the actual holiday. I don’t believe you can say that today, unfortunately. It’s more like something to endure to get you to your destination is all.

So let’s talk about 7 benefits of a campervan holiday:

1. Freedom

I think this is the biggie, for me anyway. The idea of going where I want, when I want, staying for as long as I want, that all sounds amazing to me. Of course, you’re restricted by how much holiday time you have, but within that time you’re your own master. As long as the family agrees. Let’s not forget everyone has a voice. That’s the significant thing about a campervan holiday all the family can get involved.

If the kids love the spot you’ve discovered by the coast, why not let them have a couple of extra days? Or if your wife has found an idyllic area for browsing the markets, perfect.

2. No Hotel Bookings Necessary

This is another stress killer for me. I’ve lost count of the number of holidays spent packing, unpacking, carting thirty kilos of suitcase up and down staircases designed for mountain goats. The stuff of nightmares and pulled muscles.

Only to find the room that looked so beautiful in the photos, now a sad reflection of bygone years. A mattress that should have been thrown out years ago and pillows as flat as pancakes. I’m sure you get the picture.

None of the above when you holiday in a campervan. You might need to book ahead if you’re holidaying in peak season, it’s only sensible. But when you get there, well, you know where you’re sleeping; you know the comfort, you just know there are no unpleasant surprises around the corner for you.

3. The Mod Cons

Do you want a home from home? You can have that in a modern campervan. Modern campervans feature so much luxury today. Forget about the images you saw years ago, or even experienced as a child. Life has moved on, and so has campervans. Fitted kitchens and showers. Do you want a TV or washing machine? You can have both. It’s a home on wheels. Just load up with your belongings and away you go.

4. Save Money

Who doesn’t need to do that these days? But holidays, where the entire family can take quality time together, are super important.

The biggest cost is the campervan itself, but if you’re lucky enough to have paid for it already, you’re well ahead of the game. Even if you have to rent one though, you can still save money. You can plan your route around cheaper or even free camping spots. Take your own solar panels with you, so you need not pay so much for electricity.

Pack canned goods, buy from some fantastic local markets you’ll come across on your travels. And you’re supporting the locals, they’ll love you for it. Don’t eat out at expensive restaurants, prepare some home-cooked meals. You can even get the kids involved.

4. Visit Family

How about those family members that live so far away it’s difficult to pay them a visit? Why not use a campervan, you have somewhere to stay and that means no hotel or sleeping in their spare room, on the old rickety bed you hate so much? 

5. Take What You Need

There’s always the constant arguing about what to take, what not to take, what’s important, what’s not and so forth. Well, when you have a campervan, take everything (almost everything). You have so much more space than with a few suitcases. So even if you take a few unnecessary items, no-one will care.

You can carry your favourite pillow with you. Toiletries you can’t bear to leave behind. Staying in many hotels expect a certain dress attire for evening dinner. Now I know many people love that aspect of holidays and I can understand it. But if it’s really not for you, then a campervan holiday means no dressing up if you don’t want to.

6. Make Your Holiday More Active

I can guarantee a campervan holiday will be a more active affair than going to a hotel with a beautiful pool. Undoubtedly by the pool is where you’ll languish most days. You’ll eat the fried breakfast and the 3-course dinner every night. Why not you’ve paid for it? You’ll come home after 2 weeks, having gained 10 lbs (or more).

On a campervan holiday, you can take the bikes with you. You’ll want to wander around the towns you’ll come to. The lakes and lochs will hold an attraction for you. You’ll eat more wisely and spend more sensibly. You won’t go home with those extra pounds, except the ones in your pocket.

7. Pet Parents Take Your Pet With You

If there’s one thing every pet lover hates when they go on holiday is leaving their beloved pets behind. It might be with a friend or boarding home, but doesn’t matter, it’s a hated necessity. For some pet parents, the worry outweighs the enjoyment of their holiday.

Not with campervan holidays. Take them with you. Let them enjoy the fresh air, unfamiliar sights and sounds, never leave them behind again. They will love the adventure and you will love bringing them with you.


For those of you already sold on the idea of taking this type of holiday, this is going to confirm all the positive benefits of travelling in a campervan. 

I hope it’s convinced those fence-sitters reading this, they should give it a go.

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