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Traveling with your toddler is full of challenges. Often babies and children don’t want to do what we want to do, like going to restaurants and sitting nicely in the high seats provided. Sometimes we take one look at the high chair and don’t want to put our babies in there. Eating out or eating at friends are both part of our lives these days, and if we are caravanners we want our babies and children to be safe in our ‘van.

One way of getting over the problem is having a travel high chair seat that belongs to your toddler. Of course, it is nearly impossible to carry around a full size high chair but there are travel high chairs and travel booster high chairs that make your life a whole lot easier!

There are many high chair seats available in the UK but it’s difficult to see which will be the best for your child. Also, different travel high chairs are better for different age children. Today we are going to check out some of the best on offer, and we will recommend our favourite for a younger child, from about 6 months upward and one for 1 year upwards.

Caravan Travel High Chairs

This is my favourite chair for children aged from one year. While it claims to prevent little ones slipping sideways, it isn’t something that I would personally rely on – I think for younger kids there are better travel high chairs available.

This travel high chair is great though if your child is confident at sitting up and able to do so for some time. It has some great features:

  • Fits any chair
  • It is padded on the back, sides and the front bumper bar
  • Suitable for babies 6 months to 3 years, or 33lb/15kg
  • Packs down to a small bag 25cm x 12cm x 8cm
  • Quick to inflate or deflate
  • Compatible with aeroplane seats
  • Can be used with camping seats – useful if you are a caravanner
  • Easy to wipe clean and it dries quickly

You can see that this is going to be a very comfortable seat for your little one. It’s very light, so it’s convenient to take anywhere. You can use it in restaurants – great if they either don’t have high chairs or all the travel high chair seats are taken.

It fits into a bag that’s smaller than an iPad, so it’s small enough to put under the buggy or to hang on the buggy handles. You could put it at the bottom of the baby bag and not notice the weight, and it’s there when you need it.

It’s not very expensive so you could have one at the grandparent’s house for when you visit, it’s quick and easy to inflate so your little one doesn’t have to wait long before their seat is ready. If you have a toddler yelling for their lunch, then you will appreciate that!

This seat is great for aeroplanes. It has a hole which the ‘plane seat belt can fit through to make sure your little one is safe. Again, because it is small and light it is easy to bring onto an aeroplane.

If you want to take your little one caravanning with you, normally you would need to bring a dining chair with you in the ‘van. But with this travel high chair, you can use it with a camping chair.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the only travel high chair UK that I have found that fits into a camping chair.

This is why it is my favourite, because it fits so well into a camping chair. It means spending less time and less money because you don’t have to take a dining chair with you, and you don’t have to buy a specific hard backed chair so your toddler can eat with you. Keep the relaxing camping chairs and enjoy your time as a family!

My favourite seat for babies 6 months to 12 months. I like it so much, if there was a new baby in my family this is the seat I would buy. I am a grandma, and I’m not likely to become a grandma again any time soon but this is definitely an excellent baby travel high chair.

Here’s why:

  • Portable -it’s mainly fabric so it’s light and folds up small
  • Fits over the top of a chair – fast and easy to set up
  • One click to secure it to the chair
  • Shoulder straps to keep your little one safe
  • Machine washable – hurrah!
  • Carry bag – it comes with its own co-ordinating bag

One of the main reasons I love this baby travel high chair is because of the one click securing at the back of the chair. Because the back of the seat envelopes the back of the chair it’s possible to pull it on with one hand. It has the one click securing system which again is possible with one hand. Okay, it’s definitely easier with two hands but at least with this, you know that (with practice) you can get it on with one hand, while your baby is being held in the other arm.

The reason I like this for younger kids is it has a five-point harness with the shoulder straps. They can fit closely and with the ‘pouch’ your little one will sit in; they are held firmly in place. Because the construction is fabric it isn’t difficult to squeeze in a cushion for more support or to make your baby more comfortable. We want our little ones to enjoy eating out and being in their travel high chair.

We have all been there when your little one is screaming for food and the cafe or restaurant high chairs are all taken. Everyone is looking at you, and you just want to get your baby fed. “Hangry” babies are very stressful! This way you can get the baby travel high chair on the chair and fixed into place with no problem. Then put little one in and give them something to eat. You are a super mum! (Or super dad!)

Psychologically children want to be part of the group, and this seat really puts them there. You can pull your baby up to the table and they feel like they are in the gang. They will play with the food at the table just like the grown-ups are doing and they will chat away just like you do. Fabulous for families with more than one child.

I really like the designs of this baby travel high chair. The fabrics are contemporary and thank goodness, they are machine washable. I would get three, one in the wash, one drying and one to take with you out and about.

Another great benefit of this chair is the bag for the chair is in the same colour as the travel seat. Many other high chairs have bags in navy or black or grey – how many of those do you have kicking about? If you can see the design of the baby travel high chair on the outside you know what it is immediately. Anything to get us out of the door that bit quicker!

This is a really popular seat and it has a tray, which is awesome for babies to use for playing or for eating. It has loads of benefits and it’s easy to see why it is so popular. It isn’t actually listed as a travel high chair but I think it would be good for caravanners.

Here are some features:

  • Lightweight at only 2kgs – that’s less than a bag of potatoes
  • Attaches to a dining chair with safety straps
  • Allows children to be part of things at the mealtimes
  • Easy to adjust the height to fit the table
  • Adjustable tray, easy to remove
  • The seat is available in dark grey, lime and mandarin (orange)

This high chair is very good, it attaches to chairs very safely. Although it is robust it collapses down to a roughly 36cm square, so it’s easy to carry around. While it isn’t as light as some of the other travel high chairs, 2kgs is not a huge amount of weight particularly if you are going to mainly use it in a caravan.

I like that it can be safely put on the floor and your little one can use it for playing. Really good if it’s a rainy day and you are stuck indoors; you can put a few toys on the tray and your little one will play nicely for at least a while.

It has long straps so it can be easily adjusted to fit most sturdy chairs. The sides are rigid so they will keep your little on where they are supposed to be. It has a three-point strap system, which is good. I prefer a five-point system for babies under a year – it’s just how I see it. So, I would only put babies in this chair who are very able to sit up unaided. You could always put cushions down the sides of the chair to support your little one if needed, but they will probably get quite dirty at mealtimes.

Another plus about this chair is the way the height can be changed. This means it will fit a wide variety of tables. If the tray is still attached, obviously this will need to tuck under the table or be removed for your little one to feel included. Removing the tray is something some buyers have found fiddly.

There is a lot to be said about the benefits of this booster seat/high chair, but it would be remiss of me not to mention a couple of things.

First of all, the straps will get dirty and need to be washed as with any seat. But customers have said that it is very fiddly to get back on. When you think you are going to need to wash it pretty regularly, it is something to consider.

There is nothing to signify that this will fit on a camping chair, and I think it would be too heavy for a lightweight chair like that. It would have to be a dining chair or similar. That said, I love that the seat is available in a choice of colours.

This booster seat is very popular with parents following a baby-led weaning programme.

This is a great little portable travel high chair, and I like that it has five points and so it is super-safe for your babies. It does claim to make feeding times effortless – not sure that I can agree with that – but it does make things easier when you are out and about.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Carry bag
  • Washable
  • One click to secure the seat to the chair
  • Shoulder straps to keep your little one safe

Like the Cosy Cover chair, this one is fabric so it’s washable. It fits over many different types of chair, making it great for when you are out and about. This one comes in seven different colours so you can have one to fit your tastes – or your little one’s tastes. Again, if it were me, I would have three, one in the wash, one drying and one in your handbag. They are very reasonably priced!

The bag the seat fits is very small, 16cm at its largest point, which is slightly bigger than a school ruler. Or about 6inches, if inches work better for you.

Many people have bought this for going camping and found it invaluable.

5. Booster Seat for Indoor/Outdoor Use 

price check on amazon

This seat is very good, it’s a bit like the Chicco seat mentioned above. It has a tray which is BPA free, and clips easily on and off. The tray is adjustable, and the seat comes in lime green or pink.

Features include:

  • BPA free tray
  • Easy to put up – just pops into place
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Straps are padded between the legs to prevent any chafing
  • Received the “Best Baby and Toddler Gold Award” 2018 by Mum

Lots of people really love this chair, it is under two kg and measures around 38cm square. It collapses up like an umbrella and fits neatly into its carry bag.

I have to say that some people have found the fabric frays, which is a shame. It’s by no means something that everyone talks about so it might just be one or two faulty chairs, but it is worth considering.

It has a pocket at the back which is very convenient for baby wipes or small toys for your little one.

I do like this Polar Gear travel high chair/booster seat. I like the fact it will give your little one a few more centimetres height enabling them to sit with you up to the table.

It also features:

  • A storage pocket
  • Lightweight – just 590g
  • It has adjustable straps
  • Suitable for when a child can sit unaided
  • Folds up to 30 x 28 x 11cms

This is a good seat for your little one and if you prefer not to have a tray, it could be ideal for you. The colour and design are pleasant and contemporary. There isn’t any choice of colour, which is a shame.

Polar Gear only recommends this seat for children aged 12 months plus. Although children younger can sit up unaided, it seems a shame that it somehow isn’t suitable for younger children. It is said to be useful for children up to 4 years old though, so that is good.

Obviously, it’s up to you to choose which travel high chair you put your little one in and we would, of course, recommend you read reviews and see which is most appropriate to your circumstances.

We like the first two chairs, as they really meet the needs of campers and caravanners. We hope we have given you something to think about and helped you decide on the best travel high chair for you.

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