Truma Ultrastore Heater Not Working On Electric

The Truma Ultrastore Heater is an immensely popular solution for heating water while you are on the road in your caravan. With a 10-litre capacity and the option of working via gas or electricity, it is incredibly versatile. Although there are some tricky aspects to the setup, it is generally considered to be very easy to install and use without requiring specialist skills or knowledge. Add to that the fact that it is very efficient at what it does, and you can probably see why it’s so popular.

However, like most things, it’s only popular when it’s working properly. Although there are several different issues and problems associated with this heater, there is one that seems more common than others. If like many people, you have noticed Truma water heater not working on electricity, you’ve come to the right place as that’s the problem we are going to discuss.

Working on Gas but not Electric, Why?

As the Truma Ultrastore is a combi heater, you would expect it to work on both the electricity and gas it was designed to. If you have invested in this heater and have noticed that it works completely fine on the gas, but either struggles or doesn’t work at all on the electricity, you may wonder what causes it.

Although we have not tested the theories or the solutions, a lot of caravan owners suggest it could be one of the following problems.

The Electric Element Has Tripped Out – this is probably the case if it only works with a gas connection, but not an electric connection.

What’s the Solution?

Well, normally it should really reset itself. However, if it doesn’t and you still have problems, you need to loosen a special nut behind it and then tighten it up as this performs a reset. What that means is on the outside, it may mean you need to tear at the cardboard, to find the element but without taking it apart.

It may have been that you accidentally tried to turn it on without adding water to it first, as this would also trip it and require e reset, follow the instructions above.

If That Doesn’t Work?

If your heater does not work even after you have left it to cool down, reset it and tried again, it may mean that the element has completely gone, and the only solution is to completely replace it.

Obviously, if you can still use it with the gas, and are fine with that, this may not be a problem, but until you get it fixed, you will not get the full versatile use out of it that’s really possible.

Although there may be other issues you are experiencing with this heater, this is one of the most common. If you would like help with any other problems, check out other posts on Caravan Helper or if we have covered your issue yet, you could always drop us a message and we will do some investigating for you.

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