Thetford Cassette Toilet C2 Troubleshooting

Over the years many appliances, accessories and upgrades have been made to make all aspects of living in a caravan closer in terms of comfort to a traditional, stationary form of accommodation like a house or flat. One of the best inventions, in our opinion here at Caravan Helper, is the cassette toilet.

What is a Cassette Toilet?

The cassette toilet, like the C2 model from Thetford, is a replacement for the more traditional toilets that were used in the past. Rather than the waste going anywhere else, it goes instead into a portable tank that can be easily removed and dumped appropriately.

It is a more convenient design and makes it much easier to maintain the toilet and waste setup in your tourer hygienically.

That is, as always, when your cassette toilet actually works.

As the Thetford C2 cassette toilet is an incredibly popular model, if you are having issues with it, other users have likely had the same kind of issues in the past. In the following post we are going to look specifically at one particularly annoying and frustrating issue that can affect the Thetford C2 and make it almost unusable and at the very least inconvenient and less hygienic and that is the flush not working properly.

What is the Problem?

What good is a supposedly hygienic toilet if you can’t flush and move your waste product into the portable compartment? Absolutely no use at all. If you are experiencing difficulty with getting the flush function to work on your Thetford, therefore, we sympathise and are here to help.

What is Causing the Fault and How Can it Be Fixed?

Based on many users who have also had Thetford C2 cassette toilets in their tourers and have come across this issue, it seems to be down to the fuse and the fuse housing that come with the model when you buy it. Many users agree that these have not been designed poorly and are placed, unprotected into hostile environments.

The solution is to remove the fuse and then clean up all the female parts of the holder using fine grade emery paper. This will be tricky but is worth it.

Then you need to invest in some high-quality electrical contact spray and completely saturate the housing with it. Let that dry and then repeat the process. After it’s dried a second time and there is a nice protective layer, you can put in the new fuse and connect everything back up. The flush pump should work perfectly again, and the upshot is that because you cleaned everything up and gave it a double layer of protection, it should last longer than it would without the extra measures you took.

We find it amazing that often when there are problems with these kinds of accessories and appliances that it’s little things like specks of dust, dirt, debris, or moisture that can cause them. Hopefully, this will help solve any issues you are personally having with your cassette toilet.

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