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Though it made sound complicated, a pure sine wave inverter is a simple piece of kit which works on offering power to the many appliances caravanners like to use on a regular basis.

Designed primarily for those times when it’s not possible to access mains electricity, they are also the more practical of products to take with you on your travels as a backup plan, should you find yourself needing emergency power or even wondering off grid!

Here are four pure sine wave inverters for the caravan that you can purchase.

Best Pure Sine Wave Inverters 

One of the most expensive on the list, sell a powerful pure sine wave inverter which offers a continuous power consumption of 2000W, with up to 4000W surge power at short-term peaks!

This inverter has more than enough power to supply 240V AC mains electricity for almost all your caravan appliances, whether from your 12V battery or battery bank.

Great for use with almost all domestic appliances regularly used in the caravan, the higher wattage of this model ensures a broader range of devices can be utilised even when you’re nowhere near the electricity main.

Additionally, there is a standard USB port on this inverter which allows you to conveniently charge your mobile phones or other devices that are USB compatible.

Installing the inverter is straightforward, all you need to do to get your appliances up and running is connect it to your battery using the cables that are provided with it. You can then just plug the devices you want to use into the mains power socket and turn the power switch on!

Complete with a low battery alarm, low battery shut down and high voltage shut down function as standard, this really is one of the safer of pure sine wave inverters on the market. Therefore, you can be sure that you will not overheat, overload or short circuit any of your appliances when using this product.

For all customers purchasing this model, Photonic Universe supplies an extensive user manual which thoroughly explains all the connections and operations to help you install and use it hassle-free.

Customers choosing the power inverter offer some fantastic reviews on the model’s ability to perform and function, with many surprised at just how many appliances they can run off this without experiencing any interruptions.

Remaining at the higher end of the price bracket the EDECOA pure sine wave inverter offers a tremendous 1500W power, coming complete with several handy features in its construction.

Claimed to be one of the simpler of inverters to install, this model is designed for those looking to power their appliances on the go, which is why it’s a more compact and lightweight design.

This high-tech model works on converting 12V DC battery power to 240V AC, enabling you to plug in the two outlets it provides.

Aimed at offering a smooth run with appliances such as laptops, coffee makers, TVs and DVD players, the continuous output power of this model is 1500W, while the output peak power is 3000W.

What’s great about this product is the additional features that come as standard with your purchase. This includes:

  • A remote controller
  • A remote controller cable
  • A wrench
  • Battery cables
  • Input port nuts
  • Ground wires

Alongside this kit, the inverter itself is constructed using silent fans, meaning less of the annoying buzzing sound you tend to get from some inverters. It also boasts an LCD display which shows you the status of your battery power, the battery’s input voltage and the inverter output voltage.

Utilising high tech multi protection, safety is paramount here with IPM, AVR, IFC, short circuit, overheating, reverse polarity and over/under voltage all considered!

By using only top-quality components in its make-up, EDECOA assures an environmentally friendly product which works to save power and energy throughout its use.

Customers selecting the EDECOA power inverter find it to be a high-quality product, which is simple to install and get all necessary appliances up and running in quick time. Claimed to be reliable, most customers find its power supply adequately covers most appliances regularly accessed in the caravan.

Photonic Universe offers yet another power inverter, but this time at almost half the price of its costlier counterpart which is reflected in its 1000W.

Aimed at ensuring that you have a continued supply of electricity, even in those most deserted of places and off-road grid locations, this model works to offer users an ongoing power of 1000W, with a surge power of 2000W at peak times.

With built-in features that always work on ensuring your safety, it includes a short circuit, overload, and overheating function. Alongside this is a high voltage shut down feature and a low battery alarm and shut down process, for continued peace of mind.

Once again, as with all their products, the Photonic Universe power inverter is designed to be as easy as possible to set up and begin using. By using the cables that are provided when you purchase this model you just connect the inverter to the battery you wish to use and then plug in your specific appliances. Then it’s merely a case of turning the power switch on!

Additionally, if you find yourself needing a couple more sockets, there is the option to use an adapter here, if you don’t exceed the total power consumption of 1000W.

With a standard USB port available to charge your mobile phones and any additional devices that can be powered through a USB, this product also has a manual attached to help you make the most of its fantastic features.

Customers purchasing the 1000W power inverter form Photonic Universe find it an excellent little unit which works well to provide power whenever and wherever you need it the most. Many customers thoroughly welcome the addition of an extensive manual which not only works on helping you get the inverter all set up but also suggests helpful advice about what appliances should and shouldn’t be used!

Finally, if you’re still not quite yet ready to part with so much money for one of these products, then Bestek offer a much cheaper one.

A much more compact inverter, what it lacks in size it makes up for in power, offering a 300W rating with 360W max and 700W peak!

Designed to fit neatly away, it’s an excellent product for the caravan when space is limited. However, it still works with two AC power outlets, 12V DC input voltage, and 220V to 240V output voltage.

With an indicator to show when it’s in operation (green) and when in shut down mode (red) this also offers two USB charging ports and is perfect for those times when you need an emergency power back up plan.

Customers who buy the Bestek power inverter tend to do so for its size and practicality, finding it a great model for when charging mobile phones and laptops, for example.

Final Thoughts on Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Designed to offer a smoother and constant flow of power, a pure sine wave inverter is cooler and indeed quieter in operation, making it perfect for regular use within the caravan.

With the subject of power supply perhaps one of the most important to most caravanners, these are a great buy, as they work to provide you with electricity just like the utility companies do.

Undoubtedly, these models are suitable for a broad range of essential appliances (Kettle, toaster), making life on the road a lot easier.

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