The Freedom Caravan Club

The Freedom Caravan Club has recently caught our attention. Here at Caravan Helper, we regularly search the caravanning word both online and off to bring you relevant news, reviews, and information. With a mission to make caravanning accessible and fun for everyone, the Freedom Caravan Club may be of interest to those caravanners looking to join a family-friendly caravan club at a lower cost. Best of all, this is a caravan club which is run by the members for the members!

Here we take a quick look at the history behind the club and consider exactly what it could offer you.

The Freedom Caravan Club

What is the Freedom Caravan Club All About?

The Freedom Caravan Club was established in 1983 with the idea of offering all dedicated caravanners a smaller caravanning club. This meant providing a little more freedom and less restriction than those bigger well-known clubs.

Though, this didn’t mean they wanted to rival those such as the Caravan Club! Far from it as it was the Caravan Club who assisted the Freedom Club and offered them help in starting up, such were they impressed with the whole idea.

The result is a smaller caravanning club that is run by members and dedicated to helping all registered members get the most from their caravanning excursions. This means that for a small yearly membership fee, like-minded caravanners can all come together and bond with one another in the caravanning community. Various rallies and other great social events take place regularly throughout the year, and as an official Freedom Caravan Club member, you get to experience them all.

What Do You Get When Joining the Freedom Caravan Club?

When joining the club, you’ll receive access to an exclusive rally programme. This allows you to pack up and take your caravan with you to well organised and fun meetings. Here you can get involved with other members of the community, perhaps trying out different touring outfits as you do so. With many of these rallies taking part in some spectacular parts of the UK, particularly in the Wales area, club members go out of their way to organise a whole host of creative activities including raffles and group meals. In addition to this, as a fully signed up member, you also have the right to both speak and vote at subsequent meetings that the club may call. Finally, you can also get the advice and guidance of many helpful and friendly members while taking advantage of the classified ads placed on the site by other caravanners.

Do People Think the Freedom Caravan Club Is Worth It?

The general gist from people signing up to The Freedom Caravan Club is that it’s most certainly worth it. This is especially so for such a reduced price, which at the time of writing is £5.00 joining fee and an annual £10.00 for membership. However, there is a sense of the caravanning camaraderie and the wider caravanning community it introduces you to that gets many thumbs up from satisfied members. Being able to travel with your caravan to a great place in the country, while setting up and meeting both old and new acquaintances alike, seems to be the clubs main attraction and what draws people to their membership pages. 

Where Can You Sign up to the Freedom Caravan Club?

Signing up for membership of The Freedom Caravan Club is a straightforward process. All you have to do is head over to the Membership section on their website and click to download a membership form. This automatically takes you through to the necessary form, which offers all the relevant information you need to get started. Furthermore, if you need any more information beforehand, there is a Contact page where you can discuss any matters before committing. 

Final Words

With caravans, motorhomes and even some tents allowed at certain venues, if you’re looking for a family-friendly caravan club dedicated to those members with a love of the great outdoors, why not head over to their website and check out The Freedom Caravan Club for yourself?

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