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If you want your towball to be safe from damage and to stay as clean as possible, what you need is a towball cover. You get a good variety of different options, such as golf ball tow ball covers, lockable tow ball covers, soft ball covers and more. Some are about a couple of quid, whereas some of the higher-quality options will be closer to ten pounds. This might all seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. Caravan Helper have looked for the best towball covers on Amazon and discuss them so that you can make an informed choice as to which option you will purchase. We hope that this article is informative and interesting and that you can buy the product that suits your needs best.

Towball Covers (Some Choices To Consider)

Maypole is a reputable company that specialises in quality caravan products, and this tow ball cover is no exception. If you want your towball protected from dirt and kept safe from damage, then this cover is perfect for you. The materiel the towball cover is made of is durable PVC and the construction is sturdy, so your towball staying clean and away from damage is guaranteed. All of this comes at a great price. So, if you want an affordable way to keep your towball protected, then the Maypole Towball Boot is sure to satisfy you as a customer.

The cover fits 50mm wide and 62mm tall towbars and is suitable for model number’s TB03E and TBO42. Putting it on and taking it off is easy and should not need lubrication, like other towball covers. Overall, with the Sealey TB10 Plastic Tow Ball Cover, you get an effective and reliable product that does just what you want it to do at a great price.

3. Maypole 5009B PVC Hi Reach Tow Ball

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Our next item is another product from Maypole and is designed to be used with high reach towballs so that they can be protected from both the weather and grease and dirt that can get on clothes and bodies. Completing the tow ball cover is a reflector. The cover fits well on a variety of towballs, and it works well as a replacement while being cheaper than a lot of other towball covers. If you place emphasis on good value for money and want your high reach towball to be protected from dirt, damage and the weather, then the Maypole 5009B PVC Hi Reach Tow Ball Cover is perfect for you.

Rigorous testing and quality craftsmanship go into all CarPoint’s products, and this chrome tow ball cover is no exception. It fits perfectly around most towballs and looks great on your caravan. As well as being good for protecting your own towball, this would also make a good gift for your friend or relative who has a caravan towball that needs protection. All of this comes at an excellent price. The only thing to bear in mind is that the chrome might fade in a year or two. Other than that, the towball cover is an excellent quality product. Overall the Carpoint CPT0410110 Tow Bar Cover is a product that looks spectacular, works effectively and will do just what you need it to.

This Alko tow ball cover is Amazon’s Choice for tow ball covers because of its incredible quality. It is a sturdily built product made from tough high-quality materials, but it is still a soft towball cover. Due to its soft nature, if you accidentally hit it with your leg it will not hurt as much, but you will still know that your towball will be protected. The towball cover is easy to fit and remove, but it will still stay on if it gets bashed. If you want a towball cover that gives you your value for money, then this Alko towball is going to make you into a happy customer.

6. AL-KO Reflective Towball Cover (One Size) (Black)

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Our final towball cover is another Alko product that looks fantastic and works effectively. A reflector is built into the towball cover, and the material is a durable plastic. This option is designed to fit the AL-KO extended neck towball and is guaranteed to ensure that your caravan towbar is safe from damage and your clothes are safe from dirt. Overall, this product is efficient, looks great and is even designed with a handy reflector.

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